Third I.D. Sustainment Brigade: Change of Command / Colors Cased for Deployment

On June 22nd, outgoing commander COL David Key turned leadership of the Brigade over to incoming commander COL Jennifer McDonough who then assumed command of the Brigade.

COL Key leaves the 3rd Division Support Brigade to now serve as the deputy commander of U.S. Army Surface Deployment and Distribution Command. While commanding the Division here, he led the Brigade on a nine-month deployment to Kuwait (2021-2022).  The Brigade also deployed about 130 soldiers (March 2022) to provide additional logistics support to units deployed in Europe in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

COL McDonough most recently served as the Cohesion Assessment Team leader, and later as Chief of Staff for the Secretary of the Army’s People First Task Force.  She has previously commanded a forward support company in the 4th Infantry Division, a brigade support battalion in the 25th Infantry Division, and as troop commander for a forward-deployed Joint Task Force.

In addition to the Change of Command ceremony, the Brigade also cased its unit colors for an upcoming nine-month deployment to Europe, where it’s soldiers will “provide sustainment support and control to V Corps and the U.S. Army Europe and Africa Command, as part of the NATO mission to assure allies, increase interoperability, and deter adversaries in Europe.” We wish all of our 3rd I.D. Sustainment Brigade soldiers a safe and successful deployment.

(Source: 3rd Infantry Division Public Affairs Office, 6-20-23).