What Evil Lurks….

Those of you older than millennials (OK, really, really older), will remember listening to, or at least hearing about, the famous old network radio series from the 1930’s & 1940’s, called “The Shadow.”  The Shadow (aka Lamont Cranston) ‘was an invisible avenger who had learned, while traveling through the Orient, the mysterious power to cloud men’s minds, so they could not see him.’  Thus, as evening audiences were reminded each week, only the Shadow knows “what evil lurks in the hearts of men.”  Or to be less gender restrictive, while bringing the Shadow’s mystical powers forward in time: “…within the hearts of women.”  And in the present circumstances, in the heart and mind of one woman in particular.

The woman in this case, could be no other than the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Mrs. Pelosi, who, by her own continued self-aggrandizing words and actions, has become the standard barrier for the genuine, anti-our-America evil, represented by the Progressive-Socialists, the growing faction that has now successfully tossed the traditional Democrat Party into history’s political dumpster. To be replaced by their purely-partisan crusade to replace America’s democratic republic and free enterprise system, with an all-controlling, all-smothering, all-de-liberating federal totalitarian autocracy, dedicated to the sole control, comfort, and whim of the elite, at the expense of all others, the now-disposable citizenry.  You remember, as in that forgettable political refrain from our recent de-unifying past: “the fundamental transformation of America.”  That fable, from the mis-interpreted, mis-understood, purposely smoke-screened intent of the previous administration’s Emperor Divide-and-Conquer.  Kinda reminds one just a bit of those good totalitarian-elitist folks who, weeks ago, dumped a killer virus on the world.  You remember, those kind and caring souls, the Communist Chinese, who, it must now be crystal clear, have no use for you (whether nation or individual), if you’re not, hook, line, and sucker, completely loyal to them. Pray to God that never becomes our future.  A catastrophic eventuality, once never thought of in our wildest and darkest imaginations. Now, sadly, a suffocating, possible reality, very much in-play by the “Democrat” political opposition, right in front of our pre-occupied-with-survival-eyes, here in the current “land of the free.”

Think that possible loss of our democratic freedoms might be way too far off-plumb?  Well, not so, when you recall the incessant pounding on the kid’s table from that quartet of not-fond-of-our-America, ever-complaining House freshwomen. Add to that the over three-years of unceasing scam-attempts to dump our duly elected President (despite the ongoing pressures, on him, of world events) so as to hopefully install progressive rule.  And, now, on up to the very present, the re-ignited effort of Mrs. Pelosi, and her two-Chamber Demo-lition Gang, to distract, disrupt, and demean President Trump’s dynamic, around-the-clock efforts to lead America out of this deadly turmoil, imposed upon us by the accidental, we presume, importation of China’s COVID-19, here and around the world.

So as not to lose her anti-Trump momentum, despite the continuing impact of an all-hands-on-deck (or should be) deadly virus effort, Speaker Pelosi has just announced formation of yet another “select committee”, this one to be called, The House Select Committee on the Coronavirus Crisis with, what a surprise, subpoena power.  The purpose, in her published words, of this new committee will be to “act to protect (against) a lot of waste, fraud, and abuse” amidst the provisions of the $2.2-trillion CARE Act, just passed. And straight from the confessional: “It’s not about an investigation of the administration.  We want to make sure there are no exploiters out there.  Where’s there’s money, there’s also frequent mischief.”

With regard to that last sentence, Madam Speaker, you might want to look in the mirror at the “money mischief” contained in the most recent Act, with the enormous amount of funding that had absolutely nothing to do with helping American workers and businesses, not to mention your own grab-bag full of payback pork you now fully intend to sneak into the next huge (said to be infrastructure-oriented) bailout bill. Mrs. Pelosi claims to be committed to CARE Act “transparency and accountability.”  Hold that thought. Appointed to chair the good-for-the-nation committee is House Majority Whip, James Clyburn (D-SC) who let her “transparency” dog out of the bag, when he publicly admitted that the Act was “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.” Oopps!  Truth and transparency from Team Pelosi, at its unintentionally disclosed best.  There it is, the real reason for this committee is to attempt to move the nation further and further toward the “vision” of a Progressive-Socialist society, headed up by the Schumer-Pelosi dream team.

Oh, and as for her claim that this committee’s charge will not include “investigating the administration.” Well, of course it will!!  And, in the interest of full “transparency,” that’s the only reason for its existence.  Their steadfast anti-Trump march continues, certainly not for what’s in the true best interest of the country, or for some fake “transparency” claim regarding Act expenditures, but only to try yet again to clobber the President, and either bring him down now (Impeachment 2.0?), or try to weaken him enough to defeat him in November, as he runs for hoped-for re-election against whomever the Dem’s really do intend to be their candidate (yet to be announced).

Proof that the Progressive-Socialists actually look at the CARE Act, and other  (advertised as) trillion-dollar “stimulus” efforts to come, as playing right into their dreamed-for big government domination desires, Representative Ocasio-Cortez said the following amidst the current two-trillion-dollar fray: “It’s actually a fascinating progressive moment, because what it has shown is that all of the issues have never been about how are you going to pay for it.”  And, yes, how will we every pay for all of these mega-stimulus efforts (not questioning the need for genuine help).  The P-S’ers have that all figured out for you.  Their notion is something now identified as “modern monetary theory.” And MMT goes like this: “to sustain full employment, government can spend without limit, with any consequent inflation controlled as needed by taxation.”  Controlled by “taxation.”  Yep, that is the universal Socialist answer. Just keep spending, and then just keep taxing, ever more and more. End of problem.

