Good News Americans #6

The Virginia Board of Education has just approved new uniform standards for its various grade-level student history curricula (K-12), which is to include lessons on the meaning of patriotism, as well as , “respect for the American flag through the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem.” The teaching is … read more

Gasoline and Diesel: Driving America !

After letting its administrative gas-powered cylinders cool for a couple of months, the Imperial Greens within our Central Government are back at it, cymbals clanging, raging again about the supposed advantages of electric-powered vehicles.  You remember: Gasoline = Evil.  Electric=The Left’s only right choice. All the while continuing to avoid … read more

The Sacrifice of America

As you might glean from the title, this post will not be one that, at least initially, radiates positivity.  But it will long for the hope (and help) of a distressed nation’s people as it looks forward toward a better, much-stronger-led, and more secure future. The United States of America … read more

Good News Americans #5

A day that fate and faith intervened. The date was October 30, 2021. The place was Newark, New Jersey. Seventy-one-year-old devout Christian Bill Sumiel finished his dialysis treatment for the day and had called for an Uber driver to take him home.  Luck of the draw, that driver happened to … read more

America’s Southern Border: Terror’s Highway

As you are well aware by now, it is beyond appalling, and quite illegal (in terms of federal immigration law), that the current (beyond weak) administration just sits and ignores while literally millions of illegal migrants are not only permitted to enter our country, but encouraged to do so, and … read more