Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #19

Reportedly, the Biden administration has recently ordered an unknown percentage of our Federal Air Marshals to make the move from airliner duty to ground-assist with U.S.-Mexico border security.  That is taking Air Marshals away from the reason they were first created, commercial aircraft passenger safety, to, instead, assist our Border Patrol with the illegal admission of migrants (i.e., the continued violation of U.S. immigration law, which this too often sole-branch-assuming administration persists in doing).  Air Marshal National Council Executive Director Sonia Labosco responded to this notice: “We have been decimated. We have been depleted. We’re (now) on less than 1% of flights. These ground-based duties that they’re puling us out of the sky to go to the borders are just demolishing our chances of stopping another 9/11.”  This federal decision is lunacy.  Now down to Air Marshal protection on “less than 1% of flights.”  Why imperil civilian air safety when the answer regarding increased “security” needed at the southern border is so simple: Hire more Border Patrol agents!!

Return the Air Marshals to their civilian flight security duties and hire more CPB assistance there on the ground.  Or far better yet: Close our border!!!  And don’t you know that terrorists, both those already here (thanks to our open border), and around the world, are now aware of our unthinkable airliner vulnerability.  Heaven forbid there is a devastating air-to-ground incident, before Congress can pressure a reversal of this incredibly stupid, shot-sighted, civilian-safety-disregarding move by this seemingly uncaring administration.  Wake up, White House.  Hire more agents for ground duty.  Put our Air Marshals back in the sky!!     (And this tragic footnote: Three CPB officers have committed suicide in November.  Total 2022 CBP suicides: 14 to date.  Job pressures mount, as illegal migrant apprehension numbers continue to surge).

And here’s something not to be pleased about.  During a speech this past Tuesday, Mr. Biden seemed to be boasting about his purely politically-motivated Strategic Petroleum Reserve oil releases in recent months, supposedly in an attempt to lower our gasoline prices at the pump.   Said he, in part: The situation “took some decisive action. I ordered the largest ever release from the petroleum reserve, 180-million barrels of oil.” As we all know that oil is reserved strictly for emergency use following a natural or human caused disaster in America. It’s never to be used to solve a political issue.  That is, up until now, by this administration.  Mr. Biden has callously taken a key source of national security and protection designed ONLY to help rescue, sustain, and restore America in the event of a major attack or other significant national tragedy.  May we not have a legitimate national need until the Reserves can be refilled, if in fact this administration brothers to do so, and likely to be done at higher fuel prices than the original fill!

And speaking of oil and this administration, Mr. Biden has given Chevron approval to resume the production of oil in, and export from, Venezuela. That order approves “the importation (of Chevron-produced oil) into the United States.” So then, Chevron can produce oil in Venezuela and then sell it to America!  Does this kinda sound and smell like the administration doing a political end-run?  Why, yes it does. Rather than simply allowing increased oil prospecting, drilling, and producing here in the U.S., to save angering the Progressive-Socialists, in large part today’s Democrat Party, let’s just increase production overseas and then buy it from there. Self-centered politics over nation, once again.

This move is insulting and ridiculous.  Anything but doing the right thing which is to increase oil production right here at home, and along with it, increasing U.S. jobs.  Said Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA): “They’re burning coal in Europe because we can’t supply them with gas and oil.  At the same time, we lose jobs here, national security weakens, economic security weakens. This administration’s energy policy is wrong on all fronts.” This certainly makes it appear that this administration “doesn’t care about U.S. energy jobs.” Unless, of course, them jobs is Green !

Next, the two major “C” words in use anymore, climate and carbon, are at the center of a new deal worked out at the recent United Nations Climate Conference in Egypt. Believe it or not, a Climate Reparations Fund has been set up to force prosperous nations (excluding China) to anti-up funding to be paid to under-developed or poor nations to compensate them for the supposed damage done to them by carbon emissions from Westernized nations.  That funding by the way, to be garnered from “international development banks and taxes on aviation, shipping, and fossil fuels.” Think those excise taxes proposed just might increase the costs of doing business and, the last thing we need now, increasing the costs on food, energy, and consumer goods?  Then why do this?  Well, “Europe hopes this will induce poor countries to reduce emissions to meet the Paris target of limiting global warming.”

