Are We Losing Our America?

Recently, it sometimes feels like it.  Case in point, in a recent YouGov/Economist poll (1,755 respondents), 68% believe our nation is “out of control,” and “off on the wrong track.” By political leaning, 48 % of Democrats felt so, 70% of Independents, and 90% of Republicans agreed that we are “out of control.”

Regardless of our brilliant Constitution’s separation of powers mandate, the current administration seems content to make the Executive Branch the supreme power, purposely overlooking, or attempting to override, the Supreme Court, Congress, and the American people. And that’s the basic formula, if not effectively corrected, for a dictatorship. Despite one poor policy decision or serious over-spending mistake after another, the Biden group (actually, it appears, the Obama group’s third term) doesn’t seem to care. All that matters is their ever-increasing power and control over America’s citizens.

As but one example, witnessing the outrageous, purposeful, anti-America federal law-breaking admission now of well over 10-million illegal migrants from all over the world, including from China and known terror watch-list nations. And within those scattered millions, there are now living in America about 1.1-million “undocumented immigrants” (i.e., illegals) who are married to U.S. citizens.  Reportedly, Mr. Biden is actually considering giving those illegals “legal status” before the upcoming election “in hopes of benefitting from such a move in November.” In other words, trying to officially permit those illegals to vote!! That’s on top of the millions of regular illegals here who may be “encouraged” to fraudulently vote in order to help keep the administration in office that’s been responsible for heaping unending free stuff on them. Should any of this come to bear, and remembering the suspected 2020 election “mischief” that may well have prevented Mr. Trump’s re-election, it will be lights out, perhaps forever, for freedom loving Americans wishing to preserve our traditional national economic and governing structure for their children, for truth, and for the nation’s wellbeing.

And if that wasn’t potentially bad enough for Constitutionally-legal governance, you won’t believe the next outlandish plan, reportedly being considered by the White House. National security interests aside, said now to actually being looked at, already with significant legitimate backlash, is actually bringing Palestinian refugees from Gaza directly to the United States!!  At the very least, this crazed prospect represents pure insanity.  Think of the security concerns bringing likely anti-Jew, anti-Israel, and quite likely pro-Hamas sympathizers into America’s communities.  It feels like nothing more than trying to suck-up to any voting-age pro-Palestinian protestors (students and outsiders) currently creating uproar, violence, and some destruction on far too many of America’s formerly elite university campuses.

Among those opposing such a disastrous, totally unacceptable move, Representative Mark Green (R-Tenn) said: “There is no justification for allowing those who actively hate America, our founding principles, and our way of life, into our country.” But given his nonsensical and destructive approach to border security, immigration, and, thus, national security, it’s hardly surprising that President Biden is considering welcoming refugees from Hamas-dominated Gaza – something even neighboring Arab nations in the region have refused to do.” Supposedly, only those Palestinian refugees who have immediate family members who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents would be considered, according to ‘senior officials.’  As if somehow, that softens the potential threat.

Regardless, New York Post writer Dan McLaughlin commented bluntly: “Who thinks they won’t start acting on their beliefs when they get to America. U.S. asylum and refugee policy is supposed to advance our national interests. It’s not supposed to import enemies of America just to help the president get re-elected.” Curtis Houck from Newsbusters wrote: “Horrifying.  We are a nation committing suicide.”  Daily Wire reporter Megan Basham stated: “We do not need more people here whose worldview so clearly clashed with that of the American founding. We should not accept immigrants from among people known to harbor terrorists.” Finally, U.S. Senator Josh Hawley gets the award for brevity on the subject when he simple said: “No!”

And yet another little noticed or reported situation dealing with immigration, this time of the legal kind, will impact America’s college graduates.  “President Biden is opening the nation’s airports to hundreds of thousands of white-collar migrants who want the jobs and careers needed by hard pressed and indebted U.S. graduates. Biden’s pro-migration border chief announced requests by (U.S.) companies, universities, and research centers to import 110,000 white-collar H-1B workers for jobs that would otherwise go to American graduates.” Continuing: “One of the reasons we’re seeing lags in innovation and productivity is that we’ve thrown overboard the skilled American professionals who are capable of making those leaps.”  Bad news for both last year’s graduates and the upcoming Class of 2024.  And another example of our government giving preference to importing foreign-educated engineers, etc. over America’s qualified homegrown graduates.

