Whose Actions, Exactly, May Be “Destroying America”?

Recently, in yet another post-election series of complaints, the yet unmuffled Mrs. Clinton predictably called for the elimination of the Electoral College, so that Blue Americans (and likely some non-citizens) in a few Super-Blue metropolitan areas can henceforth elect all future Presidents, to the exclusion of voters (likely no non-citizens) in those 40+ nuisance states covering the rest of the country.  Dream your dream, Mrs. C. It ain’t gonna happen. Rational, Constitutional-abiding Americans won’t permit it.

America’s top fist-shaker then went on, in the same op-ed (Atlantic Magazine), to proclaim that President Trump was “destroying American democracy.”  Well, no, actually the President is not destroying either democracy or America, but rather he’s enriching the nation, literally, while fully supporting the renewed growth and success of our Constitutional Republic.  That of course is different from enriching oneself or one’s family foundation. His interest is in all of the nation, not just a selfish slice.

Now if you want to take a look at what may well be contributing to the destruction of American democracy, look no further than the on-going political tug-of-war nonsense regarding the proposed confirmation to the Supreme Court of eminently-qualified Judge Brett Kavanaugh.  Senate Judicial Committee Democrats, under the spell of the increasing ultra-left faction of their seemingly  imploding political party, have succeeded in turning what should have been a dignified event (determining a life-long appointment) into a carnival side-show, a totally undignified charade. Concluding with, if Kavanaugh is confirmed, continued threats of subsequent actions, made by salaried politicians, paid activists, and even likely-paid “regular” citizens, all the way from calls for subsequent FBI investigations, to impeachment of a sitting S.C. Justice (is that even possible?), to an actual text message threatening that Kavanaugh “would not live out his term.” Speaking of FBI investigations, hopefully they will be investigating that social media thug who has now threatened the life of a federal judge.

Politics is one thing. But this isn’t business as usual.  The power-at-any-cost Democrat Senators on that Committee have dug down to a new lower level of actions and abuses.  They’ve carved out a political sub-basement, a damp, moldy new wing to the oft-noted, already-existing D.C. ‘swamp.’  Observing their denigration of Senate traditions, determined to achieve power for themselves, at apparently any cost, rather than what might be the best for the nation, it is hoped and assumed that the nation’s famed ‘silent majority’ has taken note and has now become suitably energized to strongly and forcefully declare their disapproval in the upcoming November election.

(Quote via Charlie Spiering, Breitbart.com, 9-17-2018)