The Peril We May Face

This past Sunday, a local Pastor took great pains to show that, in God’s view, truth and grace are linked strongly together. By contrast, today’s increasingly hard-left Democrats choose instead, the linkage of untruth and dis-grace.  Never more powerfully demonstrated than in the current, seemingly unending (on purpose) Presidential impeachment charade, where Democrat “prosecution” lies abound, creating a disgrace, to the original intent of the impeachment provision, along with our Constitution, and our nation.  Establishing, with the bogus “articles,” that impeachment aimed at future presidents may be introduced on a whim, by partisan House majorities, with flimsy charges that in no way adhere to the precise criteria established by our brilliant Founders.

The leftist mob, to include House members, the media, self-possessed entertainers, and other hangers-on, doesn’t seem to understand, nor care about, the damage they’re doing to the process, and how all of this nonsense could well come back to bite a future president, and, as with President Trump, prevent that person from accomplishing anything of substance, without Congressional assistance, due to similar on-going impeachment mayhem that these current revenge-seeking, seething-hatred House members have created.

Representative Nadler is reported to have called President Trump a “dictator” who wants to be “all-powerful,” by ignoring our current eminently dysfunctional House.  And said, Nadler, “This must not stand. And that is another reason why he must be removed from office.” Of course, that claim was not charged in the “articles of impeachment,” nor if it were, could it be proven, just like the other two supposed “charges.  But more to the point, the President has had to move forward, via executive orders, because of the House fire-wall of purely political opposition, and because the House has spent the last 3+ years doing absolutely nothing, at taxpayer expense, expect trying to get rid of a duly-elected president.  As such, the President has had no real choice other than to act in the nation’s best interest, at home and abroad, essentially on his own. The “dictator” slam is ridiculous, as thinking American’s well know.

And then, there is Congressman Schiff (e.g., Pinocchio), who reportedly has stated that “we (superior Democrats) can’t let voters decide this matter (impeachment) at the ballot box.” And his alleged reason? “Because now we can’t be sure the election will be fair.”  Yes, let’s just have the Democrats decide who should be president, because we Americans simply aren’t smart enough to handle that task. And do recall that, today, Democrats simply will not accept the results of any election they don’t win.

They fear of an unfair election in November, if its mistakenly left to voters.  Let’s definitely take a close look at the potential for unfair elections.  And what a surprise, it’s very unlikely to be Republicans attempting to cheat. At least two states (California & New York) permit illegals to have driver’s licenses.  Sometimes, that means they are automatically registered to vote!  In the last presidential election (2016), Democrat-dominated California sent out absentee ballots to all registered voters, whether requested or not.  Then had their team come around to collect them, with “help” to fill them out, if needed.  One of the reasons Republicans for House seats lost virtually every race that year.

Now, also, the desire to eliminate the Electoral College, perhaps being pushed the hardest by candidate Elizabeth Warren. Were that to happen, all future national elections would be decided solely by voters in Democrat-controlled major population centers like Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York and others.  Conservatives need not apply.

Seemingly, whatever it takes, hard-left Democrats and their media bunkmates will continue their non-stop efforts to force President Trump out of office, or at the very least, continue to attack him, hoping to destroy or severely weaken him, in the eyes of the nation’s voters.

On that very subject, James Veltmeyer, MD, an impressive, conservative doctor practicing in California, of all places, has written a terrific article, entitled “Trump: Existential Threat to New World Order,” which indicates that its not only America’s Democrat leadership that wishes to remove or significantly tarnish the President, but Global elitists want him out of the way as well.  Wrote Dr. Veltmeyer, in part: “The ongoing attacks by the political establishment on President Donald Trump, which began even before he was elected, are without parallel in history.  This President has been spied upon, lied about, made the subject of phony foreign dossiers, insulted, ridiculed, scorned, mocked and threatened. No other President in American history has been treated in such a shameful manner. Not Lincoln. Not FDR. Not Nixon. Not Reagan.”  So not only does America’s Democrat elite want him gone, so do those mysterious, hidden elites who seek global run economies and political rule, while our President works night and day for America, not the world, first.

Wrote General Douglas MacArthur back in 1952: “Our threat is from insidious forces working from within, which have already drastically altered the character of our free institutions.  Those institutions we proudly called the American way of life.”  From a time long ago, the General nails what is happening today in America.  He was concerned, as are we, about the infiltration of positions of public trust, among them elected officials, of course, but also journalism (print & electronic media) and our schools, to include universities. From the “Squad” in the House, to the seemingly permanent liberal slant of today’s major media, and to our schools at all levels, we now have “insidious forces working from within” impacting those institutions, and the people they touch, and not in the direction of a free society.

A large sign displayed outside a home in mid-town Savannah also nails MacArthur’s concern.  It’s in the front yard, easily seen from the street, which boldly and concisely gets directly to the point.  It reads: “We live in the greatest country in the world. Don’t let the liberal Democrats destroy it.”

And yet another major reason for concern about America’s freedom and future, as referenced above, is this.  A young college graduate, speaking to a respected investment columnist, asked him: “Isn’t capitalism destroying the planet and causing massively unfair inequality of wealth?”  This is the kind of socialist propaganda being hammered into the heads of young students over their entire four-year university lives.  This plays directly into the hands of those naively thinking that socialism is the superior, “fairer” system.  Sadly, the misguided vote! And we now have more candidates than ever who wave the flag of socialism as the solution to economic inequality (vs. the freedom to work your butt off and make your own economic way!).

Apart from this purposefully bogus impeachment mess, we face the issues broached above, and many others, waiting to become even more serious concerns.  Despite Congressman Schiff’s warning that we can’t let the 2020 election be “decided at the ballot box,” that is exactly where sensible, liberty-loving, deeply concerned American voters need to be, come election day.  We face the danger, yes, the peril, of being taken over and ruled by hard-left Democrats who, in the light of day, with their guard down, are pure socialists.  And once in office, they will work to destroy all that our citizens believe in, fought, and died to protect.

And a closing thought from General MacArthur: “The inescapable price of liberty is an ability to preserve it from destruction.” And preserve it we must, by voting in massive numbers seldom seen before, in this Fall’s election. Only the votes of the sane can preserve the individual freedoms and representative form of government that we, and our Founders, envisioned for us and future generations …a future secured with government by citizen representation, a free-market economy (capitalism) and perhaps most of all, by continued national sovereignty and the ongoing guarantee of our individual liberties.


(“Dictator” charge via, Marisa Schulz, 1-23-20; Schiff quote via, 1-22-20;  “Trump: Existential Threat to New World Order,” James D. Veltmeyer, MD, received online, 1-25-20; Douglas MacArthur quote, from a speech to the Michigan Legislature in Lansing, MI, 5-15-52; Student quote via The Wall Street Journal, Jason Zweig, 1-25-20).