Wow, Hell Really Can Freeze Over!

The president has put America on notice, yet anew.  He would like to share with us, and the world, four more years of his fundamental lack of effective leadership.  Fundamental, as in the “fundamental transformation of America.”  It didn’t work well under his mentor, Mr. Obama, and the efforts to make it so, ever since, have been nothing but painful for our largely-distraught, economically-penalized, and confused nation, one that seems to be in the midst of a totally-unexpected and frightening financial, societal, and emotional upheaval.

Primarily, that is because, in the midst of ‘Operation Transformation Two,’ this president, through two-and-a-half years in office, has yet to achieve anything at all that could be considered truly positive for America.  At least in the eyes of rational, Non-Progressives, who thankfully remain the overwhelming majority of ‘we the people.’  Nothing positive.  Plenty of stunning and costly negatives, but not one positive policy or action, which is a clear indication that he is either under a mystical, unshakable Progressive-Socialist spell, or he and his hidden string-pullers seem to have no clear-eyed, stable vision of what harm he is doing to our nation, and, worse, he and they simply don’t seem to care.  In sum, because of this miscarriage of administrative edicts and control, we might well conclude that it seems the president simply does not love, let alone even like, America, the nation that has provided him with years of power and apparently substantial wealth, without ever having to work and earn in a real job for several decades now. So, what is it that he has done to lead so poorly (example: the abrupt withdrawal from Afghanistan!), and as a result, impose negative policies on far too much of America?

Well for starters, and this is the critical basic for a fully responsible person sitting in the White House, 72% of polled adult citizens feel that “America is out of control.” Looking more closely at specifics, 85% of them “blamed Biden’s economy riddled with systemic inflation,” while 75% “blame the citizen-level deterioration of culture and values.”  Of those who blamed Mr. Biden’s ‘leadership’ for the out-of-control issues, 72% of independent voters agreed, 93% of Republican voters agreed, and even an embarrassing, apparently self-absorbed, only 33% of see-no-evil, somnambulant Democrat voters agreed that Mr. Biden “is to blame for the state of the nation.”

One of the major out-of-control issues negatively impacted our citizens is life-altering violent crime, which continues to run rampant principally in Democrat-run major cities. While largely a local issue, it impacts the nation, and he could do much to get it significantly lessened or stopped by working in earnest with his party-mates in municipal office, and/or with meaningful federal pressure and response (e.g., federal grants for far more police officers), rather than ignoring the expanding problem and choosing only to speak about after the fact “gun control.”  Mass shootings by mentally-unbalanced individuals is another area in need of administrative health resources action, rather than always falling back to nothing but more gun control talk.  As we all know, with honesty, it’s not the guns that are killing people, it’s the individuals holding and shooting those guns.  We must remember that if you take guns away from honest citizens, then only the bad guys will have them, and violent crime will escalate.

In his first speech after making known his re-election desire, Mr. Biden actually had the boasting kahunas to say that the “economy was strong, and his economic plan was working.” Neither is correct, as the most recent GDP was disappointing and the lingering inflation is doing great harm to working Americans, especially, with an alarming number saying they are having to live paycheck to paycheck.

In one of his recent announcements, Mr. Biden has said: “Personal freedom is fundamental to who we are as Americans. There’s nothing more important, nothing more sacred.  That’s been the work of my first term.”  Where that actually the case, it’s fair to say that he has failed.  He is correct that personal and national freedom is fundamental to the promise of our Constitutional founding, to our traditions, to our culture, to our ‘shining light’ viewed historically by other nations, and to the expectations for our future generations. But the actions of his administration, with continued over-regulation, have actually diminished individual freedoms.

Reversing or suppressing our assumed American-style freedoms by imposing Progressive-Green-Woke desires on our citizens like the following: Government-dictated “climate change” regulations and huge Green expenditures; Worse yet, seemingly approving life-altering gender-change on youth;  Overlooking graphic sexual discussions imposed on elementary-aged children (while over-riding the traditional parental role), and purposely encouraging the blunting of parental involvement regarding questionable school curriculum content.

And then there’s dictating that a large percentage of EV’s must be produced by U.S. vehicle manufacturers by a future date certain, clearly an administrative cart-before-the-horse imposition (limited charging stations), despite little interest among the vast percentage of traditional gasoline-powered vehicle drivers, all while, as indicated, trying to regulate fossil fuel drillers and refiners out of existence (those who gave the U.S. fuel independence and currently supply 80% of the nation’s electricity need), including an attempt to force natural gas home and commercial stoves out of existence.  All clearly significant moves to remove individual consumer freedoms, despite haughty presidential claims to the contrary. And speaking of the basic right to compete fairly, it is the administration-led Democrats who strongly favor allowing biological males, who’ve transgendered, to compete in athletic events against biological girls and women, thereby removing the freedom for women to compete fairly in sporting events.

