Under Siege

As the title states, within Israel & Gaza right now, of course. But with our stupidly negligent open border, we, too, could well be on the future attack to-do list.

As the barbaric two-legged animals of Hamas inflict their brutal mayhem on innocent Israel citizens (and those of other nations living or visiting there, including Americans), so illegal migrants from many, many nations around the world continue to flood our southern border to enter America, with no doubt a percentage of criminals and potential terrorists among them. While we now turn our collective attention, with national support and encouragement for a rapid victory, to Israel, our steadfast ally and friend in the Middle East, the lion’s share of America’s attention must remain with the continued surge of migrants who persist in entering our nation, in violation of our laws, a condition made possible by the blind-eyed illegal immigration attitude and dim-vision of the current federal administration.  And don’t be fooled by the White House announcing, now three years into power, the start, allegedly, of construction of just a very few additional miles of a border wall or fence.  This is merely a very limited political move to help placate Democrat mayors and governors now complaining about the overflowing number of illegals in need of shelter and financial support hitting them within their suddenly overwhelmed jurisdictions. Which is embarrassing for those cities who, in the past, proudly self-proclaimed their status as ‘sanctuary cities,’ whose quantity of illegals they now seem to no longer be able to handle.

The quantity and quality of incoming illegal migrants, both those processed by our border agents, and those unknown thousands of “got aways,” who manage to sneak in with no record of their presence, has reached historic numbers.  In fact, a monthly record of border encounters by our CPB agents was regrettably just set. Over 260,000 illegals entered our southern border in September alone, setting an all-time one-month record. The kind of record we neither want nor need. The White House press secretary has indicated that: “The president has worked very hard to implement a strategy, when it comes to the border, that is humane, safe, and has orderly enforcement.” Well, that’s doggone swell. But here’s a better idea. How about, instead having the president “work very hard” to seal the border, South, and now North, to get back to following federal law and returning to legal immigration only.

Looking at the entire 2022-23 fiscal year, and recalling that we have only limited follow-up locational control over those we allow to enter, and remembering that most of the migrants coming in are single, 20-something males, during all of this past fiscal year (October 2022 thru September 2023), it’s reported that over 61,000 “Special Interest Aliens” came through our ridiculously wide open border, and were coming from “countries subject to travel warnings by the U.S. State Department due to terrorism.”  Now, “this does not mean that “all SIA individuals are ‘terrorists,’ but rather that the travel and behavior of such individuals indicate a possible nexus to nefarious activity (including terrorism) and, at a minimum, provide indicators that necessitate heightened screening and further investigation.”  Since we assume that all 61,000 were in fact admitted to our country, just how much “heightened screening and further investigation” was actually or is currently being done?  These individuals are now in our country with precise location within possibly or probably unknown. Just one example of reason for concern among migrants admitted.

But one instance. A Mexican man was deported by ICE in 2016.  He had reportedly re-entered the U.S. and was actually deported three prior times. He is now wanted for the murder of five Honduran nationals living in Cleveland, Texas! Just one isolated example, but a reminder that prior (or while here) criminals (and potential terrorists) are being admitted to our nation.  One can’t help but think about the current Palestinian terrorists in this regard.

In his article titled, “Our Self-Induced Catastrophe at the Border,” author Victor Davis Hanson makes the startling, but no doubt true statement, given VDH’s unquestioned credibility: “No nation in history has survived once its borders were destroyed.” A sobering thought since our southern border, especially, remains wide open, not through neglect, but through foolish, politically-driven, intent on the part of an ultra-liberal, elitist, traditional-America-be-damned current administration CEO, who seems intent on de-whitening our population by flooding our heretofore great nation with millions of future Democrat voters who will become eternally dependent on D.C. for supportive services. The dream of Progressives is a one-party America under the perennial control of a reigning forever-leader.  Hopefully that remains but a dream to them, and never becomes a reality for us, here in the “home of the brave, and the land of the free.”

Since the beginning of this administration, untold millions of illegal migrants have flooded our land, hoping for asylum, for which ultimately far fewer than 50% will prove to be eligible according to current requirements.  In the meantime, with court dates often even years away, these passive invaders are now scattered far and wide around our nation, with immigration officials hard pressed to identify their locations, except, of course, for those within overflowing cities like New York, either by choice or group transport.  So, let’s pause to take a look at some of the startling migrant numbers.

While hard to envision, within fiscal year 2023 alone (ended September 30th), about 3-million illegals were “encountered” by our CBP agents and then scattered coast to coast.  Encountered means at least semi-processed and accounted for upon illegally entering our nation.  Collectively, that number of people would be enough to theoretically form the third largest city in present day America!  An unwelcome numeric tally that’s now been continuing since Mr. Biden took office when he concluded, callously and punitively, that our southern border needed to be opened.  And remember that the massive number of migrants “encountered” by our border agents does not include the untold thousands of illegals who have snuck in, the so-called “got-aways.” And a reminder, as well, that the U.S. is now the only nation in the world with an open border.

