Good Riddance 2022: Keep The Faith

This has definitely been a year to see pass away, with little regret.  While the Progressive Democrats continue to wring their hands over unproven, human-caused, climate change, as if this nonsense ranks high in American minds among the plethora of issues to be really worried about.  Things like Title 42, … read more

Smart Talk #17

At a time in our nation that seems to be distinguished by collective concern (re: domestic & international issues) and even some understandable fear, thankfully we have meaningful, relief-giving religious holidays now in our midst, as well as  great Americans believing, saying, and doing Smart things. On the critically important … read more

Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, and Buffoons #20

Typically, there would be more time between the Quad-B’s postings, but the administration and others have been so busy blundering, in the holiday spirit, that the stack was getting higher than Santa’s derriere. So here we go……. The on-going damaging invasion of illegal migrants in our country has grown by … read more

As Title 42 Ends, The Real Migrant Stampede Begins

If we think the southern border incursions by illegal migrants is now out of hand, we haven’t yet seen the worst of it. The end of our only remaining sovereignty-protecting ‘Stop Sign,’ Title 42, happens in just seven days (12-21-22), unless Mr. Biden stops the termination, which he won’t.  So, … read more

Some Random Thoughts On Current Issues

With much WH fanfare, last week Mr. Biden proudly announced that he had arranged for the release of women’s pro basketball player, Brittney Griner, confined for several months by Russia, after having been arrested, tried and convicted of possessing “cannabis vape cartridges.”  She was exchanged for international arms dealer and … read more

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