Bizarre Is Alive, But Not Well

There is an old musical favorite from the 1940’s, that entertainers used to sing and dance to called “Anything Goes.”  Well, due to moral slippage (being kind here) and social change, tracing its start, no doubt, to many years prior, but perhaps accelerated at the speed of light (or darkness) during the fast and loose prior president’s years, we can once again say, today, that literally, anything goes.

Want to have and raise a child, but you’re not married, don’t plan to be, and don’t fancy romance at all, no problem.  There’s now an “app” (make that two) for just that purpose. Yep, via the apps, (subscription-based sites), a woman can become linked up with a man out there who also would like to have a child, but, again, without the bother of a relationship.  Welcome to child-sharing, with no adult strings intended or attached.

The Wall Street Journal did a feature on this mini-phenomenon recently, focusing on a woman in Montana who zeroed in on a plausible man living in Vancouver, British Columbia.  These two finally met in person, felt their child desires were the same, met both sets of parents, then went about the baby-making thing.  The women is now pregnant, after they met monthly to make that happen.  This mating is apparently not the norm, in that these two actually ended up falling in love and will be raising their child in the more traditional way, after all.  To conclude this story, none too soon, just one of the two subscription meeting sites, claims about 90,000 members, and estimates as many as 500 babies born with a co-parenting arrangement!  Think of it: child-support payments without the bother of divorce!  Thank you, “with it” generation, for pulling the curtain back on our tomorrow.

Then this story from The Daily Barometer, an Oregon State University campus newspaper.  It seems that OSU (not the Big Ten one!) will now be making no-cost feminine hygiene products available in two major campus gathering places restrooms (hoping to expand this, of course). And you wanna know why, if you haven’t already guessed.  Because “not all students who menstruate are female identified.”  Said one woman who now “identifies” as male: “As someone who menstruates, having access to free products for a normal bodily function will alleviate stress,” (resulting from forgetting to bring such products to campus).  Well, there you have it.  Girls stuff in men’s rooms, a practice likely to spread through liberal enclaves around the nation.  Many guys can no doubt remember having stress in college, but not for lack of convenient free access to “feminine hygiene products.”

And here comes the beyond bizarre. You’ve likely heard of the actress, now “health” consultant, Gwyneth Paltrow, who has developed a line of products designed to apparently assist primarily women.  But her latest just might bridge the gender gap. Please be sitting down. Available on her website, “Goop,” is a $75.00 candle named “This Smells Like My Vagina.”  It sold out rapidly. Darn hard to believe, but unfortunately true.  Two reasons to never light that candle: (1) The obvious, and (2) The $75.00 price.  If one is looking for candlelight romance, Wal-Mart can handle that a whole lot cheaper, and without having to explain the aroma!

The last entry, for now, takes us rapidly from our bizarre theme to one of absolute absurdity.  At a recent campaign appearance, presidential candidate, Joe Biden, reportedly told the audience, in part: “We have to be prepared to modernize, to keep ourselves ahead of the game, to make sure that they (i.e., adversaries) are not able to screw with us.”  Now, with seat belts fastened, he then went on to say: “So, the idea we’re gonna cut the defense budget significantly, we can cut it some, but we don’t need standing armies….”  From bizarre to outlandish to absurd to bravo sierra.  By saying that, he contradicts himself (“not able to screw with us”). The idea that, today, not to mention the last 60+ years, we could dominate adversarial world players with our military power so as to keep them at bay, and if need be, defend ourselves and our trusted allies (and win!), without “standing armies” is ridiculous.  Heaven only knows what he was thinking that night, and hopefully, he misspoke. But taken as presented, to a live audience, we conclude that he is, then, standing on 5th base, alone in a dark stadium, somewhere in the galaxy.

Bizarre happenings seem to abound these days.  More when next overwhelmed with disbelief (and possibly disgust, as well).


(Separates having a baby via The Wall Street Journal, Julie Jargon, 1-8-20; Feminine products via, Hank Berrien, 1-23-20; Paltrow candle via, Hannah Bleau, 1-11-20; Biden quote via, Ryan Saavedra, 1-23-20).