End Times for the American Republic?

Yes, that title does sound extreme, but given all of the chaos going on around us here in our nation each day, aided by the continued pounding of some fact, and mostly fiction, by the left-leaning (or embracing) media, one has to wonder if and when we’ll come out of … read more

Memorial Day 2023: Remembering Our Fallen

The month of May hosts three historic events and tributes:  VE-Day, a cause for celebration in 1945, thankfully ending the lengthy WW II fight for freedom in Europe and beyond, with VJ-Day coming three-months later. Armed Forces Day, a time specifically created to salute our current military members. And then, of … read more

Bonkers, Blather, Blunders & Buffoons #23

Several media outlets have reported that someone recently said publicly that “white supremacy is the most dangerous terrorist threat to our homeland.”  What an utterly foolish statement. It sounds like something that a child would repeat aloud after a fresh round of indoctrination from elders, teachers or otherwise.  But, alas, … read more

Smart Talk #19

Republican candidate for North Carolina governor, Mark Robinson, is touting the advantages of industry apprenticeships as a possible alternative, for some students, to four-year schools.  With college tuition continually rising, and far too many young graduates now burdened with often very large student loan payments (now becoming due again, following … read more

Southwest Border May Soon Be Blown Wide Open

Be prepared for a possible massive ‘human storm of the century’ beginning this Thursday (May 11, 2023).  A statement far closer to reality than hyperbole.  We’ve been watching the illegal migrant invasion of America since this president took office, which he is purposely allowing to happen, or he’s mentally commuting … read more

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