And since China is, take this one sitting down, considered to still be a “developing country,” China will not only not be required to contribute to this very questionable climate fund, but it may actually be qualified to take from it! So, let’s talk for a second about this “developing” country, China. “China emits two-thirds more CO2 than Europe and the U.S. combined.  Coal accounts for 60% of China’s power generation, and more new coal plants are set for approval through 2025. China says it needs more coal power for energy security and, unlike Europe and the U.S., it won’t commit climate suicide.” Meaning that it has no current intention to go Green, the movement that has cruelly enveloped (make that, captured and punished) Europe, and is well on the way here with punishment in hand.

So, here in the U.S., it’s important to remember than it was fossil fuels, and capitalism, that combined to make America (and other nations in the world) modernized and prosperous. That which has successfully built America is now considered, politically so, by Democrat-Progressive-Socialists, to be evil and in need of replacement by alternative power sources that don’t even yet exist (except for Nuclear!) to the realistic extent required to actually and reliably power a nation.

What we have here, then, is that the Biden administration, along with other nations, has committed America to is plain and simply:  Global Income Redistribution.  Prosperous nations sending money to poorer nations as “reparation” for the theoretical damage that may have been done to them over the years by the carbon emissions spread internationally by nations of wealth, the latter status achieved by fossil fuels, long before “global warming” or “climate change” were ever invented.  And invented is the correct term.  As President Trump pulled us out of the Partis climate accords, we would encourage the approaching Republican House to use its power-of-the-purse to reject sending any U.S. dollars to this international redistribution fund created by international fantasy-driven  & greedy Pro-Greens.

And if you’d like some more international bravo sierra, here are selected comments from the World Economic Forum chairman and founder, Klaus Schwab, made in a Chinese state-run television network interview: “I respect China’s achievements which are tremendous over the last 40-years.  I think it’s a role model for many countries.” Then speaking about the upcoming world conference, he continued: “We have to have a strategic mood. We have to construct the world of tomorrow. It’s a systemic transformation of the world, so we have to define how the world should look when we come out of this transformation period.” And he sees, as earlier indicated, China as a “role model” in this world “systemic transformation” that he envisions. While he was, after all, saying this during a Chinese TV interview, one senses a bit of an international love affair brewing.  Other than the potentially-economically-destructive, all-everything Green stuff, one wonders what kind of transformation he’d like to impose on the world, a currently subservient America, included.

We’ll conclude this edition of 4-B with a couple of very un-encouraging comments and warnings.  Democrat Senate Leader Chuck Schumer believes that a “path to citizenship” should be granted to “all,” clearly specifying all and only “DREAMers” (i.e., illegal immigrants brought here, illegally, by their illegal parents), that is, “all 11-million or however many undocumented there are here.”  Again, he seems to be limiting his “path to citizenship” (meaning, amnesty) to only the “DREAMers.” What about their parents who brought them here?  One wonders if he then hopes to move on from that to include ALL illegals currently in the U.S.?  His rationale: “We’re short of workers” because “we have a population that is not reproducing on its own.”  Do you suppose that the pandemic, and our weak economic conditions, under two-year damaging, demoralizing Democratic leadership, one that seems to want to send our great country into eternal, unrecoverable, debt just might have had an impact on reproduction?  While he claims to be concerned about a worker shortage (we actually have millions who could work, but who currently, for whatever reason, do not), please do not ever forget the real reason for the amnesty push and the welcoming open southern border.  It’s all for eventually granting citizenship, and with it, the vote, to all of those dependent on, and thankful for, the Progressive Democrat Party.  There are tens of millions of illegals already here, and more coming by the day, most likely delivered forever to the Democrats, virtually guaranteeing perpetual Democrat domination and control forever.  Have a nice day!  Oh and one more somber worrying note: DHS Chief Mayorkas, testifying at a Senate hearing recently, was unable to tell the committee how many “convicted criminal illegal aliens are arriving at our border” every month (response: “I’ll have to get back to you on that, Senator…”).  Criminals, smugglers (human and drug), and terrorists continue to come across our border because the seemingly uncaring Biden administration wants millions of guaranteed future Democrat voters, regardless.  Shameful, illegal, and damaging to our national security and citizen safety.  Once again, it’s their Party, continually over, our Country.


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