Saluting America’s Veterans (And Those Who Continue To Serve)

On this Veterans’ Day 2022, a few thoughts to share.  Our nation’s military veterans, along with those who serve currently, are, without question, the absolute pride of America. They are the ever-dedicated, brightly-shining examples of genuine patriotism. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, there are now about 19-million U.S. … read more

Back From 8th Air Force WW II Trip to England: Report on Visits

Quite an experience, all except the mega-cold that I returned home with (two negative COVID tests yesterday, make it apparently ‘just’ a really bad cold).  I’ll keep this to a brief overview, given my English-supplied currently under the weather status! Our group of twenty (including some spouses), all associated with … read more

A Personal Tribute: The U.S. Army Career of LTG Donald E. “Rosie” Rosenblum on the Occasion of His Memorial Service at HAAF (9-16-2022)

Memorial Service (9-16-22) at Hunter Army Airfield (Truscott Terminal) to Salute the Passing of LTG “Rosie” Rosenblum At son David’s request, and his assistance, it’s my honor to provide brief highlights of the exceptional Army career of Lieutenant-General Donald E. “Rosie” Rosenblum As most if you know, Rosie attended The … read more

Patriot Day 2022: America Remembers

Sometimes major world events share similar dates.  For instance, just a couple of September days ago, the UK’s beloved Queen Elizabeth II passed away, with the onset of failing health apparent to her family, subjects, and the rest of the world, within only a couple of days.  This grand monarch … read more

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