Well Look Who’s Making Demands

Seems that some in the Mexico-U.S. border migrant horde think they have some bargaining leverage.  Their demand, submitted to the U.S. Consulate in Tijuana, is for the U.S. to give each migrant $50,000.  In return, they say they will head back home.  If we refuse their offer, they demand immediate entry into the United States.  Oh, and they want deportations to end.  Apparently the migrants have concluded that they are now driving the bus. Just amazing what ludicrous ideas leftist organizers can plant into naïve, uneducated heads.  The same leftist organizers who promised the migrants back in their own countries that entry into the U.S. will be easy and all your troubles will go way.  Hands up America.  Give us your money.

Clearly that ridiculous demand will be rejected.  Remains to be seen what the next move from those at the border will be. Meanwhile, illegal entries continue away from that border mob.  Tucson Sector Border Patrol agents detained over 240 migrants in one 48-hour period.  During the month of November alone, Tucson Sector agents apprehended over 5,000 persons who crossed the Arizona border illegally.  Meanwhile in early December, at the Rio Grande Valley Sector (Texas), Border Patrol agents captured a total of five identified gang members in one day!  Further continuing proof, along with their significant health issues, that not all of the migrants are peaceful family types.  And a reminder again that the vast majority of the caravan members are young adult males, not women and children, as the left would have us believe.

As an indication of just how serious the illegal southern border crossings have become, in November alone, along our southern border, there were a total of almost 52,000 attempted illegal entries.  That’s the highest total for the month of November since 2006!  We can only hope that all were apprehended.  The load on border immigration agents and processing staffs has become enormous, which could well lead to admitting migrants who shouldn’t be here, due to sheer volume of individuals who must be vetted and processed. It continues to be imperative that Congress authorize funding for President Trump’s (and American citizens’) border wall, and do it right now.  Time is incredibly short for the House Republican majority.  Once the liberals are in control of the House, that mandatory wall will not appear on their agenda.  Only going after the President will!


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