Why Is It Even A Question?

The source of the coronavirus (COVID-19)?  Surprisingly, after much digging, there seems to be no evidence of any kind that it actually started in Iowa. Otherwise it would, of course, now be known, here and around the planet, named after the state capital, as the Des Moine (da-Moyn) virus.  No, instead there is a darn good reason why it’s been identified from the very start as the Wuhan Virus.  And that’s because (be surprised) that is exactly where this now world-wide, death-dealing virus was discovered and spread, right there in promise-not-to-say-a-word-or-you’ll-disappear, Communist China.  Through their purposeful avoidance of research reality, combined with their subsequent face-saving cover-up, this deadly virus was launched, first, in Wuhan itself, then across China, and now throughout the world.

Early in December (2019), it’s reported that a seafood seller in an outdoor city market there became ill.  Other market vendors suddenly became ill as well.  Doctors there were puzzled by what appeared to be a new virus strain. By late December, with many others now suffering from this same illness, the link to that outdoor market was finally and firmly established.  But when doctors there, one doctor in particular, tried to warn medical colleagues about this new and dangerous finding, he was reprimanded by the Chinese Government authorities for spreading “false rumors.” Reportedly, the government then stepped in and removed all traces of the research, destroying lab samples, and anything else connected with this, what could have been, life-saving information. Knowledge that could have spared the world from the now-spreading, and killing, pandemic.

Rather, the Chinese Government waited until later in January (2020) to reveal the presence of this new, extremely harmful and, finally admitted, highly contagious, virus.  This only after a huge number of people had already left Wuhan’s Chinese New Year celebration, traveling elsewhere in China, before the Wuhan area was formally quarantined.  With sad irony, the original research doctor, the one who first tried to sound the alarm about the new virus, through his own research, ended up dying from that very virus.

So, then, why go through all of this now well-known background?  Because the Chinese propaganda machine is busy trying to deflect responsibility for the coronavirus, even to the point of stating that it was American soldiers who brought it to China!  Yep, let’s see, how many U.S. military members are routinely wandering around in Communist China?  That’s correct, zero!  That ploy is absurd.  China is also now trying to wipe the responsibility slate clean by shipping all manner of supplies and medical personnel to Italy, with whom they have a special relationship (and, through Chinese presence there, probably why Italy has been so hard hit by the virus, more so, it seems, than even its source nation!).

The need to place blame for this unfortunate virus pandemic, not yet close to containment, where it rightfully belongs, is China, regardless of their propaganda efforts to the contrary. Because by covering it up and denying its existence, until it spread beyond Wuhan, elsewhere in China, and then beyond, it needlessly infected many other parts of the world, resulting from the large number of Chinese tourists, students, and others travelling to so many other nations.  In hindsight, President Trump was absolutely correct in moving so quickly to close off all flights to and from China (January 31st).  No telling how many American lives that flight ban saved.

Among others, former American U.N. ambassador, John Bolton, didn’t hold back in his condemnation of China’s total attempted, face-saving, mishandling of the COVID-19 discovery, and subsequent national/international distribution, causing countless illness cases and deaths.  Said Bolton: “China silenced coronavirus whistleblowers, expelled journalists, destroyed samples, refused CDC help, and concealed the counts of deaths and infections.  It’s a fact that there was a massive cover-up.  China is responsible. The world must act to hold them accountable.”

As one U.S. writer has correctly said in essence: “the communist Chinese have been far more effective in stopping the spread of information about the coronavirus, than stopping the spread of the coronavirus itself.”  But on the subject of accountability, at least one of the entertainment world’s west-coast low-lights, screeched via twitter that, of course, the President “will end up killing thousands” of Americans, in effect branding him as a mass murderer,  Truth be told, which I know must be a strange concept to the screecher, and those of that breed, it is not our President, but rather Communist China that history will label as the cause of mass murder in this instance, due to their blind negligence in not stopping the spread sooner, and issuing a more timely warning to the world.