Amidst that massive number of illegals knowingly admitted, believe it or not, 425,000 were actually unaccompanied children between the time the Biden administration began and the end of fiscal year 2023.  The Office of Refugee Resettlement is the federal agency responsible for dealing with, and caring for, this huge number of children, a portion of whom always turn out to be ‘adults’ posing as “children” in order to enter.  Just another enormous headache for our officials, and for we to shoulder financially here in America.  Finally, among the nightmare of numbers:  151 illegals encountered, and arrested, by the CBP at our southern border this fiscal year were found to be on our National Terrorism Watchlist.  That’s 151 terror suspects stopped in recent months.  It’s a chilling thought to consider just how many actual or potential terrorists managed to enter our nation without being noticed or stopped, including those who managed to sneak in unencountered!

And another migrant item of concern. It’s being reported that more than 24,000 illegals have been ‘encountered” by CBP agents (fiscal year 2023), arriving here from the People’s Republic of China.  To underscore concern, 11,000 of those arrivals have occurred just since June of this year!  And by comparison, only 1,987 Chinese citizens were “apprehended” during the last fiscal year (2022).  Oh and 80% of the migrants from Communist China are single adults!   Said Dr. Kenneth Allard, a retired Army Colonel and former dean of the National War College regarding this large influx of Chinese Nationals: “Totalitarian governments like China are great exploiters of opportunity. They recognize weakness and capitalize on it immediately.  What we are seeing reflects a deliberate choice by the regime.” Interestingly, the travel route for many or most of these particular migrants is “costly and arduous.” Which raises the question: Who is paying to bring these Chinese individuals to America? And another question: What is their ultimate purpose in coming here?  Spying and supplying their homeland with classified information and materials?  Hopefully our security services are watching closely what may be going on, made even more difficult now, given the sheer quantity of annual/monthly arrivals.  All of this on top of our security agents having to seek and stop any terrorists from other nations whom we have unfortunately allowed in, potentially also in large numbers, like the Chinese.

But right now, today, our eyes, ears, and hearts have understandably turned to our ally Israel with a certainty that its military will prevail in humbling and, hopefully, destroying the ability of those inhumane Humas fighters (and other associated terrorist groups) to carry out any future such attacks and callous murders of innocent civilians. And the hope, as well, that this armed terrorist conflict will not continue and/or spread to other terror-sponsoring regimes or nations within the region or beyond. This is a tense time, as other rogue entities may be hoping to use this Hamas-initiated attack to carry it forward and attempt to end the very existence of Israel.  The hope, as well, that America does not, in some way, get drawn into this regional conflict.  There’s no question that our military, our supply of war armaments (depleted by shipments to Ukraine), and our national leadership are perhaps not as strong currently as we would desire, should other hostile regimes decide to bring some form of the fight to us. Which all goes back to the unnerving likelihood that terrorist thugs have already entered America, either recently or at some point over the past three Biden years.  We must hope and pray that our negligently open southern border doesn’t become the source of a terrorist attack on our soil that would be solely the blame of Mr. Biden’s incredibly foolish policy.

Two additional items of concern.  There is now reported to be documented proof that some of the huge assortment of war-fighting armaments and equipment that we left in Afghanistan as a result of our unthinkably foolish, purely politically-driven abrupt exit from that country, have now, courtesy no doubt of the Taliban, found their way into the hands of Hamas, and likely other evil enemy entities within the region.  That’s added concern number one, and with it, that Americans in Israel, as well as innocent Israelis themselves, might well have been injured or murdered by, at least in part, former U.S. armaments.

The second concern has to do with the status of America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve.  You’ll recall that the Biden administration, about two years ago, and purely for political reasons (attempting to lower the price of gas at the pump), began drawing down our critical petroleum reserves, which were intended only for emergency use if a man-made attack or natural disaster were to impact our nation.  It was never intended nor environed to be used to satisfy some self-centered, purely political purpose.  Drained by the administration down to about 17-days, rather than the intended 35-days+ supply, heaven forbid an actual national need should engulf us, such as a massive, coordinated terrorist attack.  And worse than draining the Reserve by about 50%, the Biden administration has never bothered to refill it, now at a cost of fuel that is, and has remained, considerably higher than its original fill. A grave disservice to America.

Wrote one commentator, discussing the tragedy in Israel and the possible relationship or complacency of the Biden administration in what has now regrettably happened there: “The hard truth for the left to accept and for Democrats to acknowledge is that Joe Biden, through failures (e.g., abrupt Afghanistan withdrawal of all U.S. forces), arrogance (e.g., open southern border), and more (e.g., purposeful lack of former close relationship with Israel) set in motion a chain of events that allowed a mass causality attack on Israel and provoked a war in the Middle East.”  To be clear, that is but one commentator’s opinion, with examples inserted by this writer, but it is likely to be truer than many might like to accept.  Our nation’s foreign policy is weak and confusing, at best.  And it’s unlikely to change by an administration that is far more concerned about so-called climate change, so-called systemic racism, etc., while seemingly ignoring solutions for the serious crime rage that is ravaging several of our major cities.

May many, or all, of these problems and issues be hopefully solved by a favorable change in administrations, that is, one possessing proven ability, intelligence and an actual backbone, in November 2024.  In the meantime, may we hope and pray that the very serious military turmoil and loss of life in Israel may be overcome by appropriate Israeli force, and that the fighting there does not spread to other areas, triggering additional rogue militant groups, and that a sense of lasting calm can somehow return to the entire region.


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