Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #18

With the push to the mid-terms, and with Democrat-Socialists fearing the end of life as they know it (had it only been so!), the pile of Quad-B stuff replenished quickly.

First, the concerns voiced that, with a Republican sweep, the Dem-Soc’s would no longer live in a society which they could continue to deceive, disintegrate, and control.  House Majority Whip James Clyburn (D-SC) claimed that, if Republicans dominated the mid-terms the way it was assumed by now-errant polls, we are “going to see this democracy come to a crashing halt.” He went on the compare America to Germany in the 1930’s, if Republicans were to take federal government control.  All of that is absolutely absurd.  Spouted solely to scare Democrat voters into getting to the polls, as well as encouraging Independent voters to mentally merge to the left when they cast their votes on election day.

And then, always a delight, Mrs. Clinton, searching for the elusive spotlight, took aim at Republicans about their varied (i.e., not always supportive, with facts purposely still vague) reactions to the yet-to-be-fully-and-factually-disclosed Pelosi in-home hammer attack, when she said: “This is a real threat to the heart of our democracy.” Again, over-played histrionics aimed at the “heart” of her democracy destroying “Deplorables,” who, by her favored withering description of Republicans, would seem to be incapable of destroying anything, let alone America’s governing- system! In both cases of apparent champions of democracy (Clyburn & Clinton), the reality is that it is the Democrat-Socialists who, by definition, are the real enemies of democracy and individual freedoms.  The past two years are glaring examples. When was the last time the Dem-Socs even mentioned our governing Constitution, let alone following it!  Those speaking with forked-tongue are the ones who would seem to be crusading, openly and covertly, to remove the term, democracy, from acceptable citizen thought and speech.

Prior to the mid-terms, Iowa’s only Democrat Representative, Cindy Axne, reportedly said during a fundraiser that Mr. Biden is “the most impactful president” in U.S. history.  Biden’s return flattery: “Cindy, the country needs you, and I’m not exaggerating. You’re one of the best persons in the entire United States Congress.”  It is true that Mr. Biden is the “most impactful president,” but regrettably, in a negative way. All that he has tried and done has weakened the nation, internally, and in front of the world, at a very dangerous time, internationally.  Most on both sides of the national aisle would likely agree that his WH “impact” to date has been disastrous for America, and for our standing in the world.  Agreement would likely also be reached with the conclusion that we wouldn’t be in so many, or any, messes, had Mr. Trump been re-elected. Whether like him or loathe him, he had American running on all cylinders to the benefit of all citizen sectors.  By the way, Iowa voters apparently didn’t agree with Mr. Biden’s overly positive assessment of Representative Axne.  She was defeated by her Republican challenger on Tuesday.

In a D.C. speech on Wednesday, “toward the end of his divisive and rambling incitement to class warfare,” Mr. Biden actually made an issue-where-none-existed out of the varying amounts of leg room available, freely-known amidst varying priced tickets, on commercial airliners, which seemingly has now been declared to be, in his world, a racial issue!  What !!  Every issue, item, practice, or individual in America seems to be ultimately hit with a racism charge, because the Democrat-Socialists seem to have no other issues of any importance or value available to pull from the bottom of their empty political bucket.  Mr. Biden claimed that folks don’t’ know about the ticket/seat options available “until you purchase your ticket.” These ‘junk fees,” he said, are “unfair and hit marginalized Americans the hardest, especially low-income folks and people of color.”

Now, rather than worrying about how rampant inflation (which he caused) is crippling our lower-economic-classes, or violent crime, or a disastrously-wide-open southern border, and then doing something meaningful about the nation’s serious problems (not to mention the intended aggressions of enemy nations), he’s decided to make a dishonest big deal out of varying prices for airline seats and leg-room!  That’s not racist.  That’s called free enterprise.  And a whole lot of Americans, of various racial and ethnic and gender backgrounds, find it more economical to simply fly coach. You arrive at your destination at the same time as the wealthy folks!  This political dead duck is so lame, make that, stupid, that I apologize for including it.  It was just so dead-center for a classic Quad-B!!

