Veterans Day 2020

Without question, those men and women who have served, or continue to do so, within the five branches of our nation’s military, are the absolute best of America.  Whether in combat or in peacetime, whether stationed at home or deployed to foreign lands (for most, likely both), you have served your fellow citizens with honor, and you have sacrificed the same, through separation(s) from loved ones and/or through injuries suffered (physical, mental, emotional), some healed, some lasting, you have given of yourself to protect those in uniform on your left and right, your families at home, and your fellow citizens here in America.

The protection of our precious God-given-and-directed freedoms, and the incredible accompanying basic citizen rights formulated and proclaimed by our brilliant, courageous Founders, has, since the very birth of our nation, fallen on the willing, devoted, and skilled shoulders of the men and women who, over those many decades, have so proudly worn the uniform of our nation.  It is you, our treasured veterans and, in turn, those who currently serve, who have so valiantly defended our freedoms and rights, as well as fighting to restore, in times present and past, those of oppressed allied citizens within other regions of the world.

We celebrate your commitment and courage, this day (as we should, and you deserve, every day), for your invaluable role in protecting our extraordinary nation and citizenry within. Heartfelt thanks and grateful appreciation to our veterans, and those who currently serve, for all that you’ve done, throughout the generations, in times both good and bad, to stand strong on the front lines of freedom, in defense of your incredible homeland.  Thanks for keeping America safe and secure. For it is, and has always been, our veterans, those serving now, and those who have gone before, who continue to provide the fire for America’s forge of freedom.