Migrant Invasion: “What Me Worry?”

For those of age, you will recall that famous phrase from MAD Magazine’s (TM) delightful character, Alfred E. Neuman, who was seemingly oblivious to any and all conflict, concern, or worry by simply ignoring it all and responding: “What me worry?”

Considering all that’s happening around us at home, and certainly involving our nation around the world, one might be tempted to conclude that Mr. Neuman and his patented lack of concern for just about anything has actually now been appointed to a primary policy position within our current administration.

After verbally slam-dunking our U.S. envoy at a recent two-nation summit conference, China continues to eye Taiwan more and more closely, while claiming ownership of most everything else floating nearby in the South China Sea.  Russia just sent packing American diplomats there, in response to the equal action initiated by Mr. Biden with their diplomats here, with the relationship not helped at all, no doubt, by Mr. Biden reportedly agreeing that the Russian leader was a “killer,” as the Russians now continue to build up their military presence at the Ukrainian border, a prelude to a possible attack and attempted absorption of that independent nation. Meanwhile, an increasing desperate, it appears, North Korea is now back to firing off missiles which we all hope continue to land only in the ocean! Then there’s Iran, apparently determined to go for full nuclear weaponry, following Israel’s recent successful covert mission to disable, at least temporarily, that nation’s centrifuges, along with America’s apparent willingness to go back to some sort of an anti-nuclear agreement with them (reversing President Trump), with the possibility of also dropping our punitive sanctions against them (again, reversing President Trump).  Other than those minor hostile nation distractions, the world right now seems to be a pretty quiet and calm place!  So: What us worry?

Meanwhile, domestically, the administration is trying its best to sell Americans on the need for a second massive, treasury-draining expenditure, this one ostensibly dealing with “infrastructure,” even though expert analysis shows that likely less than 30% (perhaps considerably less than that) would actually go toward real, traditional infrastructure repair and expansion.  Labeled by some, merely an ideal Democrat “wish list” of excessive funding for the benefit of their party colleagues, projects, and donor-supporters, Republicans are countering with a proposal for actual infrastructure use and job creation, totaling, in dollars, just about 1/3 the size of the administration’s proposal.  “Infrastructure” funding ($2.25-trillion) on top of the recent Democrat-approved mega-sized $1.9-trillion “stimulus” package, at least a portion of which has backfired, by making it too attractive for many recipients to collect the money while staying at home, rather than returning to work or accepting another job, significantly negatively affecting retail and other small business operations across the country.  Examples: One Coastal Georgia employer is having trouble finding people to work, even after offering a starting wage of $13.00 per hour.  And one area restaurant is said to be offering a “sign-on” bonus for new staff members who will agree to stay and work throughout the full tourist season.  A good example of “stimulus” dollars (the second such effort, you’ll recall) meant to help, but actually ending up hurting segments of the employment sector.

Then, also domestically, there’s the threat of “court packing” to further make permanent the current two-branch Democrat control of the federal government. And then the current federal legislative attempt to impose national standards and control over state voting rules and procedures, which is the latter’s right according to the Constitution, should anyone actually choose to follow that no-longer-cool dusty old document anymore.  And, again, Constitutionally, movements by the administration, likely to be followed by congressional action, to limit Second Amendment rights granted to America’s legal, law-abiding, gun-owning citizens.  Rights made all the more vulnerable by recent incidents of mass shootings.  Regrettable as those certainly are, and likely related to the whole pattern of domestic disturbances, and outright riots, of late, the latter too often allowed to happen it appears by permissive local “leadership,” and the possible perception of a more passive attitude now in place at the federal level (or certainly more so than during the Trump Administration).

Beyond threatening to destroy the traditional Supreme Court structure, and interfering with our firm Second Amendment rights, America’s citizens are also now dealing with, and distracted by: the Covid virus epidemic (shots vs. no shots; mask vs. no mask, etc.), constant claims of racism, regardless of subject, event, or individual;  schools’ “woke” curriculum indoctrination of young students (sexual relations & practices/critical race theory/ gender options etc.); trans-boys being allowed to participate in girls’ sports; and then no current mind-clouding concerns would be complete without the implied totally-human-caused ‘climate change’ menace and the mega-dollars and policies we’re told are required to make it all better.

Despite all of those domestic issues, tragedies, and too-often resultant disturbances, and the real near-term potential for very aggressive, world-altering actions by some bad actors internationally, there seems to be little visible sign of real concern or positive, protective corrective actions from the Biden administration.  Or at least from what is being revealed to us by most of the now-compliant, passive, fawning, administration-managed national media.

But the very real, and frankly disastrous, apparent chief lack of concern displayed by the administration right now has to do with the migrant invasion taking place daily along our southern border. Thousands of families, adults, and unaccompanied minor children are crossing the border into our country each day, bringing with them both short and long-term damaging impacts.  Most illegals are apprehended at, or close inside, our border.  That’s at least a positive. But many are not. And that’s clearly a negative.  Another nagging negative is that, with the flood of migrants overwhelming our now under-staffed, courageous border patrol agents, there is a question of how many, if any, are being tested for the Covid virus, and, for those that are positive, how and where are they retained and treated?  The concern, of course, is for both those sent onward, and for the detained minors packed together in confined quarters, how do we then ever prevent or at least manage the likely spread of the virus among our general population.

