America’s Southern Border: Terror’s Highway

As you are well aware by now, it is beyond appalling, and quite illegal (in terms of federal immigration law), that the current (beyond weak) administration just sits and ignores while literally millions of illegal migrants are not only permitted to enter our country, but encouraged to do so, and then allowed to stay here (with far too many likely untraceable), pending a future hearing for asylum if we can find them and/or if they voluntarily bother to show up for their hearing.  Our illegal immigration situation is seriously out of control.  And purposely so, by an administration that knows full-well that it has been badly abused for the past 2+ years, yet unbelievably to all loyal Americans, it simply does not seem to care!  Those too often unconcerned folks, identified by a “What Me Worry?” facial and vocal expression, squatting up there in the palace of supreme power (the other branches be damned), seem not to care about a lot of things traditionally American, such as our laws, our Constitution, capitalism, freedom, allies’ relations, national security, fiscal reality, etc.  And that uninterrupted Progressive-Socialist hug-a-thon, brings us directly back to national security and our southern border.

You noticed the word terror in the title above.  That’s what should be our deep concern.  The terror threat(s) we face, due to insufficient protective strength on that lengthy border, caused by an administration concentrating almost solely (and monetarily), it seems, on what we humans can do to materially-impact “climate change” (i.e., the weather!), by relinquishing our opportunities and personal freedoms to an increasingly concentrated and controlling central government.  The implied weather hocus-pocus won’t work, but the on-going absorption of citizen freedoms and destructively imposed economic policies will. And you must realize, that is actually this Central Government’s primary objective.

The potential terror we face at the border comes in two forms.  Right now, with the potential for horrific harm to our nation and people, it’s the actual physical terror we appear to welcome-in by foreign religious or ideological zealots, sponsored by countries and tyrants wishing to do American great harm. Martyrs who may have thoughts and plans to bring a second 9/11 catastrophe to America (or much worse), determined to weaken us (further) regardless of the cost in human lives (including their own), infrastructure (bricks & mortar and overall power generation (electricity and communications), and serious damage to our economic system.  Terrorists may very well be among those faceless thousands of illegals who cross our southern border and are detained, or those who manage to sneak in (Got-Aways), avoiding all detection, every day, day after day.

So far in this current fiscal Customs and Border Patrol year (October 2023 through September 2024), 69 individuals (non-U.S. citizens) have, thankfully, been detained who appear on the FBI-generated “Terrorist Screening Database.”  Amidst the thousands streaming in daily, that doesn’t seem like a lot of worrisome detainees. But for the last full fiscal year, 98 non-U.S. citizens on the “Watch” list were stopped while attempting entry.  Clearly, then, this year’s total will exceed the ’22 to ’23 total of dangerous undesirables.  The bigger issue is the unknown numbers of potential terrorists who have snuck into America since the Biden administration began unraveling the Trump-imposed entry restrictions (e.g., Remain in Mexico policy and stopping the southern fence construction).  There are doubtless bad people already here, locations and motives unknown. We must hope and pray that they can be uncovered prior to any demented activity, by either our authorities (federal, state & local) or by our citizens, recalling something pro-prevention as simple as “See Something, Say Something.”

