The Sacrifice of America

As you might glean from the title, this post will not be one that, at least initially, radiates positivity.  But it will long for the hope (and help) of a distressed nation’s people as it looks forward toward a better, much-stronger-led, and more secure future.

The United States of America has for many decades, if not centuries, been a nation of sacrifice.  The mere mention of World Wars One and Two fulfills that promise, with crushing losses of young American lives in service to the goal of freedom’s restoration elsewhere, and to the protection of our own families and freedoms at home.  Additionally, we have been, for the longest time, the most generous nation in the world. Generous to our fellow citizens, as well as to those national governments and public-assistance-organizations elsewhere in the world, when and where the need is made known. We are a fundamentally-caring people. Grateful for our own birth here (and for our legal immigrants), and for our medical research and corporate ingenuity, creativity, productivity, our successes, and our freedoms, and not hesitant to share when the cause is worthy.

But along with having been a nation of sacrifice, certainly from the last century forward, now it seems, we might well be witnessing the sacrifice of a nation. And sadly, that nation is ours.   The word sacrifice means “to give up, or destroy, for the sake of something having a more pressing claim.”  You’ll recall that during former president Obama’s campaign for the presidency, he repeatedly promised the “fundamental transformation of America.” Back then, voters, by and large, saw that as something positive; a new and even more promising nation.  America’s voter’s eagerly bought what we thought he was selling.  Turns out, the product didn’t match the pitch.

Rather than a positive outlook, it was an introduction to the politics of Progressive-Socialism and Globalism, rather than an enriching and positive growth for our traditional America.  That crusade, incubated under Obama, leap-frogged over the overwhelmingly positive Trump administration, to become the actively negative, un-American goals of the Biden administration, as if that very roadmap had been left on his presential desk by his mentor and guide. Rather than a “radiant nation on the hill,” we are currently a distressed and discouraged people, deeply concerned about most everything domestic, as well as most everything internationally, with threats and danger seemingly just about everywhere that tyrants rein. We are now dealing with a seemingly out-of-control White House dealing with a destructive, condescending game-plan destined to drive us toward a very different goal-line, one perhaps encouraged and coached by our enemies, both those within and without. Here, then, are some of the major themes and purposeful movements dividing us, and then forcefully directing us toward outcomes that the majority of Americans, thankfully, continue to reject.

CLIMATE CHANGE:  At one time, all roads were said to lead to Rome.  Today, every part of our increasingly confused lives lead, for crazed, blown-totally-out-of-all-reasonable-proportion to a liberal invention called ‘climate change’ (i.e., the former ‘global warming,’ converted to CC at a time when it had been warming, but no longer was!).  No matter what the problem or issue faced by our nation, the solution, we’re told repeatedly, is more attention to, and more major mega-dollars spent on, climate change.

We are repeatedly being convinced by non-scientist “expert’s” and/or actual scientists often supported by government grants, that human activity is endangering both the planet and the street on which you live. And, thus, we must cease and desist using all fossil fuels, across the board, we’re told, including within our factories, businesses, homes, vehicles, etc. China has repeatedly failed to get the Biden memo regarding its continuing large dependence on coal, especially, among other fossil fuels! Fact is actual climate change is under the control of Mother Nature and God.  Period.  Human activity is not the principal threat.  Riding the climate change battle-horse, our overbearing Central Government, seeking even more power and control over citizen lives, is the genuine threat to our individual freedoms (what this is truly all about; climate change is just the convenient, manufactured excuse).  And it will continue to be, until either Republicans in Congress actually grow a backbone or, more likely, until administration control can be taken back by the nation’s freedom-believers in 2024 (the presumed and hoped-for desire of rational voting Americans).

SPENDING: There’s that old saying about spending oneself into the poor house.  Well, wherever that house is located, it feels like we’re headed there. This administration’s massive spending traces back to the “$1.9-trillion American Rescue Plan” (with, we now know, wasted dollars sent to inmates and millions on to other, in some cases proving fraudulent, Democrat-aligned entities!), along with, more generally, paying people not to work, further growing dependency on government support.  Meanwhile, Biden inflation is roaring. The Biden administration is simply trying to slay an inflation dragon that it created.” And with that, and other excessive spending, the administrative-owned, but taxpayer-fueled, U.S, dollar printing presses continued to roll.

One stand-out example of fiscal excess was the so-called $738-billion “Inflation Reduction Act,” referred to by at least one member of the House as “the Green New Deal’s little brother.”  We now know, according to analyist reports, that this Act will cost us 3-times its original estimate!!

