Ultimate Thanksgiving Gratitude, But With Some Reservations

While we Americans do have much for which to be thankful, we’ll save that for later in this post.  First, then, the national reality of this Thanksgiving season as we work (or suffer) our way through this current Progressive-Socialist-Marxist politically-driven and enforced Reign of Economic Terror.

We are not thankful for harmful, excessive, unrelenting inflation caused, most of all, by harmful, excessive, unrelenting federal government spending.  Spending as if the federal budget and tax receipts are showing, not huge deficits, but a huge bounty of excess cash that needs to be shared with overseas interests, and here at home, with Democrat-contributors and other friends of the Party who offer way too many “Green” pipe-dream projects said-to-be worthy of millions of dollars of our tax money, and, never fear, we can always just print more out of thin air if we need it (what are the chances!).

America’s citizens are mightily unthankful this year for rampant crime that Democrat leaders apparently refuse, or feel helpless to stop (here’s an idea, how about just trying !), all the while Mr. Biden shouts, again, for “gun control” as if that’s the solution.  Now, unless we want to adopt the Marxist rule of taking all guns away from decent, honest citizens, leaving the cold reality of only criminals having guns, that is but another hollow Commie suggestion, rather than meaningfully dealing with the issues behind the killings (including:  hiring more police at increased salaries, firing more Dem prosecutors, and doing away with the “get-out-of-jail-free” ill-conceived progressive scam).

Oh, and we Americans are also unthankful for the unthinkable, evil, federally-illegal, anti-American administration decision to effectively leave the southern border of our nation wide open, with the well-publicized promise of plenty of free stuff to shower on the resulting forever-surge of “undocumented” migrants, now coming from all over the earth, largely unvetted, along with only the slimmest likelihood that anyone will be deported, that is until new crimes are committed here!  Hopefully the new Republican House can find some way to force our border to be firmly closed.  Or at least force some stricter, fuller vetting of illegal migrants rather than: “Ya’ll come on in.”

And finally, for now, our citizens, parents especially, are very unhappy about, and unthankful for, the diminished legitimate, traditional, subject matter that seems to have overcome way too many of our classrooms.  Kicking honest, factual, complete American history to the curb, in favor of politicized-sociology, anti-Whites CRT, and other hate-America leftist “woke” crap (the absolute best word for it). Don’t think for a moment that this academic brain shrink-wrap project didn’t impact what turned out to be the obvious pro-Democrat voting of too many wayward 18-29-year-olds in the recent midterm election.  How could any voter, regardless of age, but especially in this age group, and being in his/her right mind (there’s the issue) think that current Democrat-led policies and their firmly-welded to the Left-side leaders, are moving America in the right direction for the future?  Hint: They aren’t.  Full Progressive-Socialist government has never actually succeeded anywhere at any time in history. And certainly not, if you wanted personal liberty to be a key part of the mix!

Time now for the positive elements of American life today that can rightfully make us all thankful. We have survived COVID, despite the administration’s recent ‘control-of-the-populace’ notion that we should all go back to wearing masks in public! Thankfully, nothing epidemic-like appears to be on the horizon.  And most Americans who desire to work can, or, are already doing so.  Work for those able, and not government hand-outs, is the traditional American blessing to cover normal living expenses, and especially at this time, given the higher prices for most things, food especially.  And, more positive news, at least right now, the stock market is looking stronger, which is good for all investors, but especially so for senior citizens dependent on higher returns and dividends to complement Social Security and other retirement plans.

Looking at the bigger more positive picture for Americans, we should have sufficient fuel for the winter, for heat, light, and cooking, unlike many countries in Europe and perhaps other parts of the world, as well.  We have clean air (even comparatively so in some smog-plagued cities, thinking California), and plenty of clean water to drink, critical for survival. And despite the threat of a nationwide rail strike, and concerns about regulations on farmers’ critical fertilizer needs for productivity, we should have sufficient food on store shelves, avoiding, we hope, the shortages faced in our country several months ago, with shipping bottlenecks at our ports and throughout the supply chain.

Oh, and, we’d certainly appreciate it if the government and its media bunkmates would knock-off the 24/7 propaganda pushing electric vehicles, the story for which is definitely not all positive, and dump the onerous regulations that are handcuffing (on purpose) America’s fossil fuel (natural gas & oil) explorers/producers, so that we can be assured of sufficient vehicle fuel, at responsible pricing, for generations to come. American industry will NEVER be able to operate on only the energy from windmills & sun absorbers. So kindly stop the fantasy, all those who still believe in an EV Santa!  Remember: It’s fossil fuels providing the electricity for those EV’s !  And it will be for a very long time.

In sum: Dependable electricity, America’s comparably-cleanest fuel for vehicles, clean air and water, and sufficient available food supplies, along with no pending diseases or illnesses, other than seasonal flu! And, of course, we are thankful for our families, young and old, here, near, or far.  With us personally, or via electronic communication, on that most special of family days.

But most of all, on the big picture side of this holiday week, we are extremely grateful on Thanksgiving Day itself, and every day and night of the year, for our precious freedom.  A fundamental American right, and phenomenal blessing, one not available to a huge number of humans within other countries of the world.  And related to that, we are thankful for our military, Active-Duty, Guard and Reserve, made up of dedicated Americans who have volunteered to serve and, if need be, fight to defend our nation, ever-protecting the sovereignty of our homeland, and our all-important national and individual liberty.  In sum, this Thanksgiving Day 2022, as with all before it, going all the way back to the days of our original, hard-fought founding as a free and independent nation, we are grateful and mightily blessed to be Americans, living in this great land of endless opportunities.  A mighty and powerful land that others strive to legally enter, but few if any ever (willingly) leave!  So, enjoy the freedom we share to, among other benefits, get together, with family and friends, for food and welcome fellowship, on this one day set aside each year to count and be so ever thankful for, the endless blessings that God above, and this remarkable traditionally-caring nation, have bestowed upon us all.

With momentary flashbacks, looking at both the ups and downs of our professional and personal lives, we are so very grateful to have not only survived, but hopefully have even prospered, or are at least still afloat, through it all !  Happy Thanksgiving, America!!