Coming Apart At The Seams?

Coming Apart At The Seams ? Anymore, it just too often feels like traditional America, our wondrous land of liberty and endless opportunity for all, and the very fabric of the only existence that most of us have ever fully known, may be in the process of unraveling, somewhat or … read more

“Biden At The Border:” A One-Act Fantasy

Last Sunday (1-8-23), in a well-orchestrated, theatrical event, Mr. Biden made his first (and super-sanitized) visit to the border, opting for El Paso, Texas. The carefully staged 3-hour visit was, purposefully, the first such in his two years in office, by the way, a seemingly unconcerned two years, during which … read more

Power FOR the People

The usual reliability of electricity became an issue for portions of America during the recent deep freeze experienced by, not just those living in our northern states, but others as well, as that unwelcome generational winter storm made its way across the entire United States.  Residents in several states were … read more

Good Riddance 2022: Keep The Faith

This has definitely been a year to see pass away, with little regret.  While the Progressive Democrats continue to wring their hands over unproven, human-caused, climate change, as if this nonsense ranks high in American minds among the plethora of issues to be really worried about.  Things like Title 42, … read more

Smart Talk #17

At a time in our nation that seems to be distinguished by collective concern (re: domestic & international issues) and even some understandable fear, thankfully we have meaningful, relief-giving religious holidays now in our midst, as well as  great Americans believing, saying, and doing Smart things. On the critically important … read more

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