And getting back to Mrs. Pelosi’s pledge about transparency, and watching that the federal money is correctly spent (and, do be assured, nothing more), outstanding WSJ writer, Kimberley Strassel has produced another excellent piece (4-3-20), hitting it out of the reality park once again. Speaking about the challenges produced by national emergencies, specifically the COVID-19 one we currently face, she wrote: “Crises have a way of separating the leaderlike wheat from the opportunistic chaff.”  Compared to all the viral protective actions to defend our nation, undertaken and announced by the President this past week, “Speaker Nancy Pelosi spent this week setting up a new House committee to investigate Donald Trump.  Nothing separates the shallow from the serious, faster than high stakes moments.” Ms. Strassel concludes with this spot-on observation: “Some on the left are making it easy to separate the politicians who are fighting for their people, from the politicians who are fighting for their own self-interest.”  There is simply no doubt who, in leadership positions nationally, are working tirelessly to fend off the deathly impact of this awful virus, and who are simply laying low, lurking in the political weeds, waiting for opportunities to spring back up with the intent and purpose of embarrassing and politically harming the President.  In this comparative, there is no contest.  The winner for our nation: Team Trump!

Responding to the House of Pelosi political maneuvering against the President, yet again, President Trump, clearly fed up, and justifiably so, after having been the target of this overt (and covert) opposition foolishness for far too long, felt compelled to respond, in part, with the following: “I want to remind everyone here in our nation’s capital, especially in Congress, that this is not the time for politics.  Endless partisan investigations – and here we go again – have already done extraordinary damage to our country in recent years. You see what happens. It’s witch hunt, after witch hunt, after witch hunt.”  Tagging on to that admonition from the President, Senate Leader, Mitch McConnell said: “She needs to stand down on the notion that we’re going to go along with taking advantage of the crisis to do things that are unrelated to the crisis.”  A bulls-eye response to the Speaker’s obvious current and future plans to load the next stimulus effort with her costly (i.e., time & money wasted) non-stimulus, pipe-dream pork.

In keeping with our ‘Evil Lurks’ theme, there are others at work besides Mrs. Pelosi and her devoted followers. To review, then, was the Democrats’ rush to impeach President Trump (after weeks and weeks of so-called House witnesses, blinding the nation to anything substantive), a distractor to the coming virus attack and response?  Absolutely? They bear much responsibility for any perceived delay in federal action, along, of course, with the all-to-secretive and repressive Chinese Government.

And then, there’s the hip-pocket-ensconced national liberal advocacy media who presented next to nothing during all those weeks except impeachment hype, thereby helping to blind both the government and the American people to the coming coronavirus threat.  Blaming the liberal national media “reporter” types for their role in any delayed response, The Great One, Mark Levin, brilliant conservative radio professional, during a recent program, referred to far too many of today’s lib-directed TV/cable ‘reporters’ as “immature, non-professional, and ideological (i.e., leaning out over their toes left).  Truth can be very refreshing.

And a couple of Progressive-Socialist proposed policies for all to be aware of and looking for ahead.  In the next “stimulus” bill, watch for Mr. Schumer and Mrs. Pelosi to do all in their power to clamor for funds supporting “climate change,” and with it, the bogus, punitive, extremely costly, even further damaging to the economy, “green new deal” nonsense (foolish, that is, unless a totally socialist government is your dream, as well).  And, one of the very worst and democracy-damaging proposals coming up for sure, as the virus crisis lingers on: Universal on-line and/or mail-in voting in November.  A totally destructive leftist fantasy, as it would allow for no way of verifying who is voting: whether they are eligible, whether they are actually alive, and whether they are actually citizens.  No matter the situation in our country come early Fall, these destructive voting options must not be allowed to prevail.  And on top of all of that, this report that ISIS forces are now being urged by their commanders “to launch attacks amid the coronavirus epidemic.”  Same old despicable sub-humans.  But you will appreciate the fact that, although animals, they were instructed to “stay away from sick people” and to “wash their hands before eating,” all sensible advice for these dark-age warriors.  Certainly wouldn’t want any of those demented folks to come down with the flu, while out marauding and murdering!

While, no question, with ISIS for an extreme example, there is much human-generated ‘evil lurking’ out there, thankfully, abundant good news ‘lurks’ as well. Americans in both the public and private sectors are working tirelessly together to find solutions, medical and social, to defeat this deadly, unseen, viral enemy; to save as many people as we can; and to put America back to work as soon as humanly possible.  This really has become a case of Americans helping Americans, for the most part, and for the time being at least, pulling our nation and our citizens closer together (beyond just sheltering-in-place!), a welcome relief from the de-unifying, free-nation-damaging, plans and policies of the radical left.  May God Almighty continue to help us through this national and individual lifetime challenge.


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