And for those who continue to see this Administration, and our nation in general, as at least part of the solution to major problems, rather than always the cause, and thus to put a partial lid on the  question of America’s preparedness to combat an emergency like COVID-19, in late 2019, the Nuclear Threat Initiative and the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security ranked the United States as “the best-prepared country in the world to handle a pandemic.”  That should, hopefully, make those of you who still love America, and among those with sanity who still wish to live here, and are thankful for that blessing, feel at least somewhat better about the critical health challenge facing us today.

Now, that said, here’s yet another even more pressing aspect, here at home, of “why is it even a question?”  And that’s the business of providing financial stimulus to our nation’s economy. And specifically to those businesses and individuals most impacted by the safe distancing/shelter in place and other edicts imposed by federal/state/local  governments, and by common sense, to avoid the spread of the highly contagious COVID-19.

The Republican-controlled (in theory) U.S. Senate has attempted in very recent days to pass legislation that would provide those operation-bootstrap funds to help displaced individuals and those businesses (small ones especially), in need of financial funding, outright grants or loans, to attempt to get our economy (and the stock market!) back on track toward resumed economic prosperity.  Thus far, Republicans have been stopped in their tracks by two things: (1) 5 Republican Senators are at home self-quarantined due to possible coronavirus virus infection, and (2) All Democrat Senators (as of Tuesday night, March 23rd) appear determined to go well beyond just providing immediate first-aid to businesses and individuals in dire need.  They want to cram all manner of progressive socialist freebies into the legislation, provisions that have nothing what so ever to do with the primary objective, which is to make help available to those who need it.

Then, flying literally to the rescue, Mrs. Pelosi got involved, angered that the Senate was capturing all of the spotlight, forgetting conveniently that it was the Senate, and not her House, that stayed in session through the weekend to try to expedite the needed financial aid.  No matter, she self-centeredly sought and forced her share of the spotlight by stopping Republican progress dead in its tracks. Adhering to the advice of liberal icon, Rahm Emanuel, as he famously suggested in his oft-used Emanuel Manuel: “Never allow a crisis to go to waste,” which is a disgusting piece of advice for those trying to make positive things happen and happen quickly, as in the present instance, rather than providing time for the opposition to conjure up some negative advantage to counter or overshadow national misfortunate or tragedy, in essence throwing blocking broom sticks into moving bike spokes.

And such, now, is Mrs. Pelosi’s mission: Force her hard-left-pressured progressive socialist fantasies into the game for personal advantage, by insisting on “relief” provisions that do not address actual pressing need. And by so doing, she shut down any chance of passing the necessary federal relief last night (March 23rd).

Here, then, is a sample of the Pelosi-nonsense, aimed at stalling the process and, if accepted, wasting mega-millions of increasing scarce treasury funds on projects designed solely to pander, pander to the increasingly hard-left progressive socialist gaggle that appears to be taking over the once-respected Democrat Party.

Mrs. Pelosi has proposed, in her own House stimulus bill that we should eliminate the U.S. Postal Service debt.  Where in the sam-hell did that foolishness come from?  And, especially, right now. It has nothing remotely to do with rescuing our economy and the Americans within it. Possible to satisfy the postal union?

Then, she wants to require same day voter registration. You can guess why.  It would allow no time to vet potential voters, in order to, among other infractions, guard against illegals voting. This would set the stage, on purpose, for continued and extended voter fraud.  Continuing down fantasy lane, she suggests paying off a portion of individual student debt.  So, let’s see, that means shifting the burden to federal tax payers, in order to help absolve the bad choices of students, whether that means having chosen (note: choice) a super-expensive elite school they couldn’t begin to afford, or majoring in a non-marketable major (for instance, any one ending in “Studies”), with little hope of ever earning enough to pay off, or even pay down, their acquired student debt.

