Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, and Buffoons #27

The rampage of illegal migrants, dealt with by our CPB agents as best they can, continues with nearly 40,000 apprehended in just the first ten days of August!  And as always, this number of known migrants does not include the hundreds per month in the ‘Got-Away’ category.  And as if our badly leaking southern border wasn’t negative issue enough, the numbers of illegals now coming through our northern border just adds even more to our national economic cost, safety, and cultural concerns.

In the first ten months of Fiscal Year 2023, U.S. agents along the Canadian border apprehended over 5,400 illegals, which is “more than the total apprehended in the previous nine years combined”!  And note the degree of difficulty hampering our agents, as they must patrol 295-miles of that Canadian-U.S. border.  Note, too, that reportedly almost half of the illegals, who crossed into the U.S. in the Vermont/New Hampshire/Eastern New York sector, were said to be Mexican nationals!  Again, that’s almost 50% of the illegals coming across our north-eastern border now are from Mexico.

And one more current item about illegal immigration. According to a recent Rasmussen Reports survey, 40%+ of “working class” Americans feel that illegal immigrants have made “local school systems worse.”  Said Representative Tom McClintock (R-CA) about this situation: “What the Democrats never have explained is how our schools are made better by packing classrooms with non-English speaking students.”  By at least one recent estimate, “the cost of illegal immigration to public school systems (nationwide) is close to $8-billion annually.”

On the subject of things illegal, officials in Reedley, California, “discovered a covert biological lab run by a shady Chinese company. The illegal lab harbored potentially infectious bacterial and viral agents including chlamydia, E. Coli, streptococcus pneumonia, hepatitis B and C, herpes 1 and 5, rubella, samples of malaria, and thousands of vials that contained unlabeled fluids.”  This is all bad, infectious stuff, apparently being run in secret for reasons unknown, as of yet, but extremely serious and potentially dangerous, as we think back to the COVID virus which we’re now pretty sure came from such a lab in China, purposefully or not.  It comes down to this, in the concluding words of the article’s author: “Embattled Americans have a right to know how many covert Chinese labs are out there and what, if anything, state and federal officials are going to do about it.”

And speaking of China on a completely different level of extreme concern, two naturalized U.S. citizens, originally from China, and now serving in the U.S. Navy, have been arrested and charged with “spying on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party.” The Chinese ‘handlers’ request that these two Navy persons, then serving on the aircraft carrier, U.S.S. Essex, “pass to them photos, videos, and documents concerning U.S. Navy ships and their systems,” using encrypted means of communication.  This was a very serious transfer of detailed ship and systems operating information, fortunately finally caught and stopped, but not before much intelligence damage was already sent to the Chinese intelligence agents.  It is hoped that our federal officials will develop a backbone and bring serious charges against these two traitors wearing the uniform of the American military. And that assuming findings of guilt, serious, stiff jailtime penalties will follow, rather than top-level deals cut.  It would also seem obvious that any naturalized U.S. citizens, originally from nations hostile to the United States, ought to either be outright denied entry into our military service, or processed very closely, including broad and deep family background checks, and indications of likelihood among the potential recruits of surrendering, at any future point, to foreign (family) political pressure. This is an extremely serious violation of trust and assumed loyalty to their adopted country.  Hopefully equally serious immediate preventative changes on the part of the Navy (and other services) have been made.

Speaking of a politically-generated travesty, going back to 2022, you’ll recall how, thanks to Progressive administration policies hammering fossil fuel availability, the price of gas at the pump escalated higher than most of us had ever seen. Trying to dig its way out of a problem their own destructive petroleum policies had created, Mr. Biden decided to tap into America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve (SPR), which contains millions of barrels of oil set aside solely for use should a major natural or otherwise huge destructive event overwhelm the nation. Purely for political purposes, since no such event had occurred, unbelievably, the administration depleted almost half of the SPR’s emergency supply, strictly for the political purpose of attempting to reduce the price of gas at the pump, taking some of the heat off the administration for the high fuel prices.

Improper given the SPR’s vital purpose, the move only reduced pump prices by a few pennies, which the administration could, and did, then boast about the success of the move.  All well and good, except that the nation’s oil reserve was then greatly reduced.  So, refill it, already!  Problem: when the oil was taken out, oil prices were relatively low.  When the time came to refill it, the prices were by then quite a bit higher.  So, now, not only is the SPR capacity down about half, the administration has shown no indication whatsoever of refilling it, and perhaps ever.  Thanks to that need to calm the populace via political expedience, heaven help us if we ever truly need that massive quantity of oil.  Again, for emphasis, our nation’s emergency reserve of oil now remains at about half the intended emergency capacity. And, once again, political expediency vs. what’s best for the nation.  Rinse and repeat.

Last month, the National Education Association (NEA), reportedly the nation’s largest teachers union, passed a measure which urges its members to “promote sex-change procedures for LGBTQ youth.” Wrote the NEA: “We are the NEA and we will ALWAYS do what we must for the best of our students.”  Either that sentence was poorly written, or it literally means that they will only work to assist their best students! Now then, promoting gay/lesbian rights and equality, for adults, is one thing. But actively supporting permanent, life-altering procedures and surgeries for children, no doubt without the knowledge or support of parents (considered the enemy in such matters) is unacceptable.

And on the subject of transgender, a transgender herself, Rachel Levine, the assistant secretary for health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, in a recent presentation, seemed to be supporting a progressive group that actually refers to women as simply “egg producers.”  The purpose of this absurd language choice is undoubtedly to demean women, while giving credibility to transsexual men as being just the same, just as equal to biological women, including, no doubt, when transexual men get pregnant!  Yep, just like regular women. Bending over backwards to achieve some kind of legitimacy in today’s world of purposeful gender confusion.  Actually, there’s no legitimate confusion.  In the real world, there are only two genders: real men and real women.  Period.

And speaking of our beloved ultra-left-wing activists, ever seeking something to be unhappy about, some are now criticizing the football team at the United States Air Force Academy.  Why you ask?  Well, you see, this year’s Air Force team will be wearing helmets honoring the Jimmy Doolittle-led raid on Japan, conducted about four months after Japan’s unprovoked and devastating attack on our naval forces at Pearl Harbor. Our rebuttal bombing attack over Tokyo from the air, conducted by 16 B-25 Mitchell bombers, flown by 80 genuine American heroes, advised beforehand that they might not return, was critical to regaining American confidence in our ability to defend our nation by taking the fight to the enemy. Those protesting the hero helmets, certainly appropriate for the Air Force Academy to reflect honor, will find out quickly that the vast majority of American patriots not only support the helmet tribute, but support to this day the U.S. response to the surprise, significant death and destruction impact, inflicted on us by Japan’s  “dastardly attack” (FDR’s term within his war declaration) on us at Pearl.  God bless our great heroic military and our truly outstanding nation, back then, and now!


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