ALERT: Gone Missing: One BIG RED WAVE! ….. Why?

The long anticipated Red Tsunami became, instead, a Pink Trickle.  Republicans have had any number of disappointments over the past two years, especially, but perhaps none as disappointing and disheartening as the hoped-for “Red Wave,” that somehow managed to vaporize throughout that fateful Tuesday night (and now agonizingly beyond). So, what on earth happened, in front of our eyes and ears, on that very unexpected night?  A night eerily familiar to us with that election night back in November of 2020, when “suddenly” power went out in some locations, and tabulating machines “malfunctioned,” and a critical national election turned (or was turned) into a totally unexpected direction and result!

Well, apparently, a number of possible reasons are emerging that may help explain the tsunami-turned-trickle, other than a 2020-ish coordinated effort, imposed on key races nationwide, by some form of pre-programmed Leftist subversion, guaranteed to force and produce that surprising trickle.

Highly respected Wall Street Journal columnist, Kimberley Strassel, wrote about the pros and cons of the Republican electoral efforts. “The GOP,” she said, “should have swept a country wildly unhappy with inflation, the economy, high crime, education, the border, you name it.  (But) it didn’t, and in many of the races the losses come down to two words: candidate quality. Republicans did well in places where they showed leadership and competence.”  She highlighted Florida and Ron DeSantis, of course, but also noted Republican governor leadership successes in Georgia, Ohio, North Carolina, Iowa, and Texas. Her concluding advice to candidates going forward: “Spend our fight on policies that make voters’ lives better.  Give them optimism and back it up with results, and you’ll be rewarded at the polls.”

To continue with her optimistic view, there is some positive, grass-roots news in that Republicans were able to impact communities at the very local level by moving several public school boards from progressive lunacy to legitimate pro-student representation going forward.  To date, school boards have been “flipped” to positive control in several states, to include Michigan, Maryland, North Carolina, and South Carolina.  If we’re ever going to get our students back on a firm and factual educational, rather than ideological, footing, it has to start with local boards who have strong and continuing parent, and teacher, support.  We’ve already lost portions of a generation or more of young people’s minds.  This healthy, necessary transformation will take time, patience, likely money, and perhaps corrective state legislative action, as well.

And speaking of younger voters, 18-to-29 (GenZ’s & Millennials), now past schooling, all the way from elementary-to-high school-to-college, herein reportedly lies a problem for Republican candidates in this election and, regrettably, likely going forward. The good news, here, is that voters in this group had the highest (or second highest, said one source) turn-out to vote in a mid-term election in 30 years. The bad news is that, based on exit polling, they voted 63% in favor of Democrat candidates for the House of Representatives (35% for Republicans).

At least one race on the Senate side really stands out: Young voters in Pennsylvania went 70% for Fetterman, and only 28% for Dr. Oz!!  They and the others in PA, who voted for the continually- hoodie-wearing Democrat candidate, reportedly financially-supported long into adulthood by his parents, those folks may have perhaps failed to take the true well-being of their state, and of our nation, seriously, opting instead for Democrat loyalty over reality.  That was one key road to Republican control of the Senate that may have been taken away by daydreaming strict party loyalists.

A left-wing pollster made the non-wave outcome even more clear and disappointing: “One thing I know already. If not for voters under 30, tonight WOULD have been a Red Wave!  And one thing is clear: the corruption and politicization of our educational system has worked.” And that, directly from the mouth of a confirmed leftist, is a very worrisome issue that most of us are all too well aware.  The ‘academic’ in-class school-room ideological propaganda (or, in French: La Gar-bage), being shoved daily into the minds of America’s susceptible young people, is responsible for their follow-on actions, both as we see at the ballot box, out in the streets, and in far too many other anti-social ways. Oh, and one thing more.  You could make a case, as a New York Post writer did for Mr. Biden’s likely-to-be-illegal student-loan forgiveness measure functioning as a means of “buying off” some Generation Z’ers, providing them even more incentive to vote Democratic, and help flush the Red Wave.

Reportedly, married men and women, as a group, did vote more for Republicans.  Single women, however, did not, which may well go back directly to the abortion issue and other current social/sexual ones. Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott may have hit on a troubling core issue: Republican voter turn-out.  Said Scott: “Here’s what happened to us: Election Day, our voters didn’t show up. We didn’t get enough voters. It was a complete disappointment.”  He went on to say something else very crucial to turn-out and Republican votes: “Republicans didn’t have enough of a positive message.”  Or enough of a future policy program, other than complaining about Democrat faults with inflation, crime, and illegal migration, all worthy issues to verbally-pound, but little said about a more positive vision for tomorrow, and the promise to clean up all of those stated, worrying Democrat-produced and/or tolerated faults.  And another vote influencer occurs to me.  As Democrats beat their chests to the media about a Red Wave that was going to sink them, it may have done two things:  Driven scared Democrat voters to the poll to try to save the Party, while possibly given Republican voters permission to just stay at home, since, heck, the Red Wave was going to happen anyway, with or without their vote!!  Whatever the causes, the Democrat-Socialists prevented one anticipated, media-driven wave, and unexpectedly created one of their own!

One sad irony here is that the national Republican votes actually totaled a projected 5-million (52% of national ballots cast) over the Democrats, so they did turn out, but perhaps just not enough of them.  So, from the standpoint of the popular vote, there actually was a tempered Red Wave.  It just didn’t filter down to most of the actual, critical races.  But, for future reference, unfortunately that’s in two more long Democrat-dominated years (especially if Republicans don’t end up taking the House!), apparently the strong Republican votes, nationally, were there. Also ironic in that Mr. Biden’s approval rating was in the low 40’s on Election Day, “while other polling showed about 70% – 80% of Americans thought the country was on the wrong track.”  And, of course, we are.  Of that there is absolutely no question (run-away inflation, crime, illegal migration, loss of international standing, etc.)!

