Smart Talk #20

June is referred to as “Pride” month, saluting those Americans who chose to adopt and pursue, with pride, alternative life-styles. While the vast majority of Americans prefer the more traditional, mainstream, family oriented man-woman relationship. Dov Fischer wrote an article on the subject in The American Spectator, mid-month. If one … read more

Bonkers, Blather, Blunders & Buffoons #24

As the administration, and select others, continue to BBBB, already, then, comes another edition of Quad-B. As impossible to believe as the administration’s welcome mat is at our southern border, regrettably known around the world, so too is the news about the Department of Homeland Security releasing illegal migrant criminals, … read more

End Times for the American Republic?

Yes, that title does sound extreme, but given all of the chaos going on around us here in our nation each day, aided by the continued pounding of some fact, and mostly fiction, by the left-leaning (or embracing) media, one has to wonder if and when we’ll come out of … read more

Third Infantry Division Change of Command Ceremony (June 1, 2023)

This morning, Major General Charles Costanza relinquished his command of the Division to Major General Christopher Norrie.  Lieutenant General Christopher Donahue, Commanding General of the Army’s XVIII Airborne Corps, served as the Reviewing Officer for today’s ceremony. MG Costanza, a graduate of West Point (1991), commissioned in the Armor Branch, … read more