The Designed and Directed Evil of Hamas

Two weeks ago, regrettably without warning, the Gaza-based terror mob, known as Hamas, crossed the border into Western Israel to carry out, in lightening fashion, sinister acts of unimaginable brutality against any and all in their way, from infants to seniors, Jews, Christians or otherwise, with the clear intention of killing, or taking hostage, as many Israeli citizens or visitors as possible, from very young to very old, for as long as their considerable store of munitions would last.  From what we know, the primary target for part of the killer mob was a border-area festival, then under way, with many thousands in attendance who were shot and killed, or badly wounded, as festival-goers ran for their very lives, hoping to get away from the fearful and alarming sound of those death intending and dealing guns.  Tragically, there were those unable to out-run evil that night, falling where they were hit.  Mercifully, some were able to hide, or play dead, under or among the already dead and the dying.  Survivor stories, in the aftermath, completed the picture of the brutality imposed on innocent individuals, never anticipating that this was the way their evening of enjoyment, and for too many, their lives, would end.

Other Hamas terrorists, perhaps including some who had previously slaughtered festival attendees, with neither hesitation nor human feelings, once again pounced on the innocent and undefended families living in a near-the-border kibbutz (Jewish community settlement), with both gun fire and actual fire, reduced the lives and homes within that compound to death and ashes. All the while, other members of their mass-murdering cult of evil, sent rockets, from within Gaza, thundering down on Israel, creating this time, fires and death from the sky.

Writer Uzay Bulut states, within just one paragraph, the brutal human scope of the attack and mayhem: “Hamas terrorists invaded Israel, near the Gaza Strip.  They murdered hundreds of civilians, took hostages (including children and the elderly) beheaded babies, burned people alive, shot children in front of their parents, shot parents in front of their children, and fired thousands of rockets and missiles into a country smaller than New Jersey.”  And they reportedly took close to 200 hostages, with those still alive, likely to be used for ransom or for continuing acts of publicized brutality.  We Americans, along with the rest of the currently civilized world, have been given a video front row seat to the 12-days+ vicious display of outright brutal evil, the level of which perhaps not recorded for history since the horrid historic acts of some death-dealing elements within World War II’s Nazi regime.  It took years for much of that evil truth to finally come out.  Thanks to modern technology, it takes comparatively little time at all, often with sound and/or video, to share with the world what pure evil looks and sounds like.

And on that note about instant communication, lies and delayed or hidden truth, can have damaging and lasting impact.  Attempting to turn lies around, once stated to the world, to be replaced with the actual, verifiable truth takes much time and serious effort. With the high U.S. and global saturation of modern print and electronic news availability, the most recent case in point would be the regrettable rocket or missile hit on that Gaza hospital.  The initial assumption, on the part of liberal politicians and news sources, was the dual lie, in a liberal effort to take some of the heat off the Hamas murders, that the severe damage to that hospital, and the resultant number of dead, was the solely the fault of the Israeli military for having fired that device.  Even before the source could be verified, leftist media and opinion leaders laid the blame exclusively on Israel.  They were forced to backtrack, slowly, that it was actually a mis-fired rocket set off, not by Israel, but by Hamas!  Much recorded, audio and video, evidence emerged by mid-day clearly placing the blame where it belonged, and that was totally with Hamas.  But by then, the earlier outright lies were difficult, or near-impossible to overcome, especially by those convinced that in this entire combat situation, Hamas was the “victim,” and it was the Israeli forces who were the aggressors and the oppressors.  Because the lies emerged, and was heavily publicized first (hospital damage and deaths), Israel will be left with the now-arduous media task of establishing and maintaining the truth…that is, its innocence in this particular tragedy.

As the world awaits the projected Israeli Defense Force (IDF) ground advance into Gaza to hopefully find and free hostages, while pursuing their principal mission which is doing everything possible to eliminate the ability of Hamas, the apparent step-child of Iran, to exist as a terrorist threat.  Meanwhile, the Biden administration seeks approval from Congress to spend $100-billion (additional depleted taxpayer dollars) in military aid to Israel ($14-billion), the current most pressing priority, it would seem, while using Israel as the stalking horse, to direct yet an additional $60-billion to support Ukraine’s defensive war against the invader, Russia.  Then some $10-billion in humanitarian aid, with the genuine concern that Hamas, rather than the peace-desiring Palestinian citizens, would steal those badly needed supplies (water, food, medicine, etc.) once sent.  Included in the bounty, as well, is a reported $14-billion for “border security” allegedly  for our own southern border to help mollify Republicans in Congress, hoping to grease the wheels toward overall Congressional approval for this national-debt-increasing huge added expenditure.  One might hope that the money, supposedly aimed at increasing our own border security, might be used to effectively, at last, slam that border shut.  Sadly, even with the very real threat of terrorists now coming across our border, from nations other than Latin American ones, closing that southwestern border isn’t likely to happen, with this administration seemingly deaf, dumb, and blind to reality.

