Good News Americans #8

Genuine American heroes.  New Yorker, Addir Mesika, 23-years-old, like many hundreds of young people, was attending that fateful nighttime festival in Israel near the Gaza border, along with his girlfriend and her friend.  Suddenly, the sound of missiles from Gaza, followed by gun fire, as Hamas thugs then attacked on … read more

The Designed and Directed Evil of Hamas

Two weeks ago, regrettably without warning, the Gaza-based terror mob, known as Hamas, crossed the border into Western Israel to carry out, in lightening fashion, sinister acts of unimaginable brutality against any and all in their way, from infants to seniors, Jews, Christians or otherwise, with the clear intention of … read more

Bonkers, Blather, Blunders & Buffoons #29

Normally the B-Brothers wouldn’t be back so soon, but D.C.’s antics as well as those from other segments of today’s mixed-up society just keep rollin’ on in. Our biggest national worry right now, in addition to the hope that the Israeli-Gaza war doesn’t spread, is the increasing quantity, with stronger … read more

Under Siege

As the title states, within Israel & Gaza right now, of course. But with our stupidly negligent open border, we, too, could well be on the future attack to-do list. As the barbaric two-legged animals of Hamas inflict their brutal mayhem on innocent Israel citizens (and those of other nations … read more

Good News Americans #7

This Good Samaritan didn’t hesitate.  Tammi Arrington, from Mississippi, was visiting a friend in Texas, when, on a Sunday morning, she spotted a car that had burst into flames.  She jumped into action, pulling 58-year-old Dennis Brown (Dallas) from his burning rental car. Two things of note here: (1) Without … read more

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