Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, & Buffoons #30

Bonkers, Blather, Blunders & Buffoons #25

The respected Moody’s Investors Service has just lowered America’s economic outlook from ‘stable’ to ‘negative.’  And that’s primarily due to “deficit spending.”  And deficit spending is primarily due to Mr. Biden and his presumption of an ever-open federal checkbook, strapped to his belt like a taser set to auto-zap.  You’ll recall the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA) which was loaded with $1.2-trillion dollars of federal handouts and, despite the Act’s title, did absolutely nothing to lower inflation, inflation that has been caused by Mr. Biden’s out of control and out of mind spending. The Moody’s lowered rating, “pointing to rising risks to the nation’s fiscal strength,” with the expectation that “U.S. fiscal deficits will remain very large, significantly weakening debt affordability.” And reported Bloomberg: “The combination of high levels of debt and higher interest rates has pushed the annualized interest cost of government debt past $1-trillion.” Translation:  Our federal debt is now costing us over $1-trillion in interest payment on that debt per year! Worse, if memory serves me, a good chunk of that debt is owed to China.  Whether purposeful or not, Mr. Biden’s seemingly unstoppable compulsion to spend our tax-money, and/or acquire even more national debt, has placed America’s fiscal future in harm’s way.  Our ‘negative’ fiscal outlook now sits squarely in Mr. Biden’s lap.

And it’s not sitting quietly there. He has now announced a $30-billion taxpayer-funded (or funds borrowed) plan for a “Climate Corps.”  As this whole climate nonsense continues to grow larger and cost us even more, as today’s version of the Depression-era Conservation Corps would intend to train 20,000 young people “for jobs in the clean energy economy,” focused on “advancing environmental justice, deploying clean energy, implementing energy-efficient technologies, and tackling climate change.”  Responded Representative Bob Good ((R-Va.): “Americans are struggling to make ends meet because of Bidenomics.  Instead of recognizing that family budgets are already stretched by sky-high energy prices, Mr. Biden is focused on deploying a ‘climate army’ that will increase regulatory burdens on business owners and drive inflation across the economy even higher.  This is another example of the Biden administration furthering its radical anti-America energy agenda.”  We need spending restraint from the Biden gang, for reasons already discussed, not more inventive inflation-causing, and totally unnecessary, self-satisfying shades of FDR, to further stretch, and punish, the no-longer-stretchable American economy.  The Biden administration has caused the punitive inflation cycle we’re already fighting through. Rather than making it worse, for the future fiscal safety and related security of our nation, his foolish spending has got to stop!!

Shifting our focus to illegal immigration, “the administration has authorized the paroles into our country of an estimated 7,332 ‘special interest aliens’ (from foreign nations of concern to us) from 24 of the roughly 40 U.S.-designated countries, including some from Iran, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.”  Just another dangerous aspect of our devil-may-care attitude toward our open southern border (and now concern at our northern border, as well), admitting individuals of definite security concern.  There can be absolutely no question that potential terrorists have now come into our country, as we all await the almost inevitable consequences.   The only remaining question is whether those consequences will be the same, or even worse, than 9/11.  All the result of the foolish, possibly now disastrous, intention of the Biden administration’s callous decision to maintain an open southern border with little ability to track the invaders, especially those entering secretly without registration or any means of tracking (the “Got-Aways”).

Part of the issue with illegals, not all, but too many, is the problem of crimes they may commit while here. One example: A Honduran illegal, twice previously arrested, has now been apprehended in Virginia a third time for forcible felony rape.  Deported and sneaking back in, or worse yet, not deported at all, which seems to be the policy of this administration.  Three arrests, this one for felony rape. The dedicated men and women of the Immigration and Customs enforcement (ICE) units all too often operate with their hands bound by this administration.  This Honduran illegal should have been booted after his first arrest. Anything less endangers Americans.

