Bonkers, Blather, Blunders & Buffoons #17

The founder of the on-line site, “Legal Insurrection,” law professor William “Bill” Jacobson, writes about Critical Race Theory (CRT) being “so widespread that it’s harder to find places where it’s not being taught.”  A couple of his thoughts on CRT: “Angry elementary school parents noticed during the pandemic that their kid’s teachers were more inclined to teach them that white people were evil than to teach them to read.” And this: “Unfortunately, critical race theory – which views everything through the lenses of race and oppression – also has found fertile ground in America’s colleges and universities.  More disturbing, medical schools and military academies have fallen victim to it.” Yet another pandemic, it appears, this one more mental than medical, unjustly hammering oppression and ‘systemic racism’ into the minds of our young people, and then college age, as well.

Vice-President Kamala Harris speaking about the Supreme Court’s decision to turn ultimate decision-making on abortion back to state legislatures, claims instead that: “This court took that constitutional right away, and we are suffering as a nation because of it.”  Well, no, the court didn’t take the assumed “right” away, but rather returned the decision back to each independent state for proper law- making. And, secondly, America is not “suffering” because of that Supreme Court decision, but we are, in fact, suffering (1) from harmful, intense inflation, (2) from out-of-control serious crime and record murder rates in many Democrat-controlled U.S. cities, and (3) from a purposely unstopped invasion-stampede of an unmanageable number of illegal migrants heading right into our country due to the open southern border, all of which are major, negative issues caused, fostered, and/or allowed to grow, by the Biden administration.  Those are the true causes of our nation’s current “suffering.”

Time now for some Progressive-era “wokie” biology.  Forget what you were taught in school, back when there were subjects more important to your future than CRT.  And that’s because, today… cue the piccolos: “22% of Democrats think men can get pregnant”(WPA Intelligence survey).  Yes, that’s right, and we can clearly, henceforth, ever-more-quickly cure the dropping U.S. birthrate by simply having more women and more men become child-bearers.  It seems that “for almost 20-years now, activists have been educating students to believe that sex is a biological construct, while gender is a person’s innate identity.” Yep, self-identity.  Today, conveniently, you can identify as a Cocker Spaniel and seek your medical care from a veterinarian.  Or, you can stop being ridiculously stupid and accept that what you are, gender-wise, is determined solely by biology, but, then, only so since the very beginning of time.  By the way, if you are still out there attempting to date the other biological gender, know this: “36% of white, college-educated Democrat women think men can get pregnant.”  Suggest seeking the remaining 64%, or better yet, stick with an earth-bound Republican.

This will make you taxpayers, as in virtually all of us, very unhappy.  Reportedly, over 1.1-million persons in prison received COVID-19 federal checks, worth a total of $1-billion, according to IRS data (the same agency about to get an ungoshly amount of new money, so as to better audit us (vs. themselves). Now, you should also know that “roughly 163,000 of those recipients are individuals serving life sentences without the possibility of parole!”  And as we now realize, worse for all of us, this same COVID relief bill “triggered the worst inflation in 41-years.”

Recently, in a Hail-Mary, self-hyping PR move, the WH released a 58-page listing of Mr. Biden’s so-called ‘economic successes.”  A treatise referred to by at least one writer as “malarkey.” Among the claims made: “The Administration led the world in an historic release of oil from global reserves.”  The factual response to that claim from columnist James Bovard: “Biden knows that high gasoline prices endanger Democratic control of Congress in the mid-term elections, so he has emptied almost half of the U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserve. Former Energy Secretary Dan Brouillette condemned Biden’s policy: ‘It’s not a supply emergency, and the only emergency I can see …is a political emergency.’  And one additional administration claim from amidst the plethora of them: “Delivering nearly $3,000 in savings to American families for a pair of hearing aids.”  And the factual response to that: “Last month, the FDA finally approved the over-the-counter sale of hearing aids. But this is no Biden triumph.  After five years of dithering, the FDA finally complied with the mandate in a law passed by Congress and signed by President Trump in 2017.”  An inventive collection, by creative writers in the WH.

Then, back briefly to the IRS.  With the presumed 87,000 additional agents to swarm over mostly innocent Americans who do pay their ‘fair share,’ the assumption is that most of the new auditing will center on high-income taxpayers, although it’s predicted by Republicans on the House Ways & Means Committee that nearly half of those newly-enabled audits will impact “Americans earning less than $75,000.” Said Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen, championing the administration’s $80-billion ‘raise’ for the IRS, via the mis-named ‘Inflation Reduction Act:’ “In all, a strong IRS is critical to the economic success of this country – and I am heartened that we are finally reflecting that in our funding decisions.”  No, Madame Secretary, the economic success of America is not due to a vastly increased IRS, or other inflation-driving huge federal spending increases, but rather from a freer, capitalistic economic system, unencumbered, as it now is, by onerous, excessive federal regulations on American industry, that is, on those who actually produce things and ultimately drive the heightened, lasting success of our economy.

And talk about blunders and buffoons, resulting in the deadliest kind, New Orleans now wears the U.S. crown as the murder capital of America, per homicide data analysis, in 2022 to date, with three months yet remaining in the year! New Orleans takes over this unwanted title from St. Louis.  And worse, New Orleans law enforcement numbers put staffing there at the lowest level in “modern history.” They have been unsuccessful, not surprising, in replacing the officers who’ve departed.  For the first six months of this year, New Orleans had 41 murders per 100,000 residents.  Surprisingly, with all of the negative news centered there, Chicago recorded ‘only’ 11.5 murders per 100,000 residents, while New York City’s total was 2.4.  Crime continues to run rampant in major U.S. cities which are, again, dominated by Democrat politics (i.e., lack of impactful executive action, police defunding moves, no cash bail, etc.).

