Memorial Day 2023: Remembering Our Fallen

The month of May hosts three historic events and tributes:  VE-Day, a cause for celebration in 1945, thankfully ending the lengthy WW II fight for freedom in Europe and beyond, with VJ-Day coming three-months later. Armed Forces Day, a time specifically created to salute our current military members. And then, of lasting and heartfelt significance, Memorial Day, a day intended for reverent and thankful reflection on those American combat lives lost in every U.S. military conflict since the end of the Civil War.

Focusing now on Memorial Day, that special time set aside for Americans to remember those courageous fellow citizens who stepped forward in combat to defend our nation, our freedom, and often that of allied-others, and in so doing, made the ultimate sacrifice for our precious, irreplaceable individual and national liberty. Those great and courageous Americans, who have perished fighting in defense of liberty, have often given freedom to others, while defending and preserving our own.

The freedom that allows us the privilege of living life within the endless bounty of our incredible nation: pursuing education, careers, and families, all within the limitless opportunities provided for us to grow and achieve.  All aspects of the goodness and satisfaction of life in America, sadly denied to those who have perished in battle to defend those same rights and heavenly blessings.

On this Memorial Day, may we all remember to reflect on the precious gifts given to our lives in liberty, made possible and preserved, by those brave, and selfless American military members, who sacrificed everything. Sacrificed all, for their comrades, for their nation, for their families, and for this current generation, the many previous, and those yet to come.

Our thanks to Almighty God for the bounty of blessings we now share, on behalf of all those great and dedicated men and women wearing America’s uniform, who gave their lives to help ensure a free and sovereign future for America.

This Memorial Day, please do remember and reflect on the significance of those precious American lives given throughout those many decades. Given in order to preserve our remarkable land of liberty. One that we must continue to defend, cherish, and be forever thankful, for untold years to come.

Please pause to remember our fallen, on Monday especially………….