And on that subject, DHS Secretary Mayorkas actually had the enlarged kahunas to testify before Congress that there is “no illegal immigration crisis” at the southern border, that the situation there is “not a disaster.”  As a reminder, there was a record 2.4-million apprehensions there in Fiscal Year 2023 (end of September).   And now we know that potential terrorists are among them.   Mayorkas has the nerve or stupidity to claim, “no crisis.”  Just how far has faithful servant Mayorkas felt compelled to insert his head up Mr. Biden’s ‘sleepy hollow’ to openly state such fabricated nonsense?  Loyalty to his careless boss, rather than loyalty to our great nation, was the non-patriot choice he made, as we are now likely under terror threat.  And regarding terrorism, realistically, it’s not a matter of if, but when.  May our nation’s security services detect and stop any such attempts.  Footnote: “ICE’s own statistics reveal that 80% of all illegal immigrants, that were released into the interior by the Biden administration, weren’t given a court summons.”  In effect, no order to report back; free to roam, and if desired, create mayhem, from small to huge…..

And speaking of huge, despite the incessant bragging from this administration that the economy is just fine and growing.  Well, it isn’t, at least not from the standpoint of job growth.   The employment situation in transportation and manufacturing for the last 10-months is in negative territory.  The only real significant increase in employees is ….  Government, adding 561,000 persons during those last 10-months!  While the rest of the employment spectrum represents revenue, Government is pure taxpayer cost.  And, frankly, that’s a very big economic negative.

Speaking of threats, this one is to the continuation of democracy.  Video surveillance in Bridgeport, Connecticut’s Democrat mayoral primary election “captured people placing multiple absentee ballots into outdoor collection boxes.”  As such, a Connecticut judge threw out those results and ordered a new Democrat primary election.  Some people find it hard or impossible to give up illegal drugs.  While Democrats seem to find it difficult to give up the scent or actuality of election fraud, even with just a mayoral primary, as many are pretty darn sure was the case in the 2000 national presidential election.  The worrisome thing is the upcoming 2024 national election, which Democrats feel they must win, no matter what out-of-bounds activity they may choose to employ.  And Republicans know this is a presidential race that conservatives must win, in order to keep America from sliding further over the democracy precipice.

MSNBC’s Jen Psaki has disparaged House Speaker Mike Johnson for being a “religious fundamentalist.”  Actually, to most of us who still hold religious beliefs, that is a major positive, not a negative, quality.  Continue to hold and practice your religion, Speaker Johnson.  For America, at this very challenging time, adhering to helpful religious beliefs is a definite positive.

Most of you probably didn’t realize that many of the birds flying around us each day do so carrying “racist” names.  Seems like they might as well, since everything else in American these days ends up being called “racist.”  It’s that darn old “racist” white supremacy fable that appears now to have gone to the birds. The American Ornithological Society plans to change “all English bird names currently named after people” beginning in 2024. “The organization said it was trying to move away from names deemed ‘offensive and exclusionary.’  “The thick-billed Longspur, for example, used to be named after Confederate Army General John P. McCown, which was perceived as a painful link to slavery and racism.”  So, watch out Red Robin, as you go bob-bob-bobbing along.  You’re bound to be on the anti-racist bird’s name list.  Needless to say, with all of this, we’re approaching insanity.

Oh, wait, seeming insanity has now just arrived.  A 29-year-old man from Virginia was in Florida babysitting a relative, his two-year-old cousin, when he actually attempted the insane act of trying to circumcise his little cousin! Our nation is right now going through considerable turmoil, brought on by wokeism, alleged racism, and destructive ultra-liberal politics (i.e., anti-Jewish/pro-Palestinian & Hamas fanaticism).  Attempting, for who knows what reason, to perform circumcision on a male child, when there was no legitimate need, and in unsanitary conditions, with no training, must come darn close to defining insanity.  The child was taken to the hospital with blood in his diaper coming from a cut groin.  We assume (not reported) that the young boy was cared for and released.  Thank heavens this adult jerk of a relative didn’t take the “operation” any further.  Needless to say, he was arrested. To say he needs all sorts of mental health treatment or incarceration is beyond obvious.  When released from either, perhaps he can be paroled to help with the renaming of those darn racist birds out there flying around without being aware of how insulting  they are!


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