Oh, but there’s more to this almost unending list of superfluous socialist gimmicks, aimed at financially burdening either our government or our industries. Such is the case with her suggested mandate that America’s airlines, the ones currently struggling to even stay in business, must cut their carbon emissions 50% by the Year 2050. Mis-timed at the very least, and a pure pander to the socialist-environmentalists convinced that man is solely responsible for climate change (news, by the way, to God).  And Mrs. P. also wants continued and, no doubt, increased federal subsidies for wind and solar, industries that should, by now, if they are truly financially feasible for the long term, be paying most, if not all, of their own way, just like other suppliers of energy must do. And how many housing developments and communities who are fine with wind and solar projects, are accepting just as long as they’re not built in their “backyards.”  Oh, and let’s forget all about the provable damage done to wildlife, as their heretofore vocal protectors go effectively silent.  And finally, for now, with doubtless more infeasible and unnecessary puff projects to be pulled from her special storage place, one more: Extending nonimmigrant visas and prohibiting universities from providing student citizen status to authorities, just another liberal extension of the so-called, and federally illegal, “sanctuary cities.”

Those are the currently known totally unneeded, hyper-expensive stocking stuffers that Mrs. Pelosi has used to prevent a fiscally reasonable (as much as is possible in this current health-and-economy threatening politicalized environment) solution to our economic emergency.  Said Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Michael McAdams: “People are dying, and all Nancy Pelosi and Democrats can focus on is ripping off the American taxpayer to help pay for their liberal wish list of government handouts.”  Said Senator Ted Cruz: “Today, 102 Americans died while the Democrats blocked consideration of this bill.  One Texan died while this chamber decided not to show up for work and do their job.”

There is a frankly a far more disturbing bottom line here, beyond the current Pelosi/Schumer attempt at totally unnecessary federal tax-payer largess.  All of this is aimed at more and more federal expenditure and thus ever-increasing, ever-punitive federal control.  And no question in any thinking mind, that is the pathway to the progressive socialist desire for the take-over of the American government, economic system, and the very incredible nation that generations of loyal American fought and died to protect.  The very fabric, policies, laws, traditions, and assumed future of America that we all thought would still be with us, for our children, and grandchildren forever. The last president, the tried-to-be crown prince of socialism, told us early on that he wanted to “fundamentally transform America.” Those who took a bite of that tainted apple thought, by “transform,” he simply meant to make America even better. Sadly, his true aim was to make our nation worse, by dividing us into ethnic-social-religious tribes (“divide and conquer”), driving up the national debt unbelievably, achieved by dolling out free stuff to citizens deemed by government to be in need, and in doing so, heading us straight toward a far more socialistic, federally-controlled nation.  Fortunately, Donald Trump disrupted the Obama Socialism Train that would have continued, and been made even worse, had Mrs. Clinton won, as she was supposed to do, since the deep-state fix was in.

It is imperative that President Trump wins a second term, and with it, that control of both Houses be returned to conservative Republicans, if we are at all worried about the direction we’re headed in toward more total socialism (and perhaps, ultimately, worse). We are in jeopardy of federal financial default as it is, not helped at all by this current legitimate need to bail out our citizens and businesses/industries, driven into dire straits by the requirements put in place to defeat this insidious COVID-19 virus, imposed on us, and the world, by an authoritarian nation determined to protect its geographic butt.

That in mind, as seen now first-hand, an authoritarian state doesn’t look so appealing, given the reality that such is exactly the direction the progressive socialists are driving and dragging us to become.  May God bless and help us, and the rest of His world, as we do battle against this deadly virus now. And the fight needed against the potential future installation of a pure socialist state in America, in place of the sovereignty, liberty, and the personal freedom we now cherish.  And most immediately, may He grace us, rapidly, with successful cures and treatments for the coronavirus, may he, as well, restore our economy (businesses/industries, large and small), and may he, today, get the Democrats off their self-centered, anti-what’s-best-for-America backsides, and get meaningful, reasonable stimulus measures passed, with feasible assistance for all of those American citizens with legitimate, pressing, basic financial needs.

And thus, as it turns out, we actually have A Tale of TWO Viruses.  Both negatively impacting the health and well-being of our exceptional nation.


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