Bonkers, Blather, Blunders and Buffoons #36

Said our nation’s chief leader recently: “Migrants are what makes us economically strong.”  Respectfully disagree!  Now, when it comes to legal immigrants, yes, certainly. When they arrive, they typically do so with education (training), skills, English language competence, no intent to live off of government free stuff, but rather with a firm desire to work hard and to make substantive contributions to American productivity. The vast majority of the millions of illegal, federal law-breaking-by-arriving-here entrants, do not possess the qualities outlines above, and have been attracted by our open southern (and northern) borders and the promise that Mother American will provide for all of their needs at no cost.  Some will enter low-paying jobs, too often perhaps undercutting (hourly wage-wise) American citizens in need of those same opportunities, especially in today’s challenging economic environment. And otherwise, this unprecedented and undesirable massive illegal population will hit local-state-federal taxpayers for a cumulative  billions each year to pay for their “free” basic survival essentials.  Wrote Breitbart columnist Neil Munro: “So Biden’s pro-illegal-migration policy has wrecked his polls in an election year, when Wall Street gains from cheap labor, while ordinary American voters scrimp and save as their slow-growing wages get chewed up by inflation and housing costs.”  Bottom line: Illegal immigration does not make the United States “strong” in any way, whether real or imagined.  And the true hurts (cost, crime, etc.) imposed on our existing society, by the politically-forced barrage of illegals, have very likely not yet been fully realized or felt.

Speaking of hurt, New York City is beginning to feel such from its own uninvited thousands of new resident illegals. Some, reportedly most from Africa, “flooded the City’s Council meeting last month with complaints that the free food and free housing they are being given are not good enough”!  Emphasize free! They want better food and better (i.e., permanent) places to live, and all, of course, free!  While complainants were raising issue inside the meeting, outside “more than 1,500 illegals, mostly military-aged single men, paraded near City Hall.” Just imagine the chaos, and extra millions of dollars in potential expenditures were such complaints to break out in the nation’s other major (Democrat-run) cities.  Again, we have yet to see the true cost, in money and crime, that the 10-million-and-counting illegals, purposely imposed on us by this administration, will be on our suffering “hosting” nation, both now and in the months/years to follow.

And speaking, again, of negative impact: “Denver Mayor Mike Johnston proposes defunding the city’s police and fire departments to put more cash toward housing and care for illegals, as the city continues to drown in a wave of illegal aliens and the costs wash over the Mile High City like a tidal wave.” Back then we go, as happened far too often in Democrat-led cities just a couple of years ago, to city councils’ actually taking vital budget dollars away from essential first-responder life and property saving personal (i.e., the ‘defunding’ clamor), most likely increasing response times, not to mention police and fire morale.  And why pull much needed budget dollars from the municipality’s police and fire department?  Why, of course, to respond to the likely unending wants and needs of the abundance of illegal migrants dumped on Denver and now calling that city home! And the alternative to draining city budgets to respond to the complaints of Denver’s newly arrived, uninvited ‘residents,’ sanctuary city status or not, would inevitably mean raising sales and/or property taxes on its permanent citizen residents. In so many ways, the costs of dealing with the hoard of illegals will, in all likelihood, only get worse as time goes on and the flow of illegals continues for at least another six-months-plus.  Just among the many reasons why a change in administration is so critical to our treasured nation’s well-being.

On the recent Earth Day, Mr. Biden decreed that additional acres of Alaska would now be off-limits for oil, natural gas, and some important minerals for further development.  These actions continue the administration’s war on fossil fuels, with the mistaken assumption, once again, that ‘climate change’ is totally human fault, which is false.  Wrote columnist Diana Furchgott-Roth: “Even if America were to abandon fossil fuels, global temperatures would only decline by two-tenths of 1 degree Celsius by the year 2100, according to government models.”  That’s 76-years from now!! This mankind causes global warming fantasy is but another smoke screen for imposing more restrictions and federal control over Americans, with a likely consequence that prices at the pump will rise. And speaking of EV batteries (that is speaking of intentional vehicle central control), “America has some of the largest offshore Artic deposits, but will cede them to foreign adversaries (China & Russia) if American companies are not permitted to mine them.”  And “petroleum products are used for much more than transportation. Oil is used as a feedstock for everything from pharmaceuticals and plastics to clothing.  America has an abundance of energy and critical minerals, if politicians would just allow access.”  Yet another example of this ultra-liberal (Marxist influenced?) administration’s seeming lust for unending (they hope) power and control.

And here’s a very disturbing Rasmussen Reports (i.e., highly respected) poll of voters who cast ballots in the perhaps still-suspect 2020 national election results.  Apparently called by some “the most secure election in U.S. history,” Rasmussen results show that “one of five people who voted by mail admitted to engaging in at least one kind of potential voter fraud, seriously calling into question the security of widespread mail-in balloting.”  This is an important and extremely disturbing finding since the 2020 election represented “more mail-in ballots than any other election in U.S. history.” The cause for the sharp rise in mail-ins was, of course, the federal, state, & local restrictions (distance and masks) required due to the COVID epidemic. We must certainly hope that states and localities are putting restrictions and protections in place to prevent, as much as possible, anything close to the amount of mail-in fraud that we now know took place in the 2020 election, and may well have influenced, if not determined, the outcome.

As of early May, Boy Scouting is now officially deceased.  Long live the replacement: “Scouting America!” This attempt to be all inclusive, to be “Scouting” for everyone, may or may not succeed in rejuvenating the once-exclusive and traditional (114-years) Boy Scouts. Membership in that now-former organization “peaked in 1972 at almost 5-million” boys.  Currently, that membership has reportedly fallen to about 1-million young people, with girls admitted beginning in 2018.  Inclusiveness among biological boys is one thing, but it’s difficult to fully understand when a similar organization for biological girls has existed for many decades.  The answer, one may assume, is the dwindling Boy Scouts of America membership numbers, from past decades to the present. Whether this generic renaming of the Boy Scouts organization, now admitting all youth, results in growing membership numbers remains to be seen.  Sometimes when one stands for everything, one actually ends up standing for nothing. Wishing Scouting America well, as there appears to be a definite need in our nation for added character and values building among our youth, as these folks progress through the years to become our future leaders!

And finally for this edition of the 4-B’s, a Seattle-based dance team, invited to perform along with other dance groups, at the annual Emerald City Hoedown, reportedly a “LGBTQ organization,” were told just prior to the event that they would not be allowed to perform.  Why?  Because of the Seattle group’s red, white, and blue uniforms.  Reason: The American flag-themed outfits were considered, by apparently just a few of organization attendees, to be “offensive,” as some reportedly felt “triggered and unsafe!”  Oh, my.  It’s a troubling time when a performing group wearing outfits saluting America’s flag would be considered to be “offensive,” and supposedly causing some in the audience to actually feel “unsafe.”  Told to change their uniform or not perform, without a suitable change of clothing brought along with them, they self-decided to cancel their performance.  Said the Seattle group’s co-captain: “My team doesn’t take a political stance. We came to dance. We’re a patriotic group. We support our military, our veterans, our first responders. We all understood and accepted this (outfit ultimatum) and walked out with class and dignity despite the discrimination we had experienced.”  American patriotism is never wrong in our nation, no matter the time or place.  Congratulations to that Seattle dance team as these folks continue to perform, proudly wearing their significant, tribute to America’s flag uniforms!


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