There can be no question that the Biden administration’s totally politically driven, haphazard, rapid, advance-warning-less, and overall disastrous withdrawal of American forces from Afghanistan, has convinced our enemies that the United States now has weaker, post-Trump, leadership, causing a loss of respect and credibility around the world, and particularly with our known and potential enemies.  In this case present, convincing Iran and Hamas (and perhaps other neighboring terror organizations, as well) that the time might be right to invade and test American ally, Israel.  Given the devastating and brutal cost in human lives and suffering to date, it appears that their assumption was sadly correct. The known ultimate goal of Hamas and Iran (likely others in the region, as well) is to destroy Israel, to “wipe it off the map.”  Another key aftermath of our sudden and complete pull-out from Afghanistan is that billions of dollars of military equipment and munitions was left for the Taliban there to absorb, with little doubt that at least some of the military bounty has made its way into unfriendly and outright enemy hands.

That said, we in America must now hope and trust that the well-equipped and extremely well-manned Israeli military, supported by American political and financial backing, along with that of some of our democratic allied nations, will be able to effectively prevail against the forces of terrorist evil.  Our other obvious hope is that this conflict does not invite other terror-favoring enemy groups (or nations) to take advantage of the upheaval and eventually join and extend the reaches of this conflict.  In an unsettled world, the very last thing that we need is for the terror war against Israel to spread to include other enemy forces in the region, or beyond.  Among the negatives now reported, is that North Korea has apparently provided some war fighting assistance to Hamas, whether via Russia or some other enemy pathway. That alone is a worrisome sign that this conflict could, in fact, eventually spread or at least grow even more intense for the defense of our firm ally, Israel.

With the Israeli’s awaited responding ground offensive against Hamas in Gaza, we, too, will await the outcome, with some suggesting that this avenging combat could last for some time, with one retired Israeli general speculating that the time-frame could be “years.” And we must also be focusing, now even more intently, on the potential damage that may come to us here at home because of the ridiculous, dangerous, and frankly lunatic insistence, by the naïve or outright foolish Biden team, that our southern border should remain open.  Such is even more of a concern now, far more so than previously, as the numbers of individuals seeking entry (and are hopefully arrested) are beginning to come from questionable or out-right enemy nations, with some actually found to be among those on the known international terrorist data banks.  This southern border situation is no longer primarily only non-threatening Latin American migrants seeking a better life in the U.S.  Thus now, regrettably, we may anticipate the ever-increasing likelihood of intended terrorist activity right here within our own borders (south and north). It may be a tired old saying, but appropriate now to remind our citizens, given our more active potential for terrorist threats within: “See Something, Say Something.”

We must all hope, again, that this Israeli-Hamas conflict remains within Gaza, and without the direct intervention of other known terror forces (although some such has apparently now begun from a Lebanon-based terror group) or from, heaven help us, Iran.  The Biden administration is hopefully, now, realizing that with open borders, the security of America, which for way too long has been more of a benign threat-potential, and thus has not seemingly been a real active concern, may now, more than ever, be seen as a very real situation.  And on that assumption that our current administration has had a more laisse-faire stance on security emanating from our 24/7 human sieve of a southern border, we’ll leave you for now with the ever provocative, intelligent, thoughts and insight on American security from Senator John Kennedy (R-La.) who has recently stated that: “The White House is more interested in whether a man can breastfeed than national security.”  May that ever continue to be only biting humor, and never actuality.


(Fact Sources:  Hamas as the source of genocidal hatred and Jihad against all believers via, Uzay Bulut, 10-18-23; Request for $100-bilion in U.S, aid relief for Israel and Ukraine via, Kamal Sultan, 10-20-23; Senator John Kennedy renowned sarcasm via, News Staff, 10-18-23).