Our NON-“Secure” U.S. Southern Border: The Illegal Human and Drug Surge Continues

Recently, in a D.C. press conference, Peter Doocy of Fox News asked about unvaccinated entries at the border: “Somebody unvaccinated comes (to America) on a plane, you say that’s not OK.  Somebody walks into Texas or Arizona (at the border) unvaccinated, they’re allowed to stay?”  Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre responded: “That’s not how it works. It’s not like someone walks over.”

That’s a mighty worrisome answer from a government spokesperson, because that’s exactly how it works!!  Unvaccinated migrants are, in fact, walking into our country at the southern border, every day, and by the thousands.  With or without vaccinations, these folks present all kinds of current, and future, serious issues for America.

And, no, Mr. & Mrs. Federal Government, our southern border is NOT “secure,” despite recent assurances from the Vice-President and others asserting the company line.  Border Patrol Chief Raul Ortiz has testified that “unprecedented numbers” of illegal migrants have entered our country during fiscal year 2022 (ended in September).  Reportedly more than 2-million migrant “encounters” (arrests), which is over 300,000 more than in Year 2021. And that doesn’t include the tens of thousands of non-encountered “Got-Aways.”  To give you a specific example of a monthly increase, CBP reported that it encountered over 181,000 migrants in August (2022), which is up sharply from the over 47,000 apprehensions in August of 2020.  The latter figure was under the Trump administration.  The large increases reported in both 2021 and 2022 are, of course, under the “Y’all Come” encouragement banner of the current WH team.

Then there is the matter of potential terrorist candidates seeking entry.  CBP agents are reported to have apprehended ten individuals on America’s “terror watch list” in July 2022 alone.  For FY2022, arrests were made of a total of 66 people on the “Terrorist Screening Dataset.” These terror list 66 persons represent “more than twice the numbers from the previous five years combined!”  So, it’s not just the massive quantity of illegal migrants entering.  It’s dangerous undesirables trying to gain entry, as well.

And on that note, while not at the southern border, there is also the matter of Afghan citizens transported to America after the rapid withdrawal of U.S. forces in 2021, who in the rush to depart, were not properly vetted, say authorities. A subsequent Homeland Security report stated that “dozens of evacuees were admitted or paroled into the country with derogatory information.” The White House had reportedly earlier assured America that “no one is coming into the United States who has not been through a thorough screening and background check process.”  The DHS report adamantly contradicts this WH assurance.

Then there’s the report out of Albuquerque, New Mexico of a man there arrested for attempting to provide support to ISIS!  He was actually attempting to establish an “Islamic State Center” in New Mexico, for the purpose of providing “a safe haven for individuals preparing to travel and fight on behalf of ISIS, in the United States and abroad,” according to the Department of Justice.  Speaking of terrorists, do you think its just possible that at least some potential ISIS recruits, or trainers(!), might have been able to sneak across our porous southern border and link up in New Mexico, despite the very best efforts of our totally undermanned and overworked great CBP agents?

And along with the illegal entry of undesirable persons, there’s the persistent drug smuggling problem. Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents arrested a woman, during a near-by traffic stop, in possession of 187 pounds of fentanyl, which authorities said was “sufficient to kill up to 42-million people”!  Continuing with the drug issue at the border, ever-alert CBP agents decided to do a secondary search of a trailer coming through near Laredo, Texas.  The trailer’s manifest listed that it was hauling “baby wipes.” After an inspection by a canine, the actual content proved to be almost 2,000 packages of cocaine!  CBP officials referred to it as “a colossal record-setting seizure.” Thanks to our alert Border Patrol personnel for stopping still more illegal drugs from entering our country.  And you’ll note that so much of these illicit drug entry efforts can be traced back to our ridiculously open southern border.

The cost to America of our non-secure border financially, let alone lives lost, is enormous. It’s estimated that the economic cost to America’s taxpayers of supporting the millions of illegal migrants who’ve been allowed to enter our country, just since the Biden administration’s ‘open-door’ policies, will exceed $20-billion each year, according to estimates from the Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), which responsibly calls for lower levels of overall immigration here.  FAIR indicates that the billions now going to support illegals could better be going to hiring more teachers, adding needy U.S. families to the food stamp program, or even to completing construction of the entire southern border wall!!  OR … simply saving, not spending, those billions to keep from adding to America’s already out-of-control national debt.  Sadly, that financial horse is already out of the barn, as the illegal migrants are already within our country, so any savings are no longer possible.  And as the number of illegals inevitably increases each month, so does the cost of supporting them!

The administration talks on and on about solving the “root causes” of the migrant crisis, by spending even more of our money in Central America to “solve” the issues.  That’s just blowing smoke, and attempting to deflect America’s attention away from the obvious solution to the immediate problem, which every thinking, America-first, citizen well knows:  Get serious about securely closing our southern border and getting back to the long-standing protect-America-first immigration laws, that are being openly ignored by this administration, for its own seemingly-anti-America, self-centered political purposes.

The myriad of domestic problems currently overwhelming loyal, caring American citizens all need to be brought under firm control.  The current party in power cannot, will not, right our damaged ship of state.  Be certain that you, and all like-minded citizens you know, get out and vote Republican in November, to make sure we can finally begin to restore a free, safe, secure, law-and-order, and Constitution-abiding America.  Today’s children, and future generations, are depending on us to do the right and responsible thing:  Vote to restore the greatness of America!


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