End Times for the American Republic?

Yes, that title does sound extreme, but given all of the chaos going on around us here in our nation each day, aided by the continued pounding of some fact, and mostly fiction, by the left-leaning (or embracing) media, one has to wonder if and when we’ll come out of this harmful downward spin, or will we?  Will there be a safe landing (as in recession predictions) or a butt-scalding crash, financially and/or national character-and-sanity-wise?  Much is being written, in real-time, about the punishing direction America seems to be heading right now and what it all means for our future.  We’ll take a look at some of the domestic issues most troubling and most on our minds.

Some of our major far West Coast cities, and some in the Mid-West as well, seemingly dominated by philosophically-hands-tied Democrat “leaders” with little love or respect for law enforcement, in those locales, crime is really out of control. From shootings and murder, sometimes in broad daylight, to blatant retail theft (causing several major downtown stores to leave), criminals, both first-time and long-timers, seem to be having a free-for-all, aided by weakened police and by prosecutors under the Progressive spell,  who have convinced themselves (but not the rest of us) that it’s the criminals (not the persons harmed, nor the store owners) who are actually the victims (an insulting belief that exists only in the minds of race hustlers and white supremacist believers (an invalid anti-white stigma), which, of course, is bass-akwards from the reality-based historic customs, views, and beliefs of the majority of law-abiding and justice-believing American citizens, where the targets of criminals remain as the only true victims.

Our public schools (perhaps some private, as well) have, to a regrettable extent) been swept under the mystique of both anti-white instruction (i.e., DEI steam-rolling, which now, hopefully, may be beginning to reverse), AND gender issues, covering not only the mistaken new-age multitude of genders (rather than the truthful two) and the damaging encouragement/assistance in transgenderism, worse yet, too often kept from parental knowledge, with studies showing that, more often than not, it’s a case of childhood confusion, rather a genuine belief that a child is actually in the wrong body. And along with all of that, academically, schools around the nation are reporting very poor results on year-end standardized tests in math and English especially (sometimes with few, or not even one student performing at grade-level).  The teacher powers-that-be are quick to blame this lack of acceptable student performance solely on the admitted damage done to learning brought on by the COVID epidemic (school closings/forced home study), rather than stepping up and assigning at least some of the blame (and solution) on the possibility of inadequate instruction by some under-enthused or under-qualified teachers, now content to toe the nationally-imposed collective under-achievement line.

And that leads us to the overall issue, within school instruction and now within almost every corporation or agency (public or private), of the damaging, power-driven-goal of the Progressive-elitist-controlled invention called “woke.”  Woke is a set of beliefs and actions, taken on by most of the ultra-leftist academic and government ‘lifers,’ and sadly also by some industry leaders, based on an imposed visceral hatred for anyone who disagrees with their ‘enlightened’ belief and language system (e.g., the pronoun quagmire). Woke-ist beliefs are liberal-ultra-leftist, both negative and destructive, for the long-term survival and continued success of our capitalist-structured, Constitution-led, America.  Time, they say, heals all wounds, and woke is a festering societal wound in need of smothering, diminishing, and expelling from our society.  It’s not a question of ‘if,’ but when, and may the ‘when’ for this broadly-imbedded, insulting, anti-freedom nonsense, be full disappearance within one generation, if not much sooner. An across-the-board Administration/Congressional change with the 2024 election would be a welcome opportunity to soundly poke and revoke the woke.

Now, as the only nation in the world with an open border, Americans are watching, with distain, disbelief, and fear, how this staggering, politically invented, and Biden-permitted invasion of our nation, has now degenerated into a completely out of control situation since the current administration took office.  We watch as our crumbling cultural and economic stability (welfare, medical, education, housing, misc. support expenses, language, and crime) weakens. This situation is a crime against America, now and well into our future, with all power over the regrettable and dangerous situation apparently in the hands of the president, since Congress is either unable or frightened to speak out and do something, anything, to stop this designed and damaging future-Democrat-voters scheme. “An average of 6,300 (illegals) per day were attempting border crossings through May 11th (2023). (Do the math on an annual basis!). Under Trump, the figure was 1,800 per day.”  And that astonishing figure does not include the hundreds of thousands of “Got-Aways” who have entered our nation undetected and likely untraceable. The Progressive-Democrats’ ultimate objective will be to grant amnesty (i.e., citizenship!) to all of these future Democrat voters.  There is no real humanitarian objective involved with any of this. It’s all purely and exclusively about current, and especially future, (and they hope permanent) national Democrat power and control. A political slap-in-the-face for the rest of we traditional Americans..

