Memorial Day 2023: Remembering Our Fallen

The month of May hosts three historic events and tributes:  VE-Day, a cause for celebration in 1945, thankfully ending the lengthy WW II fight for freedom in Europe and beyond, with VJ-Day coming three-months later. Armed Forces Day, a time specifically created to salute our current military members. And then, of … read more

Third I.D. Sustainment Brigade Soldiers Deploy

This past Friday (March 24, 2023), 120 Soldiers from A Company, 87th Division Support Battalion, 3rd Division Sustainment Brigade, lifted off from Hunter Army Airfield in Savannah to begin their deployment to the Middle East.  They will “provide sustainment support to U.S. Army Central and U.S. Central Command as part … read more

A Selection of Military Heroics and Honors

Nominated twice six decades ago, but, although hard to believe, both times, somehow his paperwork was misplaced, and now, finally, at the age of 83, last week at the White House, retired Army Colonel Paris Davis was presented with the nation’s highest award for military valor, the Medal of Honor. … read more

The Indispensables

The recent beating and likely unintended death of a young black man in Memphis was unique, in that the primary, now-fired, five police officers involved were all black as well.  The courts will have to determine any motive and causes for the severe beating administered by those directly involved, but … read more

Saluting America’s Veterans (And Those Who Continue To Serve)

On this Veterans’ Day 2022, a few thoughts to share.  Our nation’s military veterans, along with those who serve currently, are, without question, the absolute pride of America. They are the ever-dedicated, brightly-shining examples of genuine patriotism. According to the Department of Veterans Affairs, there are now about 19-million U.S. … read more

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