America The Not-Beautiful ?

How in the world any U.S. citizen in his or her right mind (likely, the issue), whether born here, or nationalized (save one junior Congressperson), could not feel fortunate every day for the incredible blessing it truly is to be living and striving within the greatest, freest, most successful nation on the planet, regardless of one’s race, religion, economic or social standing?  And especially in this current Trump-directed robust, expansive economy, that now includes employment access for those capable of, and truly wishing to, work, fully across the demographic board.

Then why do seemingly too many Americans, primarily in their twenties and thirties, not share that feeling of blessing and thankfulness for the gift of residing in this absolutely extraordinary land?  The answer, at least for starters, derives from the naïve obsession with progressive liberalism.  While it is true that traditional liberalism has been with us, in far less headline form, for several generations, today’s version was likely ignited back in 1960’s “Woodstock” era, a time when doing whatever felt good, whenever you wanted to, took hold as a cult, largely festering in the shadows until more recent years, when encouraged to more fully emerge during the look-the-other-way, shame-on-the-white-race, take-it-to-the-streets Obama regime.

Many of those newly-freed spirits, who caught Woodstock fever in their youth, went on to college (thanks no doubt to the economic support of their working parents), majored in social science disciplines (e.g., English, sociology, education, etc.), then went directly on to teach in high schools or colleges, without ever, heaven forbid, experiencing the performance demands and expectations of the real-world of work. Many of their students, in turn, were then encouraged to take the same academic paths, consumed by faculty departments increasingly dominated (often, totally) by liberal professors preaching the party-line of accepted thought. After which, these graduates, by guidance and design, took the same path of least resistance, by going directly into high school or college teaching themselves.

Thereby, over the decades, effectively creating a contagious form of “academic incest,” meaning students going directly into some level of teaching without ever having dared or attempted to first experience, let alone succeed in, capitalism’s real world of work.  What began as seemingly senseless folly in that upstate New York fantasy playground of the ‘60’s, has unfortunately evolved into an increasingly progressive-liberal-indoctrinating academic world, where students with non-liberal views are, today, too often discouraged, penalized, or shunned.  So young students quickly determine that they need to go along to get along, with far too many, it seems, first sipping, then guzzling, the progressive-liberal cool-aid.

And, with it, subjects, at whatever level, are then too often taught with that, restrictive, ideological, academic mindset.  Creating a huge problem for realistic society when courses in American history are taught with a hyper-liberal interpretation imposed, regardless of historic, fact-based truth, if, that is, courses in American history and American government are required, or even taught, any more at all.

And there (long with all those academically-invented, future employment-challenged, latter-day courses and majors ending in the word “studies”) is the culprit.  Far too many young people have no true perspective, or any perspective at all, regarding America’s past, America’s greatness, or America’s world leadership.  Instead the overriding theme in class after class is the liberal presumption that this nation is not extraordinary, is not even all that good or great, but rather is the real cause of the world’s problems, human oppression, and with it, the lack of world peace.  So it seems that if only we could be transformed into a far more sensitive and caring nation, one with a more restrictive and closely controlled society (for the enhanced well-being of the many, of course), led with a progressive-liberal mindset by a  dominate, non-capitalist, global-focused leader, and by such, fostering a true one-world outlook, then all of our own, and the planet’s, ills (foremost climate change, of course!) would be solved.  Clearly that society-transforming formula was the fervent hope and dream of Mr. Obama, and now Mr. Sanders.  Neither with the collective best interests of America and her citizens in mind.

It seems that, any more, no credence in progressive quarters, is ever thought or voiced, regarding the fact that America is a good nation and a great one, a nation that, through the generations, has developed and provided so very much to improve the health and well-being of our own citizens, as well as for those in other parts of the world. American innovation and productivity in the areas of science, engineering, technology, medicine, and many other fields, has improved the lives of millions, both here and in other nations.  America’s brilliant and lasting Constitution, our democratic-republic form of government (democracy, if you will), and the finest financial system in history, capitalism, which has enriched the nation and the prosperity of our citizens for generations, all forming a collective set of systems, now long-proven and available to be emulated by other nations.

