Veterans Day 2023

This special day of veteran tribute began in 1938 as “Armistice Day,” initiated to commemorate both the end of World War I, and all of those U.S. military members who made so many sacrifices, during that costly international war.  It was renamed Veterans Day in 1954 in tribute to American veterans who’ve served in all wars that saw direct U.S. military involvement.

Rather than being told if and when to serve, as was the case for so many during years past, now, for the last 50-years exactly, American men and women have been able to decide for themselves whether or not to put on our nation’s uniform. They have then proudly volunteered to serve within America’s military. The pride of our nation is those who choose service as a personal form of payback for the intangible gifts bestowed upon them by the greatest, freest nation in the world. A nation that offers to all of its citizens unlimited opportunities and choices.

Each year, on November 11th, with parades and other festivities, we pay tribute to all of those American citizens who have served our nation, with our sincerest thanks and appreciation.  Americans in uniform who have trained, and if need be, have fought enemy forces, to protect their families, to maintain our national sovereignty and security, and to preserve our precious freedoms, not the least of which is the freedom to observe one’s religion and to pray to Almighty God.

And today, along with our sincere thanks to all of our military veterans, we give special thanks to those men and women who choose to serve currently.  Most notably, now, as we have American military units, including some from Coastal Georgia stationed in many places around the world.  And when right now, sadly, a section of the world is in turmoil, while aggression and terrorism remain significant concerns for nations, elsewhere, including our own.

And while there are parades, festivities, and special retail sales, whether on-line or in-person, please do remember that the whole reason for this very special day is not big-box-store sales, but to pay tribute, and to say thanks in every way possible, to America’s military veterans, those who have served with pride, in times of peace, and /or times of armed conflict, all having made that vital commitment to, and for, our great nation.

Special thanks and gratitude, then, to our veterans.  Not just on Veterans Day, but any day throughout the year, is the right time to show your appreciation for those men and women who have chosen to serve our great nation. Whether from past active-duty, guard, or reserve service experience, our military veterans, as well as those currently serving, are simply the very best of America.