The overriding baseline issue here is, of course, the unheard of massive illegal immigration surges entering our southern border (and now, to a far lesser degree, our northern border as well) with no indication of stopping, given this administration’s continuing encouragement and seemingly blind political ambition.  Dominated by some families, but mostly military-age young males, this uninvited-by-most-of-us mass of humanity (mostly unskilled & non-English speaking) now seeks to largely live off of American taxpayer dollars, while diminishing our official language, culture, customs, laws (already broken upon entry), traditions, and low-skilled employment (edging out, in many cases, our own lower-income citizens),  while adding, in too many instances, to our already existing petty and serious crime problems in many of our Democrat-run cities.  While not meaning to demean decent, law-abiding illegals, we read each day about rapes and murders committing by these governmentally-pampered “newcomers,” as Mr. Biden would identify them, meanwhile keeping himself, of course, totally isolated from any subsequent mayhem they may create.

And the biggest current national issue emerging this past week, and likely to continue in a more subdued(?) form, involved pro-Palestine/pro-Hamas protests by some of our own very young (certainly in intellect) college students.  Students clearly brainwashed by, most likely, tenured-liberal professors who have made it their goal to turn otherwise upstanding students into America-disliking, or even America-hating, dissidents, many of whom were on full display on all manner of university campuses across our nation this week.  One of the issues in all of this is that most or all of the demonstrating students (termed “useful idiots” by one writer), by embracing political Hamas (the evil terrorist group that has kidnapped, raped, brutalized, and/or killed untold numbers of innocent Israeli citizens), they likely have no real idea of what they are actually protesting, since they choose to ignore the reality of this terrorist organization’s history, purpose and deeds (i.e., to eradicate Jews and eliminate the historic, independent nation of Israel).  So, along with clusters of delusional college students, within the midst of each protesting campus group you will also most likely find paid agitators/organizers, as well as other hangers-on outsiders, who have absolutely nothing to do with the university in question.  Wealthy, America-disliking elitists, along with apparently some world individuals or groups, stand always ready, it unfortunately seems, to bankroll disturbances aimed at weakening our America, domestically, while also diminishing our standing and power within the world at large. Made all the worse by a national administration that appears, all too often, to be about as anti-America’s-wellbeing as a U.S. national administrative leadership group could possibly be, compounded these days by stepping ever-so-lightly along with the known anti-Israel’s-right-to-survive nations and groups, for fear of offending those standing against the very survival of our only true historic friend and free capitalist nation in the Middle-East!

Apart, then, from what most might call the biggest current issue for America, which is the horde of illegals politically and purposely allowed to enter our country, by national immigration laws being intentionally ignored, and at an annual cost to local, state, and federal governments in the billions of dollars, and beyond economic impact, not to mention damage to America’s historic language, culture and traditions, we return to focus on the question of whether or not we might actually be losing our sacred country.  To at least some degree, with troubling efforts from within, it would appear that we may, in fact, be heading down that ultimately disastrous road.  Can we turn the threat around?  Let’s all hope so, by working hard and collectively against it!

Several writers have taken a close look at our current situation, among them, the great and brilliant historian & columnist, Victor Davis Hanson. Dr. Hanson’s thoughts, in part, are as follows: “Now as we enter the fourth year of the great (Biden) experiment, America is $35-trillon in debt, borrowing $1-trillion every 100 days.  Home mortgages are at 7%.  Key prices for food, insurance, rent, and fuels are 30-40 percent higher than when Biden entered office. The nation has been humiliated and emasculated abroad. Racial relations are the worst in a half-century.  By attempting to eliminate fossil fuels, and subsidizing more inefficient wind and solar farms, it (administration) now realizes, (hopefully) that its green agenda will wreck the United States economy.”  And Hanson continues with the objective of admitting millions of illegals: “The point was to swarm America with poor, unaudited migrants, all in need of massive federal and state assistance, all supposedly loyal to their entitlement benefactors (meaning likely, at some future (?) point to vote for those handing out the free stuff).  And what is even more worrisome for our free and fair elections is this unfortunate era of: “70-percent mail-in ballots, same-day registration, inadequate authentication and audit of ballots, third-party vote harvesting, and ballot curing.”

Then, in his additional article, “Ways Biden and his handlers are hell-bent on destroying America,” Victor Davis Hanson describes some of those ways serving as a pathway to turning America into a Socialist-Marxist remnant of a once free and prosperous nation. Among the ways we’re playing into potential Marxist hands and plans are: “Wiping out a 2,000 mile (southern) border; Running up that $35-trillion in national debt; Demonizing allies like Israel; Seeing Islam as either similar to, or superior to Christianity; Making amends to leftist governments; Receding to second-tier international status, befitting American decline; Ensuring no bail and same-day release for arrested, repeat violent felons; Ensuring each identity group rivals the other for victimhood; and Destroying all meritocratic standards for admission, retention, promotion, and commendation (including within our own military!).”  Our sincere thanks to Dr. Hanson for his comprehensive and inclusive grouping of worrisome politically-driven (liberal Democrat) efforts to undercut our American freedom, security, and historically successful economic system.