As the New York Post reported: “The Biden administration has presided over a record surge in overall illegal immigration, with a nearly 2.4-million illegal southern-border incursions in the CBP’s fiscal year 2022.  That huge number, alone, is destructive to America, from the standpoint of sheer annual cost to our nation (food, shelter, support money, medical care, schooling, jobs taken vs. jobs for our own citizens, etc.), along with the on-going erosion of our traditional national character and dominant language.  And, as we’re discussing, potential destructive acts from intruders jeopardizing our national security. In February 2023 alone, almost 130,000 illegals crossed our southern border, and again, that’s just the number detained by our authorities.  Thankfully, they have a “Watch” list to guide their detentions.  But again, the great national security unknown to be feared, are the thousands each week, month, and year, who enter undetected and who then can’t be traced, unless helped by local authorities and observant citizens. Unstopped, undetected intruders remain our greatest, border-admitted, terror-potential, threat and concern.  “At many places in Arizona, the border is simply wide open. People of unknown identity, from anywhere in the world, can simply walk up and come in.” Migrants seem to be coming from nations far beyond Central and South America, effectively from all over the world, and that even includes the Chinese, which is a concern unto itself.  Chinese migrants seeking admission into our country, but not by the bothersome (!) legal immigration way, but rather by the little-bother “open” border way. The Chinese can apparently “easily get information and advice on how to cross the U.S.-Mexican border on Chinese social media, and one tip is that crossing the border in California is a better bet over Arizona (!) or Texas because of its immigration policies.”  Thanks, again, for the help, California!  Although there may well be completely innocent travelers among them, in this era of international military build-up, threats, concerns, and infiltrated spies, our federal government simply must pay especially close attention to those seeking entry from China, as well as hopefully tracking their movements once admitted, until proven to be completely innocent.

Now then, the second on-going terror threat we face from the open-to-terror border expressway is the opioid epidemic, responsible for the deaths of over 107,000 deaths in America during the twelve-month period ending in January 2022.  “Sixty-seven percent of those deaths were caused by “synthetic opioids like fentanyl.”   Drug overdoses have reportedly become the leading cause of accidental death in the United States. And most of those deaths, it is cited, can be blamed on fentanyl.  Said DEA Administrator Anne Milgram: “Fentanyl is highly addictive, found in all 50 states, and drug traffickers are increasingly mixing it with other types of drugs – in powder and pill form – in the effort to drive addiction and attract repeat buyers.” One gram of fentanyl is capable of killing about 500 individuals.

Fentanyl sourcing traces back to China.  “The Chinese serve as key enablers of the Mexican drug trafficking organizations.  They profit at the front end of the business cycle, purveying fentanyl and precursor chemicals, and at the back end by laundering the millions of dollars generated by the Mexican cartels in the U.S.” And aside from the millions of dollars in profit made by this illicit drug trade, the bottom-line Chinese (CCP) motive is said to be both quite simple and yet perverse and severe: “There’s only one reason that they’re selling this poison: to destabilize the United States and to kill Americans.”

Speaking again about the death-dealing fentanyl crisis in the U.S., and echoing the sentiment expressed above, Representative Andy Ogles (R-TN) said: “Our failure to secure our own sovereignty (i.e., control our borders) is creating a financial incentive for the Chinese Communist Party to kill Americans.”  This is the second time, herein, that we’ve stressed the purposeful killing of Americans without the need to either bring in assassins, or to actually start a war with us.  It’s a direct hands-off method for achieving the CCP goal of killing our citizens, along with, as stated, the added advantage of slowly and quietly “destabilizing” our nation.

As hard as it is to believe, this administration doesn’t seem to show any observable evidence of trying to stop the American deaths attributed directly to the China/Mexican cartel fentanyl smuggling incursions, nor, apparently, any interest in even discussing the fatality-producing issue, not when the all-consuming push here on earth to manipulate the climate seems to continually take White House concerns top billing. Representative Jim Banks (R-IN) has tried to turn at least some administration attention to the fentanyl issue, so far without any success, likely because he is not a member of the preferred political party or ideology. Said he recently: “I asked for a meeting with President Biden to discuss the deadly fentanyl crisis 155 days ago and several times since.  All requests ignored. Clearly the president has different priorities.” Quite obviously so. For instance, Mr. & Mrs. Biden did seem to have the time (March 20, 2023) to meet in the Oval Office with the cast of “Ted Lasso.”  Show biz priority vs. the manufactured and purposeful killing of Americans, for the financial and political benefit of foreign cartels and a huge Pacific nation that seems to becoming an increasingly looming threat to the safety and security of our nation.  Do we really have an administration that can’t be bothered with the increasing importation and nation-wide distribution of the deadly opioid fentanyl?

