Afghanistan: Do or Die

Apparently tired of doing, this Administration chose the die route.  Due to, it certainly appears, lack of effective planning and comprehensive execution, not only will an unknown number of innocent Afghan citizens now die at the hands of militant Islamics, for all manner of perceived violations, including gender, but, so … read more

Third Infantry Division “Raider Brigade” Return & Colors Uncasing Ceremony (8-3-21); “Raider” Change of Command ceremony (8-12-21)

Third Infantry Division “Raider Brigade” Colors Uncasing Ceremony (8-3-21) Division Commander MG Charles Costanza was the Reviewing Officer for this morning’s official return and uncasing of the colors ceremony at Fort Stewart for the “Raider Brigade” after the nine-month deployment to South Korea of those great soldiers in that historic … read more

Farewell-Welcome Ceremony: Third Infantry Division Senior Command Staff

On Wednesday morning, July 14, 2021, at Cashe Garden, Fort Stewart soldiers, civilians, and Hinesville/Savannah community members said farewell to MG Hubert Cottereau, DCG for Readiness, and COL Michael Adams, Third ID Chief of Staff.  At the same time, welcoming the Division’s new DCG for maneuver, BG Jasper Jeffers. Conducting … read more

America’s Independence Day 2021

Sunday, July 4th, is the 245th anniversary of America’s declaration (1776) of our pending independence from British rule.  But before that became fact, it would take a painful, punishing, and lengthy military fight (1775-1783) for the brave men and women of those 13 American colonies to achieve our true independence. … read more

The Passing of Colonel Ed Wexler, USAF (Ret.)

Colonel Edward I. Wexler died June 30, 2021, at his home, after an extended illness.  Ed spent 35-years in military service to our nation, the majority of it with the 165th Airlift Wing of the Georgia Air National Guard here in the Savannah area. Ed was very active with military … read more

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