And then there is the out-of-control federal spending.  Congress has just voted to increase the nation’s debt level, while theoretically calling for some spending cuts. With the debt level increased, do we really think that won’t encourage this administration to increase its unsustainable and unwarranted spending even further?  This will get your attention and cause even more concern.  “During the first quarter of this year alone, interest payments on our national debt totaled $930-billion. That’s a third of all federal government tax receipts for that period.”  And just how big is our current indebtedness at about $35-trillion?  “Our nation’s gross domestic product for 2022 – that is the entire economic output for the world’s most prosperous nation – was about $25.5-trillion.” These dizzying numbers don’t work!  We are endangering the financial stability of our nation for future generations, let alone threatening our own. Very worrisome, especially, is the negative impact especially on our national military budget, at a time when we know that we’re not able to keep up with the continually bolstered Chinese military expenditures.  With inflation, our military budget is reportedly down at least 6% over the previous year, just when the modernization and expansion of our capabilities is so badly needed. We’re headed in the wrong and very dangerous direction for national security.

I suspect that by now, I have managed to discourage many of you. While not my goal, despite this post’s glaring title (!), the reality is that there is a whole lot going on that is negative and not mentally healthy for caring citizens in our country right now, so it is tough to maintain a fully positive attitude about our near-term future. That said, off we go, then, to examine the well-considered and researched thoughts of some realist, conservative writers, which may well take us down an even more discouraging and threatening alley-way. For starters, case in point: One recent evening, on his nationally syndicated radio program, after a particularly discouraging political and societal day in America, the brilliant, articulate, deep-thinking and this on date, clearly discouraged Mark Levin said emphatically, live on-the-air: “The country is being destroyed.” Not flippant, but his real considered concern for the nation that he and we love.

With that discouraging statement in mind, we’ll start with an article by Scott Hogenson entitled “Our American Suicide,’ in which he cites an 1838 speech by Abraham Lincoln when he spoke about a situation back then that clearly reminds us of today: street mob activities. Said Lincoln: “By the operation of this ‘mob-ocractic’ spirit, which all must admit is now abroad in the land, the strongest bulwark of any government, and particularly of those constituted like ours, may effectively be broken down and destroyed.” Taking that deep concern further, author Hogenson suggests that: “The risk to America today is less about civil war and more about succumbing to the toxicity of alien ideologies – fascism, Marxism, Maoism – and their legacies of violence, murder, and poverty.”  And that gets us to a principal concern of America’s freedom loving people, the shadowy effort (and sometimes not so hidden) by elite organizations to first move us from our Democracy (Republic), then to Socialism, and on finally to Marxism/Communism, which encompasses all of the negative aspects and restraining policies, while removing, of course, our liberty.  As impossible as that may sound, internal (and global) activists and organizations would like very much to drive us in that direction, the direction of a permanent one-party, dictatorship, bringing an end to individual freedom, and the end of American sovereignty.

Reverend Franklin Graham shares those concerns, tracing at least some of it to the decline in spiritual believers and church/synagogue attendees. During a speech to the National Religious Broadcasters Convention, Rev. Graham suggested that “There’s a storm coming, and we’ve all got to be prepared. Every demon from hell has been turned loose in our culture today. The world has deteriorated so quickly.  We cannot be deceived, and we can’t be fooled.  We need to get ready.”  He went on to say, as you might expect, that if one “doesn’t talk about sin or preach the gospel, then that person has nothing to worry about in society. But if you’re going to try to proclaim the gospel, they’re going to try to shut you up.”  Valid concerns for today’s America, where such hand-cuffed freedom of speech was not at all the case, or at least to this degree of concern, perhaps as recently as two decades ago.

