Voter ID Laws Questioned

As the election approaches, oh, what a surprise, Democrat objections to keeping voting legal have surfaced yet again.  This time with the old saw that voter ID requirements are meant to “suppress the vote.”

Last week, host Chris Matthews, on his Democrat National Network (DNN) MSNBC program, is reported to have actually said on-air, that voter ID laws were designed to “screw the African American voter.”  Well, two things.  First, shame on Mr. Matthews for his false and targeted slander of legitimate, legal state voter ID laws, put in place specifically, and only, to prevent non-registered, non-citizen voting, not to discourage targeted group voting, thus preserving that treasured right and privilege for citizen-only use.  And, secondly, there are many thousands (millions?) of non-citizen individuals, legally in our country, who are legitimately here, but legally prohibited from voting.  Add them to the regrettably, now-multiple millions of illegals wandering our country, who have no legal right to be here at all, and who have absolutely no legal right to vote in our elections, despite the fervent wishes of the hard left Socialist-Democrat open borders activist herd, who care absolutely nothing about our country, but only for the demolition of America’s sovereignty, security, traditions, culture, laws, governing system, and capitalism, the greatest, most successful, economic system the world has ever known.

Matthews’ guest that evening, was former U.S. Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, who agreed with Matthews false and outlandish statement.  Said Lynch: “It has always been about power.  It has always been about who gets to control the life of this country and who gets to determine how we all live our lives.”  That is an amazingly revealing statement.  Apparently spoken without realizing that she has just described her own party, the Democrats, and their whatever-it-takes, stop at nothing campaign to regain national power, so that they can, once again, completely dictate, with federal government domination, “how we live our lives”!

Then Mrs. Lynch went on to say: “Look, these laws (voter ID) are designed to intimidate. The voter ID laws are designed to scare people away from the process.”   Again, false bluster. The state ID requirements are meant solely to insure that, regardless of race or gender, only American citizens may engage in the voting process.  And, as we all know, picture ID’s are required for most meaningful transactions in our lives, especially for any government services, and are readily available to all citizens through local, state-regulated, offices, at little or no cost.  The excuses are phony.  It’s ultimately just the leftist open borders crowd’s continuing effort to open voting to non-citizens so that they can pack the ballot boxes and regain self-promoting power. That’s it.  Nothing more.

And speaking of fraudulent voting efforts, the following voter registration scam was brought to the attention of the Texas Secretary of State’s Office last week.  As Texas Governor Greg Abbott stated it: “A complaint received says that the Texas Democratic Party has asked non-citizens to vote, sending out voter registration applications with the citizen box pre-checked!  If this is true, there will be serious consequences.”

There’s no question that this effort at voter fraud is true. The State has received complaints from immigrants (bless them for their honesty!), and even from relatives of deceased citizens (!), regarding mail received requesting that they register to vote.  This is amazingly blatant, but not surprising, given the Democratic Party’s do whatever it takes, regardless of the law or decorum (Kavanaugh hearing), to win elections and redeem power for themselves. States around the nation, especially those with large big city liberal factions, need to pay very close attention to all those intending to vote.  Thanks heavens for state voter ID laws.  May they be strictly and universally enforced.


(Matthews/Lynch quotes via The Daily, Joseph Wulfsohn, 10-19-18; Governor Abbott quote & fraudulent registration effort information via The Gateway, Christina Laila, 10-18-18)