Bonkers, Blather, Blunders, and Buffoons #37

With a self-back-pat, Mr. Biden recently announced that, with the “303,000 new jobs in March, we have passed the milestone of 15-million jobs created since I took office.”  Deflating the hyper-balloon and deservedly so, the reality with this jobs claim is that, of those alleged 303,000 new jobs, “71,000, or 1 in 4, were government jobs.”  Yep, a big chunk of those supposed new jobs were created by the government feeding itself.  That’s how the numbers were cranked up, and at an additional actual cost to taxpayers.  Add to that 72,000 jobs in the healthcare industry, which is “heavily government funded.”  Unmentioned, but important to know, reportedly, some home healthcare jobs, in New York City, at least, are actually simply from Medicaid now paying family members, who were formerly, and by tradition, providing relative care at home at no cost to the government. And with Medicaid paying them, they became “private sector workers”! The added advantage here is that “the government was creating jobs without creating any new jobs.  It had simply begun paying people for what they were doing already, while taking all the credit.”  Wrote article author Daniel Greenfield: “Along with healthcare, welfare continues to be the leading source of Biden’s job growth. These are not the signs of a healthy economy, but a faltering socialist economy faking its job growth. By boosting Medicaid spending and other forms of welfare assistance, Biden and the Democrats faked a jobs boom and an economic expansion that doesn’t actually exist.”  Real job growth, ideally, would be from existing and expanding  manufacturing and related industries, jobs that reflect actual productivity, creating salaries and wages that provide added tax revenue, rather than depleting it.

And speaking of job growth, since 2019, reportedly just 25% of those jobs have gone to natural-born Americans, with the remaining 75% taken by legal and illegal migrants, according to a report from the Center for Immigration Studies.  “Advocates insist that there are simply not enough workers without immigrants.  This argument ignores the long-term deterioration in labor force participation among U.S.-born men.”  And something else you may not want to hear, per writer John Binder: “Today, the foreign-born population stands at 51.6-milion – the largest ever recorded in American history. Put another way, about 3 in 19 people living in the U.S. were born in a foreign country.” Said Donald Trump on the migrant employment situation and status: “In everything he does, Joe Biden puts illegal aliens first, he puts the cartels first, he puts the Open Border lunatics first – while he betrays American citizens.  As your president, I will put African Americans First, Hispanic Americans First, and I will put all Americans First.  My loyalty is to you, the American people.”

Regarding our open border(s), expert observers are quite certain that terror-prone illegals have crossed and entered our country.  As a pre-election maneuver, Mr. Biden issued yet another executive order, this one alleging that illegal entry will be slowed significantly.  Turns out that, amidst the verbiage, nothing of the sort will actually happen.  Just another political false-flag.  As writer Andrea Widburg, and others, noting upon closer inspection: “Not only is it a con, but it also exposes how the Biden administration and the complicit progressive Democrat media have been gaslighting Americans for the last three-plus years.” Early in his new January 2021 administration, “Biden de facto nullified America’s immigration laws, an unconstitutional and tyrannical act.”  As we all now know, illegal migration skyrocketed once he purposely violated and ignored those long in place national immigration laws, knowingly refusing to enforce them.  Now, not only have we endured an actual tsunami swarm of entering illegals, now numbering in the millions, illegal migrants are now also arriving from some countries of special concern, namely China.

In the last seven months alone, reportedly 48,501 Chinese migrants have entered the United States illegally, a huge increase over the 342 who crossed our southern border illegally in fiscal year 2021!  The question for U.S. security becomes whether these Chinese citizens are escaping from their homeland’s repression or are they being sent here to infiltrate and spy?  And who is making their lengthy and expensive transit possible, as they eventually enter near San Diego via Mexico?  Simply put, whether from China or from Middle East nations, the protections of a closed border are being peeled away, leaving our nation’s security at great and continuing risk.  Heaven help us if we are actually now harboring most likely middle eastern individuals determined to deliver a second 9/11-like terror attack, or even worse.  If so, then beyond question, the responsibility will be that of the open border(s) made possible by the Biden administration’s politically purposeful neglect and negation of America’s traditional immigration laws.

And if, by chance, you might be worried about your safety in the midst of increased criminal activity in your city, in Denver, for instance, you’ll be certain to feel more secure with that city’s new law enforcement program. The Denver Police Department, “recently defunded by millions (of dollars) to pay for migrants (!) is now launching its own drone program as a tool to help officers respond to 911 calls,” the program to begin within the next twelve months.  The feeling was expressed that the use of drones may well be the future of policing.  Hopefully, we’ve have even more police officers on duty in the future, and that the future of drone use will be strictly to assist actual officers on the scene, and not used instead of to save money.  Actual emergencies need officers or first responders at the site of the issue, as rapidly as possible, not waiting for a drone report before rolling!

Thinking back to our discussion of the damage being done to our country by the encouraged invasion of millions of illegal migrants (damage: financial, cultural, safety/security, etc.), during a recent interview conducted by TIME magazine, Mr. Biden was told by the interviewer that “large majorities of Americans, including Democrats, were concerned about his age and ability to serve another term as president.”  His response: “I can do (the job) better than anybody you know.”  Responding, again, to voter concerns, he then said: “Look, name me a president that’s gotten as much done as I’ve gotten done in my first three and a half years.”  Now, both of his defensive responses go against reality and common sense. Way too much of what he’s “gotten done” during his first term has proven to be incredibly negative and harmful for our nation. And virtually all of it progressively-politically motivated, such as our long open borders; rampant, unrelenting inflation; that disastrous politically-driven hasty withdrawal from Afghanistan; seeming pro-Iran/con-Israel nation positioning, etc.

And to tag out this discussion of Mr. Biden’s value to America, responding to the foolish charge, from his own party, that Republicans are a threat to democracy, during a very recent CNN interview, bold, truth-telling Senator Tim Scott (R-SC) stated: “The greatest threat to democracy today is Joe Biden”! That truth, as we servant citizens plod ahead under the ‘leadership’ of an administration that increasingly seems to regard our Constitution and the Rule of Law as simply suggestions.


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