Looking at the pure politics involved, it may be that distancing the Republican Party from former President Trump in this election may have played a part in controlling and diminished the anticipated Red Wave.  Wrote Richard Moss: “Having had some time to think about it (election results), I have determined that the best explanation for November 8 is that this midterm election was intended to turn out pretty much the way it did.  Who intended it? The Republican establishment.  Why?  To get rid of Trump. The establishment Republicans were willing to settle for less than expected numbers in the House to eradicate what they see as by far their biggest problem.  This was their chance to bury Trump and avoid a great deal of damaging unpleasantness at very low to no real cost.  The Democrats funded (some) Trump senatorial candidates in the primaries because they thought they could make them lose.” And in two Senate races, New Hampshire (Gen. Bolduc) and Pennsylvania (Dr. Oz), they did!  There may well be others. A twisted tactic that unbelievably seemed to work!

Commentator Wayne Allyn Root, a staunch Republican conservative, published an article entitled, “You’ve Been Gaslighted – Democrats Just Stole Another Election.” As his proof of ‘stolen,’ Root points to Florida where Republicans swept the state. Why?  Because “Florida has strict Voter ID, strict laws against voter fraud, severe prison terms for anyone caught trying to commit voter fraud, no mail-in ballots sent to every voter, no ballot drop boxes, no ballot harvesting, no ballots accepted for days after Election Day, no counting for days until the desired result is achieved by the Democrat Party. Everywhere else, where there are no strict laws against voter fraud, and they allowed all that cheating, so the red tsunami fizzled.” Root concluded: “Folks, we’ve been robbed, again. This was a repeat of 2020.  They’ve fixed, rigged, and stolen the election….and now they’re trying to blame it on Trump.”  Root is a well know, hardline, ultra-conservative Republican, as you can tell.  You may well want to take his claims with a definite grain of salt.  Or, just maybe, he has actually nailed what really just happened to America at the polls (or even prior to).

Back on Planet Earth, two other commentators may have offered simpler reasons why the red wave gave way to a disappointing pink trickle.  Said Carlie Hurt: “Republicans failed to make the case that they’ll fix (the) issues.”  That along with failing to lay out clearly, and publicize it, a positive ‘Plan for America,’ designed to both fix the serious Democratic created and/or permitted critical domestic issues (inflation/crime/migration/education), and then clearly explain how Republican leadership proposed to move America forward toward renewed prosperity and achievement.

And then here’s another one sentence explanation for the failure of the Red Wave’s prediction to come true. Said Dan Bongino: “Things haven’t gotten bad enough to wake people up.”  Given the reality of current issues, and the status of weak White House leadership, one certainly hopes that prediction isn’t true, since conditions in America right now are certainly far, far less than ideal, in all ways that matter, for way too many Americans.  It is worrisome to think of just how bad our problems must get in order to actually wake voters up in order to create that Red Wave of relief.  One would think we were at Condition RED right now!

Let’s conclude this examination of fact and speculation with the always brilliant thoughts and words of Victor David Hanson, as he analyzes what has taken place on this most recent Election Day, and what in too many instances isn’t even completely settled yet.  Wrote Mr. Hanson: “During the COVID-19 lockdowns, American elections radically changed to mail-in and early voting.  Once cherished Election Day balloting became increasingly irrelevant. Election night no longer exists.  It is intolerable for a modern democracy to wait and wait for all sorts of different ballots, both cast and counted, under radically different and sometimes dubious conditions. The Democrats, with overwhelming media and money advantages, have mastered these arts of massive and unprecedented early, mail-in, and absentee voting.  Old fashioned Republicans count on … their voters showing up on Election Day.  But it is far easier to finesse and control the mail-in ballots than to ‘get out the vote.’

Hanson continued with his intelligent assessment: “Winning or losing means revving up party bases, not running as much on a variety of issues. Biden goaded young people to vote by temporarily lowering gas prices, through draining the strategic petroleum reserve, offering amnesty for marijuana offenses, and cancelling half a trillion dollars of student loan debt.  He told young women that they would die without unlimited abortions.  And most of that mud stuck.”

Hanson:  “Americans do worry (about serious issues), but also demand concrete solutions.  Moreover, in the last days of the election, Biden and the media effectively smothered those existential issues by claiming the country was threatened by insurrectionists and pro-life fanatics.”  Hanson concluded his outstanding election results analysis with: “This time, once trustworthy conservative pollsters (who got it wrong…again) had little inkling that the simmering left-wing base was enthused by wild talk of abortion and insurrection.  The real under-polled voters were not (actually) silent, wary Trump supporters, but this time around (they were) seething upscale women and college students.”

In conclusion, regarding Midterm Election 2022, the results were not as Republicans would have expected or desired, and certainly so on the big stage across key states!  But there were some solid wins down below.  Among others, notably in taking responsible control in some important school board races.  That’s a critical start in the ground zero effort for the long-term, arduous task of reestablishing legitimate, factual subject matter and instruction in our schools (and secondly, in higher education); less enforced anti-white sociology (!), allowed to seep into way too many subjects, and far, far more honest, fact-based attention to history, government, economics, and increasingly important STEM topics.  On the subject of voting, itself, as illustrated above, Florida has done a whole lot right when it comes to cleaning up their overall voting process.  While it is tough to do much useful improvement, with state Democrat legislatures and governors, but Florida does provide us with a solid, responsible road map for the future.  Single women, and young adults (18-29) have emerged as targets of concentrated effort for future better results for Republicans.  As one writer asserted above, right or wrong, those 18-29- year-olds may well have made the difference, in at least some cases, between a red wave and a Democrat result.


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