Bonkers, Blather, Blunders & Buffoons #24

As the administration, and select others, continue to BBBB, already, then, comes another edition of Quad-B.

As impossible to believe as the administration’s welcome mat is at our southern border, regrettably known around the world, so too is the news about the Department of Homeland Security releasing illegal migrant criminals, already here (held under ICE custody) into America without restraint.  “Immigration and Customs Enforcement has revealed that from January through the second week of May, Biden’s DHS released 2,310 illegal alien convicts into American communities, along with more than 2,850 illegal aliens with pending criminal charges.” That’s over 5,000 clearly totally undesirable illegals, in just about five-months, turned lose within our nation!  Bad enough the continuing surge of ‘normal’ illegals coming in, presumably free of any criminal conduct prior to, or after, entry. Now we’re turning known criminals (plus those with pending charges) free to roam.  There is certainly, then, serious concern for the continuation of bad conduct, with the risk of harm to our citizens, let alone the ever-possible terrorist acts that could occur, do to our demented ‘come-one-come-all’ free-admissions policy for illegals, as if America was just some kind of a county fair having a continuing no-charge day!  This whole open-illegal-immigration fiasco is a serious crisis for our nation, and frankly, insane.

Perhaps best remembered by some for her Vietnam-era anti-war antics, dear Jane Fonda has now come out blaming men and racism for climate change!  Said she: “This is serious. We’ve got about seven or eight years to cut ourselves in half of what we use of fossil fuels. We have to arrest and jail those men – they’re all men (behind the climate change crisis). It’s good for us to realize that, per Ms. Fonda, there would be no climate change if there was no racism.  And, there would be no climate change if there was no ‘patriarchy’ (male dominance). So, apparently, if you are of the original male gender, and you drive a gas-powered vehicle, or even use a gas-powered lawn mower, you should be put in jail.  Appears women are fine using all the gasoline they need. Uh, oh, two-tiered biological climate justice.

And where did amateur scientist Jane come up with the ‘seven or eight years’ max, before angry Mr. Sun hits earth-boil, and we are all, then, apparently predicted to spontaneously ignite and become two-legged charcoal?  Those repeated ‘death from fossil fuel use’ years are all over the place, because no one knows for sure when, and they can’t, since ‘climate change’ is a purely political invention, created for the purpose of gaining even more power and control over our citizenry.  Climate change is merely the expected annual transition of seasons, otherwise known as weather. But thanks for the warning to load up on sun screen, Jane.  And thanks, especially, for letting us know that without racism in our country, ‘climate change’ would no longer exist. Try connecting those oblique dots, folks.  Sounds like it’s past time to get back to your inventive climate science laboratory, as we keep our eyes focused on your annual doom clock, “Dr.” Fonda.

So then, as the federal government and their ever in-step liberal media bunk- mates work to convince the American public that electric vehicles are a key means of preserving our nation, now Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm has announced that she favors requiring America’s military vehicles to be all-electric by 2030, just seven years from now.  Certainly, they can’t be thinking about electric tanks and other actual combat components, but likely meaning all non-tactical vehicles, which at this point, presumably is only a wishful request. Or is it to become an order, putting even greater dependence on China for the required rare-earth minerals and components required to make EV’s here. Once again, the administration’s drive for more and more control over our citizenry by forcing us, and our military, away from fossil fuels.  Again, this has nothing to do with saving the planet from the fabled fear of climate change (a reality millions of years in the making), but everything to do with centralized power and control.  In a regrettable and dangerously-reduced military budget environment, just think of the cost of replacing the entire Department of Defense’s estimated 170,000 non-tactical vehicle fleet, when that money should be going to modernization and otherwise advancing our national defensive and air-sea-ground combat capabilities.

Meanwhile, at the U.S. Air Force Academy, Judicial Watch has been able to obtain documents backing the validity of concerns that the Academy (and possibly the others), is imposing “woke” instruction on our cadets. Reportedly the materials contain an introduction by the Academy superintendent claiming that “systemic racism exists in our society.”  Thankfully, that’s not true and is simply ‘woke’ blather.  And if there’s “social injustice afflicting our society,” it’s caused by liberal forces pushing the notion that today’s criminals are actually society’s real victims, due to societal situations that occurred several centuries ago. We are quick to revise our history, but then always leave in place the elements that can be useful for liberal crusades today. Back to the main reason this and the other academies exist: It’s not to dissect and digest critical race theory, but rather to train courageous war fighters who can go forth to defend our nation and our freedom, as well as that of our allies, when and if need be.

And yet another general military budget support note. In his article, “The Debt Deal’s Defense Threat,” Director of the Ronald Reagan Institute Roger Zakheim warns us: “As the U.S. dithers with defense spending that barely keeps place with inflation, the Peoples Liberation Army’s budget has nearly doubled in the past decade, as China has undertaken an unparalleled modernization program.  The prospect of Chinese military supremacy is real. The Chinese Communist Party is pressing forward to replace the U.S. as the dominant military power in the Indo-Pacific.”  That’s all while our federal government’s primary focus seems to be on climate change and Green everything. Again, this is all about federal power and control.  Heavily coal-burning China doesn’t seem to be sharing the same concern about changes in the climate. They already have total power and control!

Meanwhile, and to conclude this edition, Mr. Biden’s Special Envoy for Climate, John Kerry, with reference to D-Day (June 6, 1944), has actually “likened that historic event, resulting in the deaths of thousands of American and allied service members, to the fight against climate change.” This comparison is so blatantly disrespectful, insensitive, and, frankly, stupid, that it’s hard to respond rationally. Mr. Kerry has been a one-trick pony on the climate mirage for many years.  Suggest he may need to lie down for a ‘long winters nap.’  By the way, winter is in one of those annual, naturally-occuring, seasonal climate change thingies.


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