Memorial Day 2024

Today, we pause to remember and honor, NOT those young (and not so young) people who tremble at the woke-created stigma created by the sound of pro-America words, suffering with ears covered until they can manage to scurry into the nearest “safe space” so as to relieve the negative symptoms of their reality-induced philosophical coma.  No, not that particular gaggle of seeming pro-socialist earthlings for whom loud noises and the existence of the American Republic seem to offend.

Rather, as an actual blessing, today we salute, and sincerely thank all those proud, courageous, military-serving Americans who have fought steadfastly in our nation’s wars, all the way from the very founding of America, up to the present, including, of course, World Wars I & II, Korea, Vietnam, and those more recent seemingly unending Middle Eastern conflicts.  We pause now, most especially, on this sacred annual Memorial Day, to remember, honor, salute, and thank all those brave American warfighters, who endured combat for us, in particular those who have suffered mental injuries and/or loss of limb(s) and have been able to return safely to home and family for love, treatment and rehabilitation.

But most especially, our Memorial Day thankful remembrances go out, most appropriately, to all those committed and brave American defenders, who gave of their lives, in combat, fighting to retain our nation’s freedoms and security, far from home, and who then, hopefully and sadly, forever stilled, would only be able to return to home and to heart-broken family, lying in a casket, draped with honor, by an American flag.  We as a nation then pause today, to remember, honor, salute, and thank all those courageous military men and women, serving in foreign wars, who while defending freedom for America and our nation’s allies, have made the supreme sacrifice in combat.

And one thing more on this special day. We must also remember those brave military members who have sacrificed their lives in training accidents, whether at home or abroad, particularly it seems, in Air Force and Army aircraft.  Seldom remembered by the general public, but certainly by their respective families, these occasional deaths are tragic permanent losses just the same, forever mourned and honored by families and military colleagues alike.

That said, hopefully you are having a respectful day remembering the supreme sacrifice, by our honored and brave military members, for defending all of our cherished freedoms as a nation, on this blessed Memorial Day 2004……..