There is at least one additional vital key to continuing (hopefully preventing!) our potential decline into the arms of Socialist-Marxist tyranny. And that is Education.   One of the basic foundational tactics designed to convert freedom-enjoying students into willing supplicants of a new domineering political system, is to infiltrate our schools and universities with anti-America, hate-America lies, successfully implanting evil into susceptible young minds, over a succession of years, by leftist, tenured, career, superiority-convinced professors who likely have never worked in the real world.  It takes time, but history unfortunately proves that, as a definite key to turning around a nation, taking over academic instruction eventually works, as more and more students are exposed to the unending barrage of anti-truthful, propagandistic beliefs.

The way out of that is, first of all, fighting tough for legal ways around tenure safety-nets, removing all instructional staff who openly dislike America, and who persist in perpetuating belief in the superiority of a political & economic system other than our very own since America’s founding.  We must take our classrooms back from liberal distortions and return all instruction time to traditional academic subjects and content, as taught by instructors fully committed to the blessings of being Americans. As commentator Armstrong Williams has concluded on the subject of our current educational situation:  “We desperately need a new birth of education. No student should be permitted to graduate from high school or college without passing an exacting civics test and writing a lucid essay about the principles of natural law and government enshrined in the Declaration of Independence and Constitution.”  Now, this curricular advice may lean toward the extreme, regarding the ‘lucid essay,’  but his suggestion of requiring “an exacting civics test” for graduation is definitely on target!

As the recent uneducated protests have illustrated to us, those favoring the Palestinians and a murderous, terrorist Hamas tradition and system aimed at removing the Jewish peoples and our long-term, true ally, Israel from the face of the earth, we have work to do to rid academia of the anti-America rot that, in too many minds, among both students and instructors, seems to have taken hold and, sadly, at least with some, has become accepted truth. It has been written, that at the center of former Chinese Chairman Mao’s formula for the destruction of any and all anti-communist thought was the elimination of “the ‘Four Olds’ (old ideas, old culture, old customs, and old habits) which are being replicated by today’s leftist cancel culture, (effectively ending) what is left of freedom in America, if not stopped.”

You’ll recall that old childhood rhyme ‘London Bridge is falling down.”  That was whimsical fiction.  America’s worrisome, weakened, social and economic status is not.  Under the embarrassing and clearly inept leadership of this seemingly anti-America administration, the once solid wheels beneath our Constitutional republic seem to have taken on a bit of a wobble. Democracy in this cherished and blessed land can certainly survive, but it will take systematically eliminating and debunking the too-often-purposeful anti-nation leftist (Marxist) lies and activities.  And an awakening among the vast majority of our citizenry that we are in potential trouble without the efforts of all loyal Americans who fully realize how truly blessed we are to live, raise families, work, and retire in this bountiful land of endless opportunities and freedoms to make it so.

All is by no means lost.  Most of you saw or read about the fraternity brothers on one partially Hamas-infected campus who bravely stood by, not patronizing the Palestinian flag, but instead protecting and raising our Stars and Stripes, standing up to their university’s unthankful fools & tools.  While on another campus, pro-America students stood and loudly sang our National Anthem in the face of the Humas sympathizing stupidity. Standing up, in both instances (and there may well be others that didn’t make the national news), for what they truly believed, rather than naïvely biting off some of the temporary and phony sustenance from the darkly-political pro-Humas sandwich.

We can, and will, smooth out the currently rocky political road.  Calling all American patriots!  The one major step is to make darn certain that we vote to remove Mr. Biden from elective office this November and replace him with a strong, internationally-respected leader in Mr. Trump, so as to far better handle these troubling world and domestic times.  And that, ladies and gentleman, is far more than a wish.  It’s a must.  Otherwise, our future as a free nation, under continuing and growing ultra-liberal domination, is far from secure.  We simply MUST return solid leadership, wisdom and common sense to the White House (along with the Senate and House)!  Come voting time, that is the assignment for all loyal Americans who genuinely love, respect, and are abundantly thankful for our great nation.

Concluding, now, with some positive words of patriot wisdom. This truism: “Freedom often seems cheap to those never denied it.”  And these strong, encouraging words, and a call to patriotism from Tom Fitton, president of the conservative American advocacy organization, Judicial Watch: “Fighting for America is never futile.  It is our duty to stand strong –- for our children and the generations to come. It is the American way! So, get up, stand up for freedom. Stand up against the Extremist Left. Stand up for our borders and sovereignty. Stand up for free speech and your other God-given rights. We have no choice but to win. You all must be heroes for the republic!  God bless you, and God bless America.”


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NOTE:  For an excellent treatise on Marxism, its history, components and evils, suggest reading:  American Marxism by Mark Levin (2021). As touched on above, it’s a rabid, anti-democracy system fighting to come here, or as Levin forcefully suggests, it’s already gaining here!