Then there’s the issue of requiring a government-issued photo ID in order for American citizens to vote.  Helping to insure legitimacy at the polls rather than fraud. Progressives see that basic legitimate requirement as “making it more difficult for people to be able to vote.”  Few freedoms are more fundamental than an American citizen’s right to vote.  When various forms of vote fraud are employed by those not as concerned about maintaining that freedom as are the vast percentage of Americans, the impact of that precious voting right is diluted, and results may well be fraudulent, whether such can be proven or just assumed.

And some other areas, right before our eyes, in which our freedoms are being squashed, diminished, or just ignored by this “freedom is fundamental” and “nothing is more sacred”-claiming administration:  The obvious weakening of our military forces (with woke instruction diverting war fighting focus and hampering recruiting);  Socialist wealth redistribution attempts (by proposed dictate, he wants stronger mortgage holders to end up assisting those mortgage-seekers who are financially in need;  Facing nuclear threats from Russia, Iran and North Korea, the administration continues to play dodge-ball with Russia over Taiwan, while diverting our attention, and budget dollars by sending billions in armaments and funding to Ukraine;  Then, for the first time in recent history, turning away from our long-time ally, Israel, to apparently favor the Palestinians, driven by certain woke congressional members with anti-Jewish state sentiment;  Increasing government dependency (translation: control) with non-stop handouts for citizens and illegals alike;  Restricting First Amendment freedom of speech, in cahoots with the nation’s leftist media;  Pushing DEI throughout American governments, businesses, organizations, and universities to emphasize minority-targeted “equity” results rather than equality (i.e., merit);  And then, as seemingly always, the fable of man-made “climate change” used to impose more and more limitations on what we are permitted to say, write, use, and do in our traditional land of freedom.

During his time in office, Mr. Biden has done much to diminish citizen freedoms and, frankly, happiness and contentment, while, by his actions and intentions, increasing citizen angst and concerns about our near-term future. Of perhaps the most major concern is the effectively-open southern border, allowing (even encouraging) millions of illegal migrants, with limited work skills and non-English-fluency, to flood into our nation at great cost, both financially, culturally, and with certain crime increases (e.g., human and drug trafficking, etc.).  Our border could well be closed, as Mr. Trump did, but Mr. Biden, for purely political reasons (future voters) has intentionally left our southern border open (now, even the northern one), and he is absolutely doing this on purpose.  Talk about impacting the individual freedoms of those living especially within our border states (and ultimately well beyond)! Leaving our borders open is unconscionable and absolutely Un-American.

Within his re-election decision announcement, the president spoke of wanting to “finish the job.”  He has, thus far, done much to downgrade, dimmish, and frankly, intentionally or not, effectively damage our nation.  By “finish the job,” does he mean to go ahead and completely destroy what he hasn’t already?  “Finishing the job” will likely include packing the Supreme Court with liberal justices, so all future rulings can be made while completely ignoring the provisions of our brilliant and treasured Constitution.  It will likely also include, in the heaven-help-us Second Term, giving citizenship to all illegal migrants.  You can see that probably coming after the election, if re-elected, as it would tank his electability if done now.  This bolsters the mass of dependent Democrat voters and begins the ultimate desire of this administration, and the Progressive herd, to keep Democrats in control forever, while driving toward a one-party system: the Democrat-Progressive-Socialist one.  On the way to that permanent dominance goal, the administration’s additional desire, now hiding in the wings, is to win statehood for both Washington, D.C. and Puerto Rico, both Democrat strongholds forever, and thus the reason to bring them in as new states. Bringing in two liberal-for-life new states, rather than just one, we can suppose, so as not to really mess up even worse our flag’s then-required new design!

“Finish the job” potentially implies, feel some, that the president may be suggesting that he means even ultimately delivering the United States to China, given the revelations of a deeper level of presential and family relationship and cooperation, than is currently factually revealed.  Said Representative Greg Murphy (R-N.C.):  “You know he and his family have already been paid off. Everything he’s doing is giving the entire nation to China. Trade benefits. The universities have China. We have even seen a police force from China in this country itself.  Everything went to China. Biden is “the most divisive president that I think this nation has ever seen,” the last statement in response to the president’s assertion that it’s “the Republicans who want to take away people’s personal freedoms.”  As you well know, but too much of the media prefer to agree, it is certainly NOT the Republicans who wish to diminish American freedoms.  It’s the Progressive Leftists, without question, as we’ve written about here. And this from Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.): “Finish the job? Based on Biden’s record, this sounds like a threat.”

Wrote Phil Gramm and Pat Toomey in a recent Wall Street Journal opinion piece: “Who will challenge this reimposition of failed Progressive-era policies?  If business can’t find an effective national voice to speak out in opposition, if a divided Congress can’t adopt appropriation riders to limit Mr. Biden’s regulatory excesses, and if the courts don’t provide regulatory salvation, the president’s regulatory agenda virtually ensures that in a single term (Note: Or more!), he will drastically transform the economy and life in America.”  The hope and definite need for America is to not only win the presidency in 2024, but win both the House and Senate, too.  For the future of our free and independent America, more than a hope, this is a must!!  Work as hard as you can, individually and collectively, to make Republican federal victory in 2024 a clear and thankful reality.


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