Common Sense New Medicaid Requirements Tested in Kentucky

The State of Kentucky has been granted the right to expand its Medicaid program with two new requirements that actually, and fairly, should be applied not only to Medicaid participants in that state, but to welfare recipients there in general. Going forward, all Kentucky Medicaid enrollees, who are physically and … read more

The First Amendment Shields Hate Speech, But Only For One Side

A tenured, female English Department professor, teaching at Fresno State University, made some disgusting Twitter remarks about Barbara Bush within hours of the widely loved and respected former First Lady’s death yesterday (April 17, 2018).  The lowlight of her comments included this angry declaration: “Barbara Bush was a generous and smart and amazing racist … read more

Justice Is Not Served By Death Sentence Delays

On April 19, 2018, Walter Leroy Moody was executed in Alabama for the 1989 mailed pipe bomb murders of U.S. Circuit Court Judge Robert Vance in Alabama and NAACP Attorney Robert (Robbie) Robinson in Savannah, Georgia.  He was convicted at trial and given the death sentence in 1996.  He was … read more

Social Justice Response

Apparently reeling from the ending of a teen romance, a male student chose to punctuate his response with a gun, taken from his unaware father. Early one morning, finding his past flame in a school hallway, the teen opened fire, killing the young lady and wounding another student with the … read more

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