Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, and Buffoons #27

The rampage of illegal migrants, dealt with by our CPB agents as best they can, continues with nearly 40,000 apprehended in just the first ten days of August!  And as always, this number of known migrants does not include the hundreds per month in the ‘Got-Away’ category.  And as if … read more

Area Military News

Last week, the ribbon was cut to mark the opening of a brand new aircraft hanger in Savannah, this one for the Combat Readiness Training Center, a critical facility to aid in the continuation and retention of our Air National Guard CRTC here.  There are only four CRTC’s in the … read more

Our America in Crisis

Wrote Victor Davis Hanson, the brilliant pro-America author and critic, who is now very concerned about what he sees happening to our traditionally great nation: “We are in the midst of one of the most radical revolutions in American history,” believes Hanson.  “Every aspect of American life and culture is … read more

Modern Leftist-Driven Quandary: Traditional Merit vs. Progressive Equity

Once upon a time, in a traditional land now seemingly far away and often unrecognizable, but one that was once very near and patriotically dear (i.e., America), school progression, college acceptance, career entry, and civilian/military advancement, in sum, the anticipated sequential professional growth, from youth to maturity, were all based … read more

3rd I.D. Sustainment Brigade on the Move

3rd I.D. Sustainment Brigade on the Move Fort Stewart’s Third Division Sustainment Brigade soldiers have arrived in Europe, replacing the Fourth U.S. Division’s role there and will be under the command of V Corps, currently forward-deployed in Poland, supporting “Operation European Assure, Deter, and Reinforce.” This deployment to Europe is … read more

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