During the Trump administration, asylum seekers, by U.S.-Mexico agreement, were kept in Mexico until the time of their asylum hearing (“Remain in Mexico” policy), which made enormous sense vs. the so-called “Catch and Release” policy whereby illegals are allowed in, most of whom were then unlikely to return to the border for their official asylum hearing.  That “Remain” policy and the “Wall” were both stopped immediately (January 2021) by this administration.  The current DHS Chief doesn’t think keeping migrants in Mexico prior to seeking U.S. asylum is “sound policy.” This administration prefers, as stated, “Catch and Release.” The problem with it, of course, is once released (in America), difficult to keep track of and bring back for a hearing, years from now, due to sheer volume of seekers, with no incentive to chance a negative hearing decision.  And, by the way, the current DHS is also unable to tell us how many Americans have been killed by illegal aliens since the Biden administration took office. “The federal government continues to not collect data on the number of illegal aliens who are arrested annually by local and state law enforcement agencies for crimes against American citizens and legal immigrants.”

And another concern flying under our federal radar: Unaccompanied children admitted!  This was a special concern voiced recently by Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN).  Said she during a Senate hearing: “We’ve got 85,000 Unaccompanied Alien Children … who have been released in the U.S. and our Health & Human Services Department has lost track of these unaccompanied children.  Originally released to live with sponsors and family members, too many “have been lost in the system”!  Blackburn continued: “What you’re doing on the border is causing 85,000 children to be lost, can’t find them, and not knowing if they’re being trafficked, put in gangs, put in the sex trade.”  A serious humanitarian concern, along with every other of the illegal immigration issues discussed. Whether its children or adults, the sheer numbers, in past and continuing surges, are making it more and more difficult to manage, process, carefully identify (critically important), and then track the now millions of illegals residing within our nation without official asylum rights. And especially so, with an administration which seems to neither focus on the critical border issues, nor care, which is beyond belief and, frankly, Anti-America.  Especially so for a national executive leader sworn, upon inauguration, to protect us.

So then, we now have at least two largely unobstructed avenues for terror (eventual and/or immediate) to enter and impact America, due to our effectively “open” southern border: Actual potential terror-intending individuals, and Mexican cartel drug (fentanyl) smugglers.  Made all the worse and incredibly more dangerous for us all, due to the ability of harm-seeking individuals to enter American undetected by simply sneaking in.  That latest estimate of the “Got-Aways” (from a Border Patrol report) for just the first six-months of Fiscal Year 2023 is over 400,000!  That means the total quantity of the “G-A’s” must now number well over a million, perhaps, two.  Even when detained briefly by our Border Patrol officers, both potential terrorists (if not identified as being on the “Watch” list) and drug smugglers can too often gain admission to our country, sometimes, in the latter case, to be apprehended some distance inside our border, by local or state authorities, sometimes by a random/accidental traffic stop!

Clearly, a more concerted effort must be made by the federal government to adequately staff and actually close off our southern border, both for concern for our sadly drug-use-prone citizens, and for the protection of our entire nation from the potential of a horrendous, murderous, follow-on 9/11 event-like attack, or likely far worse.  Why this administration isn’t actively doing far more to secure both the border(s) for our nation is irrational, unconscionable, and totally beyond belief.  There is absolutely no excuse for this ‘blind-eye’ approach to terror prevention, politically, ideologically, or otherwise.  This is about basic human safety, security, and decency, both for current Americans (and legal residents) and for generations to come.

ADDENDUM:  Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents stopped a group of 38 camouflage-wearing illegal migrants about 19-miles north of the U.S.-Mexican border, that is, actually that far INSIDE Arizona.  They were assisted in finding and capturing the migrants by a CBP helicopter crew and by agents on horseback.  At least they were able to capture them, but note again, that these illegals were almost 19-miles inside our nation before beings detained.  A reminder again of the threat to our nation posed by potential terrorists, criminals, drug and human smugglers.  This, and every incursion, is serious business for, and a serious threat to, our America.  (, Bob Price, 4-4-23).


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