So, then, the ‘inflation reducing’ legislation was more about increasing spending rather than reducing anything. Billions more greenbacks for green-favored projects.  Senator Joe Manchin recalls that the Act was “designed to pay down our national debt (up $8-trillion since Covid-19 began) and shore up America’s energy security. It was designed to generate $738-billion in new revenue (taxes!), with more than $238-billion dedicated to debt reduction.”  Rather, to a large part, the Act became about increasing “clean energy’ spending. And in that regard, Representative Ryan Zinke (R-Montana) is concerned about the advantages being awarded to China with the incessant and questionable “clean energy” and EV push from the administration.  Said he: “Look, what makes the EV world?  You have cobalt, lithium, (all) critical minerals, all controlled and processed in China. You have on the solar side, most of the solar cells are (made) in China. The Inflation Reduction Act itself could have been renamed the Chinese Stimulus Act.  Now we position ourselves to be more vulnerable to China in our energy needs.”

We’re heading toward an excessive spending national debt crisis.  Wrote Wall Street Journal columnist, Dan Henninger, in his article titled ‘Sober Up, America,’ he emphasized that “The United States can’t lead the free world with Biden’s spending binge.” Adding to the driving the wrong way down our fiscal street problem, writer Jim Nelles referred to Mr. Biden’s 2024 national budget as “Too Woke and Too Expensive.” And recall, we have at least 1 1/2-years yet to go with this apparently intended-to-be-non-stop-spending. Thinking back to a major tragedy at sea many decades back, one might think of a headline going-forward without vital mid-course correction: “The USS Spendthrift Heads Straight Toward the Iceberg of Reality.”

SOUTHERN BORDER:  In terms of illegal migrant control, all was working pretty well, in terms of national protection under President Trump, until the “Catch & Release” Progressive (flood-the-nation-with-low skilled-non-English-fluent-illegals) ‘Rough Riders’ came to D.C.  And the dust, the cost, and the continuing explosive numbers haven’t settled down yet, nor, regrettably, will they,

As but one very recent and unfortunate example, within just 48-hours, about 10,000 illegal migrants were detained/identified along our Southern border.  And it appears that the migrants stopped weren’t all high-quality individuals.  According to the Border Patrol, they included sex offenders (5), outstanding warrants (4), gang members (1), along with four kinds of illegal drugs seized, such as Fentanyl (52-pounds) and Ecstasy (38-pounds). Additionally, firearms seized (20), stolen vehicles recovered (5) and associated money ($48,000).  All in just two days of CBP stops (as always, no accounting for the number & materials brought in by the “Got-Aways”).  Stressed Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz: “Remember those statistics the next time the Biden administration tries to make you belief that the border crisis is lessening, and the border is secure.  Those are lies.”

As you likely are aware, the illegals now are arriving from nations all around the world, including Africa.  “The volume of Africans isn’t as high as it was (not numerically matching) Haitians or people from Guatemala or El Salvador, but it is growing and becoming a constant grow.”

And yet another migrant concern: So-called ‘Special Interest’ illegal apprehensions.  In just the first six-months of FY 2023, they now stand at double the number detained during the same period for last FY. Those most recently arriving “S.I” migrants came from Mauritania, Kazakhstan, Egypt and Lebanon, for example.  “In all, more than 22-thousand migrants, from countries considered as countries of ‘special interest’ by the Department of Homeland Security, were apprehended in just the last six-months.  That’s more than double the number from the first six-months of FY 2022.”  And, again, even more worrisome are the “Got-Aways” from those nations of targeted concern, the ‘Special Interest’ ones.

The Biden administration is making no known effort to slow or stop this flow of illegals coming into America with varying abilities and objectives. As stated before, in previous posts, the virtually open border of the U.S. is clearly being allowed intentionally. There seems to be no apparent administrative concern about the terror intent of individuals being admitted, or the terror represented by killer drugs, especially fentanyl, being smuggled into our country.  This continues to be incomprehensible on the part of America’s leadership, sworn to defend us.

WOKE: The now-massive dark cloud which seemed to rapidly obscure the character, language, quality, and the physical/mental health of our nation, having taken a choke-hold first in our universities, with the ingrained, contagious virus then spreading outward to governments, corporations, organizations, entertainment meccas, schools, and on to virtually all of the nation’s once seemingly objective media (TV/cable/social).  So, what exactly does being Woke mean or include?  Well, in the words and thoughts of one studied observer, here it is.  “Woke refers to being awake to bigotry and prejudice, and the coming revolution and racial reckoning. It evolved, slowly and then all at once, to inform an ideology – a comprehensive belief system – that is rooted in the idea that all of the world’s problems, every issue we face, can and must be defined by a hierarchy of oppression. Every problem must be viewed through the lens of oppressor vs. oppressed. There is no other legitimate way to view any of the world’s problems. Any suggestion that there is, perhaps, another way to view change, is evil and must be censored, silenced, stopped. Because any other view is literal violence.”

