Smart Talk #24

A few days back, the “March for Israel” took place in Washington, D.C.  Almost 290,000 American Jews made it to D.C. for this event, setting the record for the “largest rally ever by American Jews, and the largest ever gathering against Islamic terror.” Accounting for old and young who likely … read more

“Don’t Know Much About His-tory”

All of you with sufficient years now behind you will likely remember this leading lyric to a very popular tune, released in 1960, and performed by Sam Cooke, titled “Wonderful World.”  It’s the story of a male high school student madly in love with a young lady.  To the point … read more

Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #30

Bonkers, Blather, Blunders & Buffoons #25 The respected Moody’s Investors Service has just lowered America’s economic outlook from ‘stable’ to ‘negative.’  And that’s primarily due to “deficit spending.”  And deficit spending is primarily due to Mr. Biden and his presumption of an ever-open federal checkbook, strapped to his belt like … read more

Veterans Day 2023

This special day of veteran tribute began in 1938 as “Armistice Day,” initiated to commemorate both the end of World War I, and all of those U.S. military members who made so many sacrifices, during that costly international war.  It was renamed Veterans Day in 1954 in tribute to American … read more

EV’s: To Be or Not To Be?

The real answer right now seems to be maybe, leaning heavily, as we speak, toward “not to be” as backtracking on production is the surprising status quo.  The only question, at this point then, is to what extent, given the huge amount of government grants and subsidies available to U.S. … read more