And on the key, future-of-America subject created by our totally illegal wide-open southern border, that no one will make a strong move to address and correct, Rev. Graham said in his speech: “Everyone agrees that our southern border is in chaos, and its not just people from Mexico and Central America pouring across, but from all around the world. And this administration is doing nothing except encouraging it. Pray that our country will survive.”  And pray that our America and our freedoms will survive against the onslaught of all manner of anti-religion, anti-freedom, Progressive-Elitist-Socialist-Communistic efforts to nullify our Constitution, our liberties, law & order, our peace of mind, God’s desires for us, and our very independence as a free and prosperous society.

Then there is, now emerging, the noxious smell of potential or actual pro-liberal-administration political corruption within government agencies, to include, damagingly for public trust, the FBI, CIA, and DOJ. Wrote Powerline’s Elizabeth Stauffer: “The DOJ and the FBI have been utterly disgraced by the Durham Report. Public trust in these agencies has been shattered. And, after the origin of the letter signed by the ‘Dirty 51’ was revealed two weeks ago, the CIA isn’t faring much better.”  She concludes her appraisal of our government trust situation: “Will voters finally see what’s happening right in front of their eyes. Let’s hope so, because this is the end of (a) republic stuff.  And America can’t survive it.”

And continuing to depress us all, commentator Steve McCann has written a recent article with the ominous title, “The Decline and Fall of the American Empire.” McCann discusses the various “Ages” the United States has gone through, from our founding to the present. He takes the reader from the Age of Pioneers (Revolution and America’s founding), down several to the Age of Affluence (20th century meteoric rise in standard of living) and finally to today, the Age of Decadence (30-years+ mired in this age).  To explain further: “The Age of Decadence is marked by debauchery, defensiveness, pessimism, materialism, a significant weakening of religion, frivolity, a welfare state, and a massive influx of unassimilated foreigners. These symptoms of national decadence are the end product of long periods of prosperity and power, love of wealth and status, and self-obsession by the ruling class elites, leading to fateful government corruption and instability.” Gosh, does any of that sound at all familiar!

McCann goes on to wrap up his presentation: “The vast bulk of the American citizenry is not aware of the historically precarious situation this nation finds itself. Nor are they aware that the policies and actions of the Marxist-controlled Democrat Party over the past 20-years is a window into what will happen to this nation if they continue in power.  Another four to eight years of Democrat Party rule will permanently embed: Unchecked corruption in government and America’s corporations and institutions; uncontrolled spending and economic instability; continued massive influx of unassimilated foreigners; and the intensification of political animosity and the persecution of any political opposition.”  All of this is depressing to read, but if you step back and think his observations through, you know he’s correct. We all wish he wasn’t but sadly he is, as we see, read, and experience each day.

With eyes wide open, it is clear that we are financially, philosophically, and politically careening, with too little restraining control, down a highway of potential or probable ruin for America. A vocal and, worse, a powerful minority of our citizens, the Progressive-Democrat-Elites, have lost their senses and have become way too quick to substitute feelings for facts, and just as quick to hate anyone or anything, including our very own country, that doesn’t agree fully with their twisted, damaging wokish beliefs and actions. And all of this is just the internal negatives here at home right now.

Yet to be detailed: the wobbly, ever-changing military threats from China, North Korea, Iran and perhaps others, such as Russia, with its talk of unleashing nuclear weapons against those helping Ukraine the most.

For now, back to the domestic side, where we feel like we’ve got the most corrective control. So then, if Democrat leaders in our major cities would step forward for a change and put a stop to the out-of-control crime in their respective municipalities. Clearly defunding our great local police forces there was absolutely the wrong, politically-forced direction in which to take their cities and their residents. And if Congress could somehow muscle the backbone to close our southern border, that would finally help that disastrous national crisis situation, one that is currently overwhelming our border agents, our finances, our safety, and our education & social services beyond belief. And, then, if this administration would stop the over-the-top outrageous spending, pushing us further and further into likely even more impossible to ever recover national debt.  Those steps would be important ones for a national return to a more reassuring normalcy.

We all hope there’s a light at the end of this seemingly unending dark tunnel that we now find ourselves immersed within. We need that lasting bright light of hope and truth, both for all of us at present, and for our future generations. Our best source of possible relief from all of these negatives is still a year-and-a-half away – the national election of 2024 and, with it, the hoped for return of Republican control and with that, the powerful, reassuring bright beam of national sanity (and, hopefully as well, the safety, security, and well-being of great America).


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