Bordering On Insanity

The situation at our wide-open southern border with illegal migrants continues to get worse rather than better.  Primarily due to the administration’s mixed messages (you’re welcome here/Don’t come) from the outset, and now no consistent policy regarding who stays on U.S. soil, somewhere, and who is supposedly sent back home.  … read more

Chaos From Ship-To-Shore-to-Store

One of our myriad of current problems in America, besides inflation, migration, and excessive, likely Constitutionally-challenged, central government mandates (lengthy lock-downs/masks/vaccinations/IRS personal bank account surveillance, etc.), is the heretofore unthought-about, and rarely before ever worried-about, key economic process known as the “supply chain.”  Currently, this means, principally, chaotic issues with … read more

Some Positive, Reassuring, Good News (Law Enforcement Edition)

It’s always the right time to shine some positive light on the acts and efforts of our great law enforcement officers, who so often go above and beyond to serve and protect us. In San Pablo, CA, an off-duty police officer was driving home with his family from a movie … read more

Operation Distraction

In her testimony to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee back in 2013, regarding the lack of American military response to the Benghazi (Libya) rebel attack on the U.S. Embassy there, resulting in the death of four Americans, including Ambassador Chris Stevens, then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton became exasperated with the … read more

Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #5

Unhappy about her Portland (OR) school district’s vote to ban Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ Pride symbols within the schools, a female high school English teacher decided to respond to that mandate by removing our American flag from her classroom. And the reason: “It’s the most political symbol there is.” … read more

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