The 77th United Nations General Assembly will commence following the arrival of several world leaders from the Queen Elizabeth II observances and funeral in England.  While one might think that the Russian invasion of Ukraine, the increasing tensions between China and Taiwan, and the seeming principal Iranian focus on nuclear weapons (perhaps North Korea on that issue, as well) would all be central to U.N. discussions.  Well, perhaps.  But it appears more likely that, even in the face of current or potential member nation wars, a key topic will most likely be… Climate Change!  So, then, let the near-term inconsequential topic of global warming continue, while China burns more and more coal, and then we won’t worry so much about the very real potential for future wars (current in Ukraine) and nuclear weapons, both of which, unltimately, make the climate concern totally immaterial.

Rather than opening and/or constructing new petroleum pipelines, rather than helping regain America’s energy independence by adding drilling permits on-&- off-shore, and rather than assuring energy company lenders that their financing will be secure, the Biden administration, firmly in the bunk with the climate-crazy Progressives, has instead stopped the new pipelines, cut back to near zero on new drilling permits, and flashed the red lights of risk to energy lenders.

So, then, in order to secure enough reliable fuel for the U.S., at likely to be short-term pump price reductions, the administration has syphoned-off close to half of our strategic reserves (risky and stupid beyond belief for anyone who actually cared about America’s domestic energy safety) and then, gallon-jug-in-hand, has reportedly gone begging to foreign nations, including enemy ones, in search of purchasing more and “dirtier” petroleum.  All to satisfy the leftist ‘masters’ controlling and steering the WH.  As with virtually everything now being done, the objective is to satisfy, and suck up to, the political hard left, rather than care at all about what’s in the best interests of our nation, the very one the president was elected, and swore, to protect.   UPDATE:  The administration’s Department of Energy just announced (9-19-22) that it intends to continue selling/delivering our oil from America’s Strategic Petroleum Reserve right up to the mid-term election!  Intended, of course, politically to keep U.S. pump prices lowered, so as to bluff consumers into believing that a key step against roaring inflation continues.  Here’s the problem behind the political smoke-screen. Those millions of barrels of U.S. domestic security oil are auctioned off, that is, sold to the highest bidder, “and some of the businesses entitled to make bids are foreign companies”!!  So, explain to Americans, again, how selling our valued defensive oil supplies to “foreign companies” helps to bring down U.S. pump prices?  This has a bit of a hoax-like ring to it.  Selling our oil to foreign interests, pocketing the millions, while preventing U.S. energy companies from expanded drilling, so that we really could reduce, for real, pump prices and keep them down.  We’re selling U.S. oil reserves, meant to protect America in time of war of national disaster(s).;  And, as a result, our “emergency reserve has fallen to its lowest level since November of 1984 (38-years ago!).  Something stinks here, and it’s not our oil, the world’s cleanest! (Source of update:, Jack McEvoy, 9-19-22).

And now, with the premature push to get wealthy Americans to switch to electric vehicles, well before its really practical to do so (unless charging at home and just driving within town), and with the emerging huge need for a pot full of minerals for electric vehicle battery production, rather than encourage U.S. based mining, because the Lefty-Climatiers oppose it, Mr. Biden is now said to be looking to Canada for those critical minerals.  Just another bit of current political foolishness.  China, as we now know, “dominates refining capacity and production of rare earth elements.” To side-step the Chinese, and to certainly avoid supporting the expansion of America’s own minerals mining, Mr. Biden has now triggered the Defense Production Act, with financial assistance available to ‘domestic’ projects that will help secure and increase the availability of American mineral supplies.  Well, guess what?  The administration has actually identified Canada as a ‘domestic source’ under that Defense Production Act!!   That said, please do take a moment to welcome Canada as America’s sudden 51st state!!

This is the ultimate insult to America’s own mining industry, and to the American people, for whom mining expansion would have provided countless new jobs.

Unbeknown to many of us., the United States does have potential mined access to several of the highly desire minerals.  For instance, Nevada reportedly has “mass deposits of lithium,” and “there is no viable substitute for lithium to manufacture electric car batteries.” With apparently substantial reserves, Nevada could become a “domestic powerhouse for lithium production.”  Then, there’s Minnesota, which has in the ground a “world-class deposit of both nickel and copper.”

And, of course, there’s Alaska, a newer state(!), apparently not yet fully-recognized by the WH, which could produce “100% or more of current U.S. production of cobalt, silver, and graphite, and over 90% of current zinc production.” Alaska was described as a “gigantic vein of opportunity all the way up and down the state, where “we could probably sustain certain mineral needs for centuries.”

U.S. Representative Pete Stauber (R-MN) is none too happy about the administration snubbing domestic protection of these needed minerals by simply re-opening or establishing new, mining operations within the U.S.  Said Stauber: “I can’t say I’m surprised, since Biden has repeatedly indicated he prefers foreign labor mining for minerals instead of Americans, even though he claims to support American mining.  Now he wants to use American taxpayer money to build even more wealth abroad, not at home.  We need the political will to mine here, but yet again, President Biden is caving to radical activists to continue to mine abroad, instead of ensuring our (own) mineral security and dominance.”

Just another crushing, cruel, insulting and, frankly, stupid example of the administration being politically wooed by the short-skirts and high-heels of the D.C.-based leftist anti-America gaggle (and those are just the ones identifying as men), rather than doing the right thing by supporting and funding America-first mining (and increased drilling for oil/gas), for the production-betterment and domestic security of our great nation.  This November, let’s be certain to elect America-first Representatives and Senators, rather than those confused Lefty-Libs who apparently remain smitten by the higher-cost, and forbidden overseas deep-earthen romance with helmet-lighted financial suitors.


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