Smart Talk #14

Arizona’s Republican Governor Doug Ducey has had enough of the illegal migrant surge coming across his own state’s border.  He intends to close the 1,000-foot gap in the yet-to-be-completed Trump border wall near Yuma.  And do so in a quick-fix, inventive, and given the time-frame, very smart way: Using multiple … read more

Bonkers, Blather, Blunders & Buffoons #17

The founder of the on-line site, “Legal Insurrection,” law professor William “Bill” Jacobson, writes about Critical Race Theory (CRT) being “so widespread that it’s harder to find places where it’s not being taught.”  A couple of his thoughts on CRT: “Angry elementary school parents noticed during the pandemic that their … read more

A Personal Tribute: The U.S. Army Career of LTG Donald E. “Rosie” Rosenblum on the Occasion of His Memorial Service at HAAF (9-16-2022)

Memorial Service (9-16-22) at Hunter Army Airfield (Truscott Terminal) to Salute the Passing of LTG “Rosie” Rosenblum At son David’s request, and his assistance, it’s my honor to provide brief highlights of the exceptional Army career of Lieutenant-General Donald E. “Rosie” Rosenblum As most if you know, Rosie attended The … read more

Revisiting The REALITY Of The Electric Vehicles Push

The EV story being incessantly pushed by this Progressive-powered administration isn’t as positive as they, and the national media, would now want you to believe, particularly when it comes to the real impact on the very questionable human-caused climate change smoke-screen we’re being given (literally so, in coal-burning China)! Actual, … read more

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