And beyond all of that, should the question is raised, by those schooled under the progressive educational system, about just exactly what America has ever done for the world, for humanity?  Beyond all of the advancements mentioned above, try this one, a massive one, not remembered by history-and-perspective-denied past and present students: Two World Wars, when the freedom, and even the very future existence, of some nations was at stake. In 1918, American forces saved France and England, both by then on their respective military heels, from certain German domination.  Then in World War II, certainly not alone, but as the dominant force for freedom, the United States military liberated much of the western and eastern world’s nations from the murderous scourge of tyrant regimes, at a huge, lasting cost in American military lives and capital.  But in both dramatic cases, freedom was restored to millions, and, in WW II especially, America, herself, was saved from the potential for invasion and the loss of sovereignty. Thanks to the power of might and good by the brave men and women of our nation, those away fighting and those laboring to back that effort her at home. It is both a shame and an inexcusable truth that way too many of today’s American’s have no knowledge or perspective to appreciate the all-out effort and courage it took to overcome seemingly overwhelming enemy militaries and tyrants.

And it all goes back to what current generations of students (too many) have not learned about America in school, at whatever level.  Not true of all schools (especially private and charter) and universities, of course, but of far too many in the public, or elitist private, sector. Powerline’s John Hinderaker has written a recent article on the subject, titled ‘How Dumb Are America’s College Students?.”  Drawl from his observations of the too-often hostile treatment by students that conservative speakers are subjected to when attempting to lecture on today’s progressively-dominated campuses.  As you many know, some gifted conservative thinker appearances are either cancelled ahead of time, due to student unrest and threats, or, once there, find it impossible to continue their talks because of student disruption.  This on campuses supposedly committed to actual learning and to the free exchange of ideas.  Regrettably, from what’s been written, those schools seem to be a diminishing breed.

Hinderaker’s thoughts followed the recent anticipated negative audience reaction experienced by noted conservative scholar and author, Heather MacDonald. Wrote he:  “It is almost unbelievable how ignorant and ill-educated America’s college student are. They are well below average in every material way.  For all my life, I’ve been an advocate for higher education, but I have reluctantly come to the conclusion that college is generally a mistake, as young people are mostly misinformed there, rather than educated.  There are a few technical fields – medicine, engineering, possibly law (the author is a lawyer) – where such education is actually useful.  Otherwise, we, and our young people would be better off if they eschewed (such) institutions in favor of trade and technical schools.”  Or, other options, since we in America have options, include entering the work force directly, or even better, from a training, maturing, and skills development perspective, choosing to serve our nation in the military.

Hinderaker’s assertions and suggestions, which unfortunately bear a good measure of truth, are certainly not the campus reality that any of us wish was true, but with the possibilities of non-party-line opinions that may offend, threaten (ideologically), make uncomfortable, or even trigger fear, this scenario is all too likely to be today’s reality among incorrectly or incompletely educated students, and the negative impact such is having on our society. And it all goes back to the avoidance of facts and truth, in favor of comfort and feelings, implanted on campus (or even initiated in lower schools) by progressive-liberal instructors, with such ideological indoctrination efforts then continually reinforced by the ever-present, all-knowing, DNM (Democrat National Media).  As such, there are now those who may think that Mr. Sanders’ Socialist-Marxist ideas are just what America needs to finally become a better, fairer, nicer world neighbor, but such would be implemented at the price of our demise as a free, successful, powerful, and sovereign country.

As a nation, we thankfully are, America the Beautiful. We have our faults and errors (usually working to correct them), but overall, the United States of America is, as stated earlier, a great, free, and exceptional nation.  And all who reside here legally, blessed by its liberties and endless opportunities to succeed, should continually feel that way in their hearts and minds, and express it.  While those who don’t, and more sadly won’t, stubbornly refuse to leave.  As those who see America as that beacon of freedom and opportunity try so desperately to legally enter.  Folks, this land is God’s gift to us.  In return, we must care enough to respect, appreciate, defend, and preserve it.  And only then, do we truly deserve it.


(“How Dumb,”, John Hinderaker, 2-24-20)