Good News About Good Americans #2

Marine Corps veteran and eleven-year Utah sanitation worker, Don Gardner, recently displayed his continuing pride in America.  On his regular route, he came upon a crumpled American flag that had been tossed into a curbside garbage can.  After spotting the flag, Mr. Gardner retrieved it and took the time to … read more

Smart Talk #9

You are likely well-aware that Title 42, a public health order used to turn illegal migrants back at the southern border, is due to be abandoned in another week by the Biden administration, opening the flood gates to a super-surge of illegals once again.  Fortunately, that decision to abandon the … read more

DHS Disinformation ‘Ironing’ Board

United States Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas has announced the creation of something labeled the Disinformation Governing Board.  With full faith and trust in this current administration (show of hands), this group, under the no-doubt unlikely-even-handed direction of a reported ultra-lib, will make darn certain that all the … read more

Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #12

Apparently distracted while concentrating his focus on our northern border to make darn sure none of them pesky Canadians try to sneak into our country, meanwhile to his surprise, reportedly over 750,000+ illegal aliens have come across that other border, the southern one (who knew?), and have been released into … read more

The Progressive Pirates of D.C.

In days of old, pirates, by vocational definition, stole stuff.  Traditionally, piracy was accomplished by accosting and robbing ships on the high seas, reveling in the harsh reality and profitability of denying others their goods, even sometimes their lives.  High seas escapades, which were always terrifying to those who were … read more

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