What In The World Is Going On?

More specifically, what in the world is going on here in America?  To be kind, right now, our great nation appears to be in one heckofa mess.  And it starts, and cascades down upon us, from the top.

Well before he knew any of the actual facts in the case, with misinformation fanned, as usual by the non-actual-journalistic, Democrat-dedicated national media, Mr. Biden pronounced seventeen-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse to be a “white supremacist,” helping to tar and feather the young man prior to his day in court.  As it now turns out, the actual fact that Mr. Rittenhouse was firing in self-defense carried the jury’s deliberations and he was pronounced not guilty on all five charges placed against him.  And to that exoneration, Mr. Biden is said to have expressed his “anger and concern,” with no intention, it appears, of offering an apology for his premature “white supremist” smear.

On the subject of “anger and concern,” that is exactly how the majority of Americans feel about his apparent anti-America version of leadership and the negative condition our country finds itself in, due to the ruinous policies and excessive federal expenditures brought forth by both this administration and Congress, thanks to yet another huge national debt-expanding, Green/Equity expenditure (“Infrastructure Bill’) and, heaven help us, another treasury-busting “Build Green Better” bill, now waiting in the Senate wings.  Loyal, patriotic Americans don’t begin to understand what is going on with all of these destructive-to-our-nation Progressive-Socialist-Marxist actions, although they’re beginning, at last, to catch on.

Rampaging inflation caused primarily by federal spending (“oh, don’t fret, a turkey will only cost you $1 more”); Escalating fuel costs for home and vehicle (freeing up emergency reserves will solve that!); Federally-driven, employment-killing vaccination dictates (ignoring a Federal Court ‘stay’); Separating not unifying races, as we continue, overall, to diminish the value of tax-payer-supported public school education (‘to become less racist’); and illegal immigration (‘we need more workers,’ oh, and millions more Democrat voters).

Add to all of that, the fact that, currently, in at least two major California cities (perhaps others in the nation, now or soon), as with past rioting wherever Progressive Democrats are in control, mob looting is in season, and has yet to be controlled (“oh, well, the stores looted have insurance, and underprivileged persons have needs”).  And along with that (Part 2), a long rap-sheet criminal, a now firmly-identified radical fringe-group Muslim-American, out on the streets thanks to Progressive Democrat feel-good low bail, has just turned that Waukesha, Wisconsin street blood red by intentionally murdering and injuring innocent white citizens during a Christmas Parade (!) by means of his purposely speeding vehicle (“We really need more low or no bail decisions, and we really should shut down our prisons and jails”).

This Progressive-Democrat driven chaos, orchestrated or permitted to occur, is nowhere near what most Americans see as the traditional, safe, nurturing, local/national conditions they want to live within, for themselves and their families.  The pompous, self-absorbed Progressives bear full blame and responsibility for the big city (and now even smaller!) mayhem, looting, injuries, and killings their lax, permissive policies have produced. Lack of firm administrative control and effective law enforcement does not, and forever will not, work to keep the peace and protect our citizens.  That is now painfully obvious to all except the die-hard, dead-headed Progressives. And this active mayhem taking place in our America is only the domestic side.

Our international standing and image is also in profound disarray, thanks again to the “leadership” cabal at the top. We now have China threatening to lower the hammer on Taiwan (and very likely will, when the timing seems right), while Russia reportedly has almost one-hundred-thousand troops massed at the Ukraine border with obvious intent to make some kind of absorption move. Then there’s the world-threatening nuclear weapon rumblings from Iran and North Korea.  And the terrorist threats waiting in the wings in Afghanistan, thanks to the shameful shambles our totally misguided, stupid, bass-ackwards departure left behind in that still-troubled nation.

For all of his regrettable tweet-storm and personality quirks, President Trump had a backbone and the world knew it; knew that he was unafraid to respond to force with force, if needed.  That posture and his no-nonsense persona kept the world’s enemies effectively in-check.  The world now knows clearly that Mr. Biden (and his play-callers ever-behind the velvet curtain) does not possess a backbone, or at least one that no enemy fears. While it was clear that President Trump would meet force with force (the best defense is a mighty offense), the world also knows that the Biden administration would, in all likelihood, meet force with squish!

Returning to the domestic side of the current huge issues, the reason all of the chaos is happening, from inflation, to fuel, to schools, and beyond, is because it is being allowed to happen.  Illegal immigration at our southern border is not only purposely being allowed to happen, but it is even further being encouraged.  Hey, disadvantaged of the world, head to America’s southern border and you’ll not only be let in, in all likelihood, but you may well be rewarded for your effort with free American money, either out of U.S. guilt for separating families or simply longer-term financial care from cradle to grave.  Welcome one and all to our socialist nirvana.

There is only one solution.  Overwhelm the elected Progressive Democrats at the ballot box next November.  They will not stop this madness, this open permission (encouragement) for mayhem in our cities and nation, until they are thrown out of office.  If nation-loving Americans can regain control of both the House and Senate, we’ll have a fighting chance to stop or slow the anti-America insanity coming out of the White House.  Then finish the job with the complete change in federal leadership in 2024.  At which time we can hope to reverse the ruinous policies and financial harm imposed on our nation by elected men and women who in too many cases value elitist self-advancement over what’s truly the best for our America.  Buckle up until then.  But continue to pay close attention, and voice your opposition, to the continuing destructive intent of those in power.

Everything they do until next November is all about transforming our nation into something foreign to us (literally) and is all about furthering the distorted whims of Progressives who dislike, if not outright hate, our America.  Pray to God we can manage to hold out before too much of this purely elitist political insanity cripples or ruins our great nation.  Our goal now, and in the months ahead, at both the state and federal levels, is to take back our America.


ADDENDUM:  On the off-chance you might like a bit of positive news for conservatives, Monday afternoon (11-22-21), the Georgia University System voted unanimously not to rename any of the 75 system buildings under its control that had come under scrutiny for possible long-past racial issues during the height of the cancel culture craze.  Wrote the Board of Regents: “The purpose of history is to instruct.  History can teach us imp0ortant lessons, lessons that if understood and applied make Georgia and its people stronger.” Our thanks to the Georgia Board of Regents for this refreshing stroke of contemporary sanity.

(GA Regents quote via foxnews.com, Emma Colton, 11-24-21).