Bonkers, Blather, Blunders and Buffoons #36

Said our nation’s chief leader recently: “Migrants are what makes us economically strong.”  Respectfully disagree!  Now, when it comes to legal immigrants, yes, certainly. When they arrive, they typically do so with education (training), skills, English language competence, no intent to live off of government free stuff, but rather with … read more

Are We Losing Our America?

Recently, it sometimes feels like it.  Case in point, in a recent YouGov/Economist poll (1,755 respondents), 68% believe our nation is “out of control,” and “off on the wrong track.” By political leaning, 48 % of Democrats felt so, 70% of Independents, and 90% of Republicans agreed that we are … read more

Unsustainable in America

The word sustainable is defined as “a practice that sustains a given condition, such as economic growth, without destroying or depleting natural resources, etc.”  Unsustainable, of course, is just the opposite.  For a number of otherwise quite controllable reasons, such as astute, sensible management, the current administration is however leading … read more

Smart Talk #27

In his article, “Three Cheers for Oil,” commentator John Hinderaker notes that “Oil is the Earth’s miracle substance. Like electricity, oil drives economic growth.  No other fuel can match oil when it comes to energy density, cost, scale, flexibility, or ease of handling and transportation.”  Quoting columnist David Blackmon, on … read more

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