Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #19

Reportedly, the Biden administration has recently ordered an unknown percentage of our Federal Air Marshals to make the move from airliner duty to ground-assist with U.S.-Mexico border security.  That is taking Air Marshals away from the reason they were first created, commercial aircraft passenger safety, to, instead, assist our Border … read more

Smart Talk #16

We’ll start out this edition with a verbal knock-out punch, best yet, one thrown by a Left-sider.  On his HBO program series, “Real Time,” host and liberal pundit, Bill Maher, was countering a law professor, who feels that a belief in personal responsibility is bad (!). Maher responded that, while … read more

Ultimate Thanksgiving Gratitude, But With Some Reservations

While we Americans do have much for which to be thankful, we’ll save that for later in this post.  First, then, the national reality of this Thanksgiving season as we work (or suffer) our way through this current Progressive-Socialist-Marxist politically-driven and enforced Reign of Economic Terror. We are not thankful … read more

ALERT: Gone Missing: One BIG RED WAVE! ….. Why?

The long anticipated Red Tsunami became, instead, a Pink Trickle.  Republicans have had any number of disappointments over the past two years, especially, but perhaps none as disappointing and disheartening as the hoped-for “Red Wave,” that somehow managed to vaporize throughout that fateful Tuesday night (and now agonizingly beyond). So, … read more

Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #18

With the push to the mid-terms, and with Democrat-Socialists fearing the end of life as they know it (had it only been so!), the pile of Quad-B stuff replenished quickly. First, the concerns voiced that, with a Republican sweep, the Dem-Soc’s would no longer live in a society which they … read more

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