Then there’s the ever-delightful young Greta Thunberg who wants to end the very economic system just discussed, our (and much of the western world’s) free-market capitalism, because its “oppressive, racist (hello again!), colonialist, genocidal, and imperialistic.” She calls for a “system-wide transformation.” “Young people all over the world are stepping up, showing that our leaders messed with the wrong generation.”  Along with too many from among our very own younger generations, it’s becoming abundantly clear that, to use her words, they are, in fact, the “wrong generation.” A generation, now, crammed full with  leftist classroom propaganda, favoring a Socialist-Marxist economic/social system, which has sadly dangerously distorted the energies, priorities, and realistic expectations of more than a few of America’s young people, who seemingly would much prefer to sit at home collecting socialist government hand-outs, rather than engaging in actual, responsible, self-fulfilling work; that is, earning a paycheck from their own skills and efforts.  This persistent call for a Socialist-Marxist economic “revolution” (or ‘transformation,’ in Greta’s vocabulary) is scary and very worrisome to all those who prefer personal responsibility and individual freedoms, while maintaining the Founder’s Constitutional dream for a great and prosperous America, available to all who work hard and strive to achieve.  Given those character qualities and requirements (notably: personal responsibility), America’s opportunities, for all, remain endless, despite two years of destructive domestic and international bumbling by the current administration.

Turning now to the Vatican, its Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin, addressed the UN’s “climate summit” in Eqypt this past week. His remarks, in part: “The socio-ecological crisis that we are living (in) is a propitious moment for individual and collective conversion, and for concrete decisions that can no longer be postponed. The human face of the climate emergency challenges us deeply.”  He called for promoting “new lifestyles.” He then went on to say that “we have a moral duty to act concretely in order to prevent and respond to the always more frequent and severe humanitarian impact caused by climate change,” (while underscoring) “the growing phenomenon of migrants being displaced” (by climate change). “Climate change,” he said, “will not wait for us.”

Buckle up folks.  That there “climate change” thing (since the incorrect “global warming” schtick didn’t work) is gonna kill us all, and really, really soon, unless we create “new (Socialist) lifestyles,” by forcing prosperous nations to bankrupt themselves after throwing billions of dollars at ambiguous blue sky “solutions,” in order to change a climate that humans simply cannot change!  Cannot, because climate (e.g., weather) is controlled, not by human activity, but by the oceans, the sun, the planets, and other of God’s creations impacting earth.

Now, if someone with genuine scientific credentials and respected research can show us, that is, prove to us, beyond doubt, that dangerous negative climate elements are happening, at provable, increasing speed, due demonstrably  to controllable human activities, then maybe we’ll listen and consider reacting.  But that isn’t happening.  And that’s because it’s all conjecture, and a flamboyant, jousting-at-the-windmills-of-old excuse to potentially fleece free nations for the cause of global Socialist-Marxism and overall elitist control.  Oh, and migrants fleeing climate change in their countries of origin?  Wrong.  They are being wooed by our nation’s regrettable wide open southern border, and by the promises made by illegal, money-grabbing, shepherding cartels) of an unending bounty of American free stuff that awaits them, a virtual (non-climate-related) pot of gold.

Then carrying U.S. administration water on that subject, Senator Jon Tester (D-MT) was interviewed about climate on a recent CNBC program, and was reportedly asked for some proof that carbon emissions are impacting climate right now.  He responded: “I don’t know about statistically, but from real life, I can tell you that it’s happening.  I mean the fact that is that we got rain (in Montana) ten days ago.  It’s the first time that we got a good rain in nearly 18 months.”  Human caused climate change is real, you see, because rain finally came to Montana after a lengthy draught! Tester continued: “This is an incredible opportunity to unleash the minds in this country for things like carbon sequestration and new energy technologies. We can continue to lead the world in that and actually create jobs and create economy (sic) in the process and make energy more affordable.” Well, let’s see.  Seems to rational, logical American minds that the shortest route to more affordable energy, if that was the true objective, is of course to take the Democrats’ purposeful-placed regulatory handcuffs off America’s natural gas and oil drillers/producers, and let free- market capitalism increase our fossil fuel production as the well-known, responsible route to affordable energy for America. And a couple of things to remember: Fossil fuels supply and drive all of American industry, the source of regaining our eroded, inflation-hampered economic prosperity. And then this: It’s a known scientific fact that carbon dioxide is an extremely minute, that is, teeny-tiny element, within the air humans here breathe.  So, breathe easy, America……

Best to end this edition of Quad-B right here.  So-called “climate change” is a subject that seems to baffle and worry only those whose real goal is not saving America’s portion of our Earth, but rather more effectively controlling it, by increasing elitist power and control, while vaporizing our society’s leftist-hampering Constitution, and demolishing the best economic system for citizen prosperity in all of history: Free-Market Capitalism !


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