Smart Talk #20

June is referred to as “Pride” month, saluting those Americans who chose to adopt and pursue, with pride, alternative life-styles. While the vast majority of Americans prefer the more traditional, mainstream, family oriented man-woman relationship. Dov Fischer wrote an article on the subject in The American Spectator, mid-month. If one chooses alternative relationships, that’s fine. That’s your right in this great land of freedom. But, said Fischer: “We must not allow others to intimidate us to adopt alien values and priorities. In a world where lies are defended by the woke as ‘My Truth,’ we must bear witness to ‘Our Truth.’ This month, and every month, “take pride in your traditional family values,” wrote Fischer.

Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), and a 2024 Republican presidential candidate, has stated welcome thoughts on the status of racism in America. As most of us on the realist side of the political spectrum in our country know in our hearts, and from repeated day-to-day work/life relationship experiences, ours is not a racist nation, that is until racist agitators turn up the heat in the media and proclaim America to be one of non-stop minority prejudice and hatred; a land that is ‘systemically racist.” Not true, says Senator Scott, speaking from life-long personal experience: “The proof of my life disproves the lies of the radical left. The evolution of America is palpable, progress in this nation undeniable.” He is convinced that significant progress against racism in America is well proven.

And in point of fact, on the specific subject of worker complaints, to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, racism complaints there are currently at their lowest level in 40-years! “In order to bring a complaint to the EEOC, one needs actual evidence that will stand up to an investigation. How inconvenient.”

Moving on to the sadly red-hot and destructive topic of transgenderism, the permanent surgical removal of traditional, working male/female body parts, on a recent edition of her Sirius XM podcast, Megyn Kelly referenced Governor Michelle Lujan (D-NM) recently signing a bill to “permit minors to access ‘cross-gender care’ and abortions without parental knowledge or consent.” Responded Ms. Kelly: “You know, I look at it now, and I don’t get how you could vote for the party (Democrat) supporting that (permanent mutilation). I really don’t. But I mean, how do you vote for a party that’s in favor of letting minors chop off their breasts, their penises, cut up their vaginas, and ‘cross over’ to another gender, that they will never be.”

On the subject of voter political beliefs, that do transition with age, said England’s Winston Churchill decades ago: “If you are not a liberal at 25, you have no heart. If you are not a conservative at 35, you have no brain.” “The pattern has held remarkably firm. The ‘baby boomer’ generation traced the same path (more conservative by age 70), and ‘Gen X’ are now following suit. I watched “with vigor how the left used COVID to institute endless silly rules that never made a difference, and it’s made me wonder if there really is something to the fear of too much government power. Generations do move right over time.”

Continuing on political age shift to the Republican Party, “being liberal in today’s society does not mean walking around barefoot, selling flowers along the highway, and being brainwashed by an 80-year-old president who doesn’t remember where he is half the time. Now, nearly fifty-percent of people born between 1980 and 1984, now vote Republican in presidential elections, a trend widely compared to the voting habits of the youngest Generation X voters who came before them.” It’s argued that Republicans likely have won voters by “colorblind messaging on race’ and “becoming the ‘anti-establishment’ party.” ‘’The Democrats and the Democratic brand are in deep trouble.” Pray these assessments are all true, and that previous liberal voters will continue, in large measure, to vote for Republican candidates, both presidential and Congress (both Houses), in the 2024 election! Much of it may depend on voter fatigue from the actions of the current WH resident, and who sits atop the Republican ballot.

Regarding a recent development in White House encouraging illegal immigration, 18 of our states have now sued the Biden administration for its new dictate that “would provide asylum for some qualifying non-citizens who cross U.S. borders.” Not just illegal entry, but also implied more rapid asylum (i.e., rapid road to actual citizenship!!). The Republican attorney generals contend that it will make the border situation even worse “by re-defining previously illegal border crossings as lawful pathways.” Said the North Dakota AG: “Rather than enforcing our border security laws, the federal government is encouraging illegal aliens to schedule their entry into this country through a phone app, after which they predictably disperse around the country without any meaningful oversight.” The lawsuit argues that “they would be allowed to cross the border and immediately receive work authorization and quick access to public benefits.” So, then, apart from these specific complaints, why is this president continually being permitted to flagrantly ignore and override America’s existing federal laws with regard to illegal immigration?

Back on June 21, 2018, teen climate ‘expert’ Greta Thunberg warned us that we would all die in five-years if we didn’t stop using fossil fuels. Amazingly, we passed the actual predicted five-year mark this week (June 21, 2023) and my hunch is that most of us are still alive and feeling fine. This is just another instance of the climate activist types continually predicting our fossil fuel-caused deaths, and every one of them, going all the way back to the 1980’s, well before the erroneous connection between climate and gasoline engines had become a craze (short for: crazy). Thanks for being wrong, Greta and others pulling death dates out of thin air (or from their nether parts). Most of us, in America at least, enjoy this continued life thing, and we especially enjoy and value all the advantages that fossil fuels bring to our daily lives, such as A/C in our homes and driving gasoline/diesel vehicles for work or pleasure. Apologies from America for still being very much alive, Greta. Next time think about becoming an activist for either a valid issue, or at least work harder on humanity’s doom date, so that we can all worry less about death by fossil fuel as, be assured, none of us did.

And speaking of clean energy-producing fuels, thankfully the interest in nuclear power is becoming acceptable again, here at home. Nuclear has reportedly been a part of electricity generation in American for the past 60-years. Today, reports Gallup, “the majority of Americans view nuclear energy more favorably than they have in over a decade, with 55% feeling ‘strongly’ or ‘somewhat’ that it should continue to (help) power the electric grid.” Except for the fervent Greenies, most Americans realize that sun and wind simply cannot provide the continual and abundant power that American needs to fully electrify the nation and lead the world. To do that, we will continue to need fossil fuels, and nuclear, the only current renewable capable of efficiently and continuingly carrying the load.

Given the turmoil across the nation we are forced to intellectually (if not actually) endure each day, it seems, perhaps the best way to deal with it all, and conclude this edition of Smart Talk for smart Americans, is this admonition forming the title of Jim Nelles’ April 21, 2023 article, published at “Perhaps We Should All Go Back to Church.”

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