Waiting For The Wall: New Cooperative Migration Policy And The Demo-nots

The Department of Homeland Security has announced a new cooperative migration policy with Mexico.  Going forward, illegals will no longer be admitted, given an asylum application court date, and left free to disappear into America, as most never do return for their asylum hearing. Now, in cooperation with the Mexican government, the new agreement, titled “Remains in Mexico,” requires those entering the U.S. illegally, or are discovered to be already here without federal documentation, will be sent back to Mexico where they must remain “for the duration of their immigration proceedings.”  This step shows definite willingness on the part of the new administration in Mexico to work closely with President Trump to work out solutions to the unacceptable clustering of large migrant groups at the southern U.S. border, hoping for a forced mass entrance.  Illegals will now learn, up front, that the previous maneuver of simply disappearing into America is no longer possible.

Meanwhile, the ultimate solution to eliminating all, or certainly most, illegal immigration via Mexico and below is constructing a southern WALL.  Not only for the purpose of stopping the huge problem of illegal entry for unvetted individuals (among them criminals, gang members, and those with illnesses), but also for drug smugglers and human traffickers, all of which cost our nation billions of dollars each year, to support, cure, and eliminate.

Yet the Demo-nots refuse to fund or even talk about a Wall.  It’s become abundantly clear that there are no longer any moderate or center-left Democrat representatives remaining.  Their party today is composed of hard leftists (Socialist-Marxists) and others being dragged with them to that ultra-left fringe. The Democrat leadership, their followers, activist proponents, and most of the overtly-partisan and supportive national media (to their disgrace) have taken the stand that unlimited illegal immigration is their desired political position.

In other words, they have chosen political gain over the security and sovereignty of our nation.  The future traditions, culture, laws, language, economic system, detrimental economic impact, and public safety of America mean nothing to them.  Only political expediency, leading to evermore power and control over our nation.  Preferable a one-party (theirs!) totally Socialist system with the central government firmly in control of the nation and our lives.

Unbelievable that supposed-Americans would make this nation-strangling choice.  That they would welcome the ruination of America to satisfy their insatiable desire for power, regardless of cost to the world’s greatest system (capitalism) and our centuries-preserved individual freedoms.  This choice makes today’s Demo-nots despicable.  Their drive for ultimate power and control at any cost, regardless of national harm, is nothing but political sedition.  The current progressive-addicted Democrat Party (with past respected members turning in their graves) has, it appears, become firmly anti-America. They’ve turned against the America that patriots cherish.