So, then, along with certain impacts on our traditional language (e.g., irritating replacement pronouns!!), Woke is a severe, iron-fisted, no compromise belief and attitude ideology, and so far, an unshakable one.  If you don’t agree with anything/everything Woke, you are (i.e., we are) individually and collectively the enemy. Period.

So, again, it’s the Woke-way or the highway, to invoke an old saying.  Practitioners of the Woke way of life believe, fervently, that it all comes down to oppression in any form, genuine or perceived, and often the latter, but in either case, pre-determined to be insulting, and thus unacceptable.  Woke folks “believe if you don’t hold their world view, you are evil, bigoted, stupid and a malign influence that must be banished from polite society.”  In essence, “you don’t deserve to hold a job, to be part of the conversation, your speech must be censored.  You are dangerous.  You are violence itself.”  Progressive Leftists, in and out of politics, seem to hold this all-inclusive blame-game view.

Most concerning, of course, is the mention of the word “revolution,” meaning domestic violence brought on by the believers vs. the ignorant rest of us. As if we don’t have enough international problems as it is. Violence against the ignorant among us, whether vocal or literal aggression, may begin to explain the metropolitan uprisings, brutal and unpunished for the most part, among certain groups during the Summer of 2020, and since.  It may help to explain the hostility of those associated with the BLM movement (i.e., perceived or real oppression), and, now, the emerging opposition associated with transgender advocates and activists, as well as the issues evidenced by those advocates of DEI, CRT, and the associated push against parents regarding improper age-level sexual materials in classrooms and libraries. Anywhere there is action or push-back against perceived ‘oppression,’ or against their overall attitudes and beliefs, can apparently, by definition, be traced back to the spreading advocacy (violence?) fostered by those practitioners of the Woke World movement.

Other elements of concern among non-Woke Americans include: the strange and unexpected move from D.C. to alienate (intended or not) America from our traditional support of Israel; and for that matter, the apparent official dissatisfaction and estrangement from our traditional strong ally, the British, whether Woke-based or just more ignorant Progressivism;  the gradual erosion of too many Americans away from actual, traditional religions and personal practice; the sad and dramatic increase in metropolitan very serious crimes, particular murder; increased and purposeful citizen dependence on central government financial support; the apparent or perceived weakening of our nation’s once dominant military, with concerns about recruiting short-falls and, now, insufficient war weaponry to defend ourselves, post Ukraine assistance; and of considerable importance to us all, except the Woke: freedom of speech guaranteed to us by our Constitution, but seriously under-fire. These numerous concerns may well be dealt with in later post(s).

In growing fashion, we are faced as a national citizenry with the Progressive-Socialist-Leftist’s self-anointed, wealthy ‘elites’ who have taken control of, and fully subscribe to the anti-any-and-all-oppression Woke-views.  And with it, have declared that they, and they alone, are today’s exclusive ‘morally righteous’ leaders and decision-makers. Meaning that all thoughts, speech, decisions, and actions are to begin and end with them. Welcome, then, to our WOKE-inspired seemingly-on-life-support world of gloom and discouragement, which is exactly what our political and ideological enemies (foreign and domestic) want. And that’s because a discouraged population is one that is far more easily controlled. Now, as we increasingly seem to be, under the growing spell of this new religious-like belief system, effectively the Secular Church of the Woke.

Given the length of this examination of truth already, and the seemingly feeble  search for something positive going forward, rather than dig into multiple articles outlining the trouble we as a free nation are in, or heading rapidly for, without substantial change, I’ll take the unprecedented action throughout previous Freedom’s Forge posts by simply naming, and sourcing some predictive less-then-positive articles for those of you who would like to dig deeper into some non-rosy thoughts about our immediate future:

