Afghanistan, Yes, But Keep An Eye on Home

No question, the catastrophic, incredibly challenging, and clearly regrettable situation in Afghanistan deserves our primary focus for a number of reasons.  Among them, amidst the amazingly rapid Taliban take-over:  the pre-eminent safety of the several thousands of American citizens thought to still be in Kabul (and perhaps elsewhere in the … read more

Afghanistan: Do or Die

Apparently tired of doing, this Administration chose the die route.  Due to, it certainly appears, lack of effective planning and comprehensive execution, not only will an unknown number of innocent Afghan citizens now die at the hands of militant Islamics, for all manner of perceived violations, including gender, but, so … read more

Defund Security For Thee, But Not For Me

For many months now, some members of the House of Representatives dislike-America Squid-Kids (sorry, the term “Squad” is reserved for those dedicated to protecting America) have been calling for the “defunding” of our nation’s police departments (they don’t much like our stellar Border Patrol or ICE agents either).  For the … read more

Some Positive, Reassuring Stuff #5

Fourteen-year-old Ms. Zaila Avant-garde (if you’re wondering, that unusual name and the spelling are both correct) from Louisiana won the 2021 Scripps National Spelling Bee.  What makes that extra special is that Zaila is the very first black winner.  In addition to being a long-time spelling wiz, she is also … read more

Hate America ?

Seems like we hear this self-centered, brain-fog foolishness more each day of late.  Whether referring to our history, our flag, our anthem, the Constitution, or the Rule of Law, America’s new self-anointed, and mass-rubber-stamped, “victims,” or perhaps even liberty ‘captives’ (white & non-white), can no longer seem to find anything … read more

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