General John M. “Mike” Murray: Change of Command and Retirement Ceremony

On December 3, 2021, United States Army General Mike Murray relinquished AFC command and entered retirement following a distinguished 39-year Army career.  And a truly distinguished career it was, from commissioning as an ROTC cadet at The Ohio State University to becoming a Four-Star General, and the very first commander … read more

A Salute To America’s Veterans

A few thoughts, if you would, about our veterans.  Our nation’s military veterans, along with those who serve currently, are, without question, the absolute pride of America. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, there are now, living in America, about 19-million U.S. military veterans.   That’s less than 10% of … read more

Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #6

Normally, it takes longer in between Quad-B postings to fill the tank.  But this time, there has been so much crappola going on, nationally and within some Dem-dominated states, that the Quad-B stack far more rapidly hit tilt. On the subject of school board activism, carried out in recent weeks … read more

165th Airlift Wing / Georgia Air National Guard: Change of Command Ceremony

On Sunday, November 7th, Colonel Chris Dunlap relinquished Savannah-based Wing command to Colonel Bob Noren in front of a large crowd of fellow Guardsmen, representatives from other branches, and community leaders.  The 165th is known by its long-held belief and slogan: “America’s Best Team. World’s Best Airlift.” Colonel Dunlap mentioned … read more

Smart Thoughts #1

A sampling of political wisdom from syndicated radio host Erick Erickson: “It is probably not wise for Democrats and members of the media to tell Americans they should just stop buying so much in light of shortages….. It is probably not wise for Democrats and members of the media to … read more

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