“The Biden 10-Step Plan for Global Chaos,” (, Victor Davis Hanson, 4-12-23) ….. ”Fiddling America Away,” (, Victor David Hanson, 4-10-23) ….. The Stench of Fascism,”, David Horowitz, 2-3-23; ….. “We’re In A Revolution,”, Victor David Hanson, 4-6-23; ….. “Forget China. This is America’s Greatest Challenge,” foxnews, Bobby Jindal, 4-10-23; ….. “The Point of No Return,”, Josh Hammer, 4-7-23; “End of the Republic,”, Robert Spencer, 3-31-23; ….. “Even if You Hate Trump, You Should be Standing With Him,”, Robert Spencer, 4-3-23; ….. “For the Left, putting Trump Through a Painful Prosecution is the Point,”, Andrew C. McCarthy, 4-4-23; ….. DeSantis Unleashes the Truth About the Left in Pennsylvania Speech,”, Paul Kengor, 4-5-23;  ….. “The Trump Indictment Accelerates America’s Race to the Bottom,” Mark Penn & Andrew Stein, 4-6-23).     As a note on these sources: You saw the name Victor Davis Hanson several times.   As most of you know, Hanson is one of America’s true historic scholars, realist-conservative thinkers & speakers, and a columnist to whom we should all pay serious attention.  He is very much worth your additional reading time.

Back then to our discussion of what in the world (literally!) is our future looking like. Thanks to the administration’s way, way over insistence on seriously-questionable ‘Climate Change,’ especially when it comes to supposed human-responsibility vs. the far more acceptable fact of God’s overwhelming role in what we realists call the ‘weather’, your federal government is spending an unsociable amount of our (and borrowed at a price) money on pompous, short-sighted Green pipe dreams of eliminating fossil fuel use,  which will not come close to our realist-dependence-needing, within this generation or the next, if ever for that realism matter, either here or in countless countries around the world (China!).

And speaking of unconscionable expenditures, our open southern border will lead to all manner of crises, including security, and of course the huge current and anticipated costs for illegal migrant care, including we have now been told (ordered) by the kingly-edict of including them under Obama Care.  And you know where all of this is ultimately heading.  Their fervent wish, from the standpoint of extending future Democrat voters and leading to a one-party system in America (and surprise, it ain’t ours!) is Amnesty.

We must do all that we in Congress, our Courts, and with the rejective voice of the current voting public, can do to stop that insidious, citizenship-weakening  move, which they most likely intend to make happen while they still can, prior to the 2024 election!!  Right now, no question, this current administration’s nation-altering, purposely-ignored open border policy is our greatest foreign (i.e., the migrants) and domestic (i.e. negative migrant impact) fear and enemy.  And from a traditional-futures stand-point in America, the regrettable Woke social and economic movement, which encompasses that whole range of serious issues above, including the current spotlight on the transgender abuses (public and private);  the seeming polled decline of regular Christian/Jewish believers; and the apparent polled-reduction in American patriotism.  All of which poses a serious cluster of negative forces to be dealt with, if we have any desire to protect and preserve our valued, and beloved country.  The fight for national survival is, right now, clearly before us.  Know and accept that, and please take it very seriously, both for you, your children, and those who will follow.

We’ll end with one, perhaps, hopeful attempt at a somewhat slightly more positive ending to this essay, besides the obvious fact to us all on the pro-America side of thought, that although, being honest, Americans may not be the pre-eminent nation in the world right now, but regardless of that short-term reality, we can hope and trust, despite our current inept leadership, that we are certainly still the very best and freest nation on earth, and throughout all-known, and these days we must empathize, accurate American history.  This columnist writes, with hope: “The good news is that things are almost always better than we think. The bad news is that pessimism can itself be an obstacle to progress, Other psychological studies suggest that even unrealistic optimism can help us take action to make things better.  Believing that things can change is the prerequisite for actually changing things.” (Alison Gopnik, The Wall Street journal, 4-8-23).

To borrow a strong, now-re-instated marketing statement from the past, our United States Army’s once-again-current recruiting message and powerful challenge is: “BE ALL THAT YOU CAN BE. That very same challenge goes out, as well, to all genuine, true, caring, involved and nation-living Americans!!  It’s always the best time to Be All That You Can Be…….

And one more day-brightening humorous and truthful bit, not intended  in any way to insult current and future transgenders, whom we hope will sensibly trans-politically to a Republic vote in 2024, in order that our great country might overcome existing gender and other chaos, and that we all might live in peace and mutual respect, as we exit this post with truth, and the hope for a more stress-free and mutually-understanding and respecting future:

Current World Population:  8,025,718,113

People Born From Women: 8,025,718,113

People Born From Men:  0       Feel free to fact check…..  (Anonymous)

Have a safe, secure, prosperous, healthy, and politically-(conservative)-committed year ahead, and well beyond………..


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