Veterans Day 2023

This special day of veteran tribute began in 1938 as “Armistice Day,” initiated to commemorate both the end of World War I, and all of those U.S. military members who made so many sacrifices, during that costly international war.  It was renamed Veterans Day in 1954 in tribute to American … read more

Area Military News

Last week, the ribbon was cut to mark the opening of a brand new aircraft hanger in Savannah, this one for the Combat Readiness Training Center, a critical facility to aid in the continuation and retention of our Air National Guard CRTC here.  There are only four CRTC’s in the … read more

3rd I.D. Sustainment Brigade on the Move

3rd I.D. Sustainment Brigade on the Move Fort Stewart’s Third Division Sustainment Brigade soldiers have arrived in Europe, replacing the Fourth U.S. Division’s role there and will be under the command of V Corps, currently forward-deployed in Poland, supporting “Operation European Assure, Deter, and Reinforce.” This deployment to Europe is … read more

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