Realize that, with the Trump-era “Remain in Mexico” policy (held there until eventual review and possible legal admission to the U.S.) now cancelled by the Biden administration, very few of those seeking entry are actually denied at that point and sent back.  The vast majority of illegals are permitted entry, with or without a subsequent court date to establish their legal asylum (most ignore and do not return for court), and then are free to roam within the country, most, it seems, becoming untraceable. The longer-term negative impact is the cost to America’s taxpayers for schooling, medical, social & charitable services, along with local/state/federal welfare and other financial support benefits.  Those who do find work may or many not become actual U.S. taxpayers, which would have returned at least a portion of their prior or continuing support funding.

The current stampede across our southern border is beyond a crisis for America, it is a disaster, right now and for our future.  Among the migrants seeking (or gaining) entry, lurk drug transporters, human traffickers, existing criminals (or perhaps soon to become such), violent gang members, and more than likely, some actual terrorists, also intending to do harm to our nation.  As mentioned before in previous posts, not all migrants seeking entry to America speak Spanish! And the increased drug importation, alone, is cause for significant alarm, given the potential for human harm and death to our citizens from such enhanced access.

The border crisis could be stopped and largely shut down if the administration desired.  It could be stopped today.  Starting with loudly and firmly announcing border closure to residents of Mexico and nations to the south.  Pay Mexico to further restrict access to its own southern border. Erect additional temporary barriers along our border (pending continuation of the Trump wall construction, which is mandatory).  If needed for more complete control, send regular U.S. Army troops to the border to supplement and assist National Guard troops, since this is an illegal invasion of our country, with subsequent national security at stake.  Revise the “Remain in Mexico” policy, meaning entrants seeking asylum must remain there until orderly processed by our border patrol personnel, with court appearances at that time regarding asylum claims.  Establish fool-proof tracking of all those previously semi-processed and allowed to enter, pending a required court appearance for an asylum hearing.  In sum, get darned serious about closing off our southern border and keeping track of those already admitted.

And, by the way, we may also need to extend additional resources and patrols to protect our northern border, as well.  That is one of the longest international borders in the world.  With the spotlight firmly, and seemingly, only on the south, we hesitate to think how many folks may have slipped into the U.S. from Canada, and who very likely have no legitimate reason for being here.  More funding, personnel, and advanced tracking technology, in cooperation with Canada, of course, would definitely be in order.  And especially so, if our southern border really were to become totally restricted to only carefully selected migrant entry.

So, why, in the face of a human well-being, crime, and national security crisis at our southern border, is the administration seemingly unconcerned about the severity of the situation and doing little meaningful, so we are told, and as far as we know, to stop the over-flow?  Answer: Shamefully, it seems to be all about Democrat power and control. Each adult illegal migrant who is granted legal asylum and/or ends up settling within one of our illegal Democrat-controlled “sanctuary cities,” has the near-term or eventual likelihood of becoming an American voter (via citizenship, motor vehicle license in some states, or by fraud).  Their vote, we must presume, would go to the party they credit with their privileged entry into America, and to assure the continuing financial support they receive.  So, the reason is all disgustingly simple, and very much against what’s best for our nation.

Following the pseudo-Socialist-Marxist playbook, confuse and overwhelm the population with so many domestic/international issues, presidential executive orders, and legislative initiatives, one right after another, so that folks can’t concentrate on the facts, if even available(!), and have a prayer of keeping it all straight.  And then keep information to the public at an absolute minimum, aided in large part by a compliant, non-complaining national media.  Information on a need-to-know basis, and for the most part, it’s deemed, by those in control, that the public really doesn’t need to know! That’s the formula for retaining and expanding control.  Hoping that, with all of the smokescreens and general chaotic confusion, the public won’t be able to concentrate so much, or so fully, on the disastrous situation at our border.

From all we can see and tell, when it comes to the current migrant flood, which could be shut off today, if that was the pro-America will of those in charge, the Biden administration gives all indication, at least publicly, by actions, if not words, of simply not caring.  Not caring about the short and long-term financial, social, medical, criminal, and legal problems this unrestricted southern access to our nation is now and will continue to create. Especially if it might guarantee the perpetuation of Democrat control over the nation, and even (preferably) the elimination of the Republican party altogether.  Their ultimate goal seems obvious: one party rule.  Given that goal, in the face of those irritating little “disturbances” at the border, which, with media-distraction assist, the public will be forced to stop focusing on, in the prophetic words and admonition of Secretary Alfred E. Neuman, the administration’s new Czar of the Department of National Calm, Make